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  1. So you mean union members and paper pushers will just rollover and die? How cool, AI can truly do everything then! I hope the city considers AI robots to do the cleanup.
  2. Genre conventions

    It is roughly a trope that the target market likes and expects. for example in romance. There is always an element where the two lovers are separated by almost impossible barriers, but somehow their feelings are able to overcome them in spite of the odds... Every single romance novel has this element. Just like every action movies have a climactic fight at the end. A reckoning between the hero and the bad guy. That would be a convention.Everyone that is a fan of the genre expects it. Without it, there is disappointment all over. Basically I'm wondering how to apply marketing principles to fiction writing. I don't read much genre fiction, I just wish to approach writing as a business. If anyone is successful writing fiction, inquiring minds want to know. How do you identify the potential for the niche? And how do you structure your writing (make sure that every convention is respected)?
  3. Genre conventions

    Hi there, For those who are commercial fiction writers, what is your strategy for choosing a niche? How did you decide and is there any way to know the conventions? I don't read much genre fiction but I'd rather write with the genre market in mind since my aim is commercial in the short term.
  4. Jack Ma creates a mini-firestorm

    Hey Jason, how are you? It's me Nick aka social Yeah, fair point... I should post comments so here goes nothing: Ma's comment was surprising because it is succinct.If you think about it, it's symbolic and in an unintended way extremely insulting.Ma implies "Western brands means almost nothing. You're being hustled".It also implies that parity with the West is happening at a faster pace then we let on in popular discourse. Of course, the argument is more expansive but it was interesting precisely because it curtly summarized the situation in a way that that did not make it a political diatribe. On the WF, there`s a dislike for foreigners and indians in particular.I think the characterization is unfair largely because of image of the indian call centre rep.Truth is, from what I gather locally a lot of engineering firms in Montreal only have a skeleton crew in the city and the rest is outsourced to China and India. In the word of one engineer I know "they are just as good as us". You know. Career-wise, I really did take your advice to heart and took a very very long term view (as in 30 years + view). No kidding, I spent a lot of time thinking about it. In the path I'm on (I returned to school in mathematics, ---why is a long story so I'll just omit it for now),some consultants take inspiration from popular sources and for good reason:everyone is hyper-specialized so it's often hard to see the forest for the trees.This kind of "bird's eye view" brainstorming outside of one's own field is not only helpful, it is crucial. Even if it doesn't have immediate actionable consequences, it opens other venues of enquiry. I didn't comment because it's a can of worms, no one really knows what's going to happen. The repercussions for one may be different for another (or non-existent altogether). The forum was fairly inactive so I posted it in the hope that it elicits questions in other people.
  6. Long term career strategy

    Curious, what do you think of Montreal (and other canadian cities)?
  7. Hi, I read about this quote sometimes last year and I thought it deserved its own thread: Do you agree or disagree? Thoughts? I tend to agree.....
  8. Why are some people so afraid of selling?

    Yeah but in tech support and customer service it's different. Just the fact that the rep is being judged by how long the call takes skews the game. If your average call length is supposed to be 7 minutes to 3 minutes, and you have to resolve the issue within that time with sales on top of that...For these kind of sales, I think that someone that's extroverted has an advantage, because there's not much strategy you can adopt saleswise. There's just not enough time because of the support component. Thus sales becomes purely a personality thing. I mean... yeah it's "sales" but it's a whole different animal then if you have 3 hours to sell an very expensive vacuum cleaner in Claude's case. I think you can be good at one and bad at the other. For bigger ticket, where the rep has the time to expand and strategize, I think there's a real advantage to being emotionally detached. Or at least its true for me. No matter the game or sport.
  9. Why are some people so afraid of selling?

    Plain risk aversion.
  10. Bitcoin is Booming

    How about this fella: it seems like the dream business. Few employees. No prospects, no nagging customers. But requires a a heavy competitive advantage also.
  11. I don't have one. I just force myself to write. If I treat it largely as a job or a business, I will write even if I don't feel like it. "good enough" is just that. It comes down to structure. I know some authors just make up a story as they go along but I can't do that. UNLESS its a fairly short story (say 2000 words big top). So sometime I will go back to the drawing board and touch up on this instead ( as I am doing now in fact) If you know where you're going , you'll know what to write.
  12. Beyond sales training?

    Quote by Ken: If I can, I will try to derive the results for myself. If it's not, I will go by how authoritative the source is. In sales, I see your point though... there's no way for me to know. There's really no way to validate claims without testing them. I just try whatever comes my way. I keep numbers, I hope to isolate as many variables as I can. Even then, there's still no way to know for sure. Of all the 10 000 things that I did during the call, was it really whatever technique or concept I read about that made the sale? I keep asking myself these questions. The only things I think that can be seen are the numbers and the immediate reaction after a phrase is spoken. If I am to forget sales, without even numbers to help me, how do I know whether or not what I add to my knowledge of human nature is 100% valid? I mean, everyone seem to have strikingly different views of what makes people tick.
  13. Informational vs Fiction

    It depends on the level of fiction. I find it plausible that a harlequin novel,comic book or a children's book be easier to write then copy. A great book is an argument in itself. We all have axioms we go by that go unquestioned. The great author seeks to impose his views upon the readership. How much cleverness does it take to break someone's very moral core and do so in a way that it does not feel like an argument? A lot. And so I vote for fiction being the hardest. “True beauty is something that attacks, overpowers, robs, and finally destroys.” -Yukio Mishima Don't know anything about commercial writing. But it seems at best you these are two different activities with overlapping skills. Like skiing and the bi-athlon.
  14. Writers?

    Now that I'm back in school, I'm thinking about it.