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  1. I didn't even realize Wooster was a real place? I just naturally assumed it was part of Claude's cover in the witness protection program, an unfortunate result of the tragic vacuum cleaner incident of 1974.
  2. 1. Hiding his head in the sand (wait, sand stops germs, right?) Am I missing anything?
  3. Jim should be so lucky. I am selfish.
  4. Now now... who among us can honestly say they haven't spent decades doing olympic-level fluffing training? I may not make it to the gym twice a day, but...
  5. Fun Fact: "Gypsy Text Message" is the coded language that Native Americans used to help us win WWII. It was unbreakable then, and it is unbreakable now.
  6. Oh you poor soul. I see the makings of a class action...
  7. Christmas was ruined when I wouldn't join my family because I was too busy hitting refresh on my laptop. You people owe me one Christmas. I'd like that in the form of a wind-boarding trip with Sir Richard Branson at his island please.
  8. Wait.... you speak English????????
  9. ooh, I love this game. If I weren't married... I'd be in a beach bungalow, probably Caribbean but who knows, eating seafood each night in town and running my business ventures remotely by day. Both Latin and shoes would be most unwelcome. Turkey is ok though.
  10. Well, duh. How do you expect to shtupp a kangaroo if you don't dress the part???
  11. I disagree to a certain extent. This, I find shocking.
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