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  1. Are you banned from posting there Mike ?
  2. Second on the namecheap recommendation. Hosting - look into Stablehost, I used the forum's link here to sign up with them about a year ago. They bill monthly and had no issues with them. If you keep the joomla site it sounds like the plugins could be the reason your site loads slow or it needs major updating. If not switch to wordpress it is easier to use. Plus it has plenty of plugins to choose from.
  3. Terra you ment to say classics are timeless
  4. Great job Terra, yet Amazon said it is out of stock ? Hope you get some sales ASAP !
  5. What a nice present to receive before the Holidays. Maybe you will be able to approve it the first time and launch in January. Great job !
  6. Current price is over $9600 https://www.coindesk.com/price/ Crazy guess it may cross that mark in a few days. If you picked up one of the bitcoin spinoffs during the recent forks with bitcoin cash or bitcoin gold you are over 10 Grand. With just 1 coin !
  7. Great to hear, lets us know when they go on for sale.
  8. Now over $ 8200.00 http://money.cnn.com/2017/11/20/investing/bitcoin-prices/index.html
  9. Just curious how big was the Jet and what did you use to wash it. Did that include just the wash or did you clean glass ? I take it, waxing the jet was not part of it.
  10. The Computer industry can be real frustrating at times. What is the difference from a 6th generation vs 7th generation. Is it worth spending the extra money and what about the celeron version. 32 GB hard drive, 500 GB hard drive vs 1 TB hard drive. This is confusing to a non tetchy who just wants to purchase a decent computer that fits there needs. Another Industry that use confusing terms was the ski industry. You want a pair of 170's 190's of 200 cm's followed by Slalom, Giant Slalom or Down Hill ski's ? Not the best things to help a beginner if they do not know the terms or what length is best for them to turn easy.
  11. Looks like it is down some. How long do you usually hold these picks ? Is this just pure speculating or do you think it has a chance to make some money in the future ?
  12. Went up back up to $ 2700.00 today Correction looks to be over Legal in India http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2017-06-20/bitcoin-surges-back-above-2700-india-legalizes-cryptocurrency
  13. With the time lines you quoted on the conservative it is about 6 weeks away. Knowing that their will be changes and delays looks like 3-4 months total. Congratulations on your book getting published.
  14. Miki you may want to split that into 2 or 3 other cryptocurrency. You might do well with bitcoin yet some others may gain traffic. I like Ethreum besides Bitcoin and their are a few others I'm lookinging into. I was surprised this weekend had not seen this thread in awhile. I purchased Etherum and bit coin in very tiny amounts figuring I could loose it all. They are all way up !!! Even with the correction. As one article stated don't pay to much attention to it this weekend and turn the computer off a few days later the markets will be up. But it would be a good entry point if you want in. Here is something that is going to happen this week over sea's that make cryptocurrencys more legimate even though not sure I trust this country - http://www.altcointoday.com/russian-bankers-support-cryptocurrency-legalization/. Saw this also online about a messaging app that is going to use the Etherum platform - https://www.cryptocoinsnews.com/kik-social-media-platform-to-launch-ethereum-based-cryptocurrency/ Also here is another article about Etherum - https://www.cryptocoinsnews.com/chinese-big-3-bitcoin-exchange-huobi-launches-ethereum-trading/ mki good luck in your purchase if BTC goes down to 2k.. Also big thanks to Yukon in keeping this thread alive and all your help. You make this stuff easier to understand and purchase,
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