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  1. I'd like to hire a part time VA just to see how things work out before I hire someone full time. Typically, I'd have these tasks: Checking and answering emails Making and taking phone calls Internet research (about businesses) If you've used a VA service that you've been pleased with, I'd love to hear about it.
  2. I'm still thinking, but here is what I have so far: 1) What will you start doing in 2018 that you are not doing in 2017? I have a day job that I dearly love, and I don't see myself leaving it anytime soon; however, I love being my own boss, so I know that I am eventually going to be working for myself again. I still have my biz on the side, but I am going to devote more time to it. I want to build that biz to the point where this time next year I will have the option to work for myself or keep my biz as a side job. In order to make this work, I know I am going to have to hire someone to help me. I need someone who can field calls and emails while I'm at my day job. It'll be part time, but it would be a huge help to me and let me have the best of both worlds. Ideally, I'd like to hire someone local who can become full time down the road. Fine tune my sales process. I want to network again. I haven't done much of it this year, and I truly miss it. I want to find a networking group where I can start building relationships. On a personal note, I want to live better, eat better, & exercise more. I haven't been doing well with that, and my energy level is suffering. I will write for at least 20 minutes, 5 days a week. (Right now I write for hours at a stretch at haphazard intervals.) Write/Call my mom and dad once a week. 2) What will you stop doing in 2018 that you are currently doing in 2017? Stop eating out so much. It's expensive and unhealthy Stop checking Facebook except to briefly post pics for family. Stop negative self-talk.
  3. I'm taking the rest of this year to really think about what my plans will be for 2018. I want a well-defined plan so that I can measure my progress, and I like the idea of goals based on the actions I take instead of only a monetary goal.
  4. I'm also looking to add employees to my biz in 2018. Any chance you'd post (in another thread - don't want to hijack this one) how this came into being? How did you realize you needed to make the shift, how did you find them, etc? Do they work remotely, or do you have an office?
  5. I've gotten local publicity several times over the years. Once was contacted by a local reporter who had a "question of the week" he'd answer for a viewer. The question was about ways to work from home, and he did a search and found me and my work at home moms group in almost every top ten search result. He called for an interview and I got a spot on the local news that was picked up by a few other stations in neighboring states. Other times I got local publicity was done the traditional way: sending out a press release to local reporters. I can give more details via PM if you need them.
  6. A lot of what I did this year was really define what I wanted from my biz and how I wanted it to look. I think I have really drilled down to the "final version" (for now), and I'm taking the next 2 months to put things into place. In January, I plan to hit the ground running.
  7. Welcome to the forum! Are you doing this from the perspective of a "mom in the trenches," or is it just a niche you picked? If it's stemming from your experience, I would suggest building a website and start blogging! Share your posts on social media and build an audience that connects with you. Make sure you have an autoresponder so that visitors to your site can join your list.
  8. I've made a commitment to watch one video a day, 5 days a week. I've been amazed at what Excel can do!
  9. I've decided to learn how to use Excel. I can use it, of course, but only the basics. I'm going to study it in-depth this month.
  10. I can't go into fine details (for obvious reasons), but they have a number of projects in the medical field. I handle all their training for the callers. I'm truly amazed at the number of projects they have going on. Cold calling (or warm-ish calling) really is a numbers game. It's not necessarily a fun one, but it can get the job done.
  11. Thanks to @Khemosabi for this idea! For November, your challenge is to learn a new skill that will... help you in your business, or help you in general, or is something you've always wanted to learn. Take today and tomorrow to decide what to learn, and then let's hear what you decide and how your progress goes!