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  1. Jim should be so lucky. I am selfish.
  2. Now now... who among us can honestly say they haven't spent decades doing olympic-level fluffing training? I may not make it to the gym twice a day, but...
  3. Fun Fact: "Gypsy Text Message" is the coded language that Native Americans used to help us win WWII. It was unbreakable then, and it is unbreakable now.
  4. Oh you poor soul. I see the makings of a class action...
  5. Christmas was ruined when I wouldn't join my family because I was too busy hitting refresh on my laptop. You people owe me one Christmas. I'd like that in the form of a wind-boarding trip with Sir Richard Branson at his island please.
  6. Wait.... you speak English????????
  7. ooh, I love this game. If I weren't married... I'd be in a beach bungalow, probably Caribbean but who knows, eating seafood each night in town and running my business ventures remotely by day. Both Latin and shoes would be most unwelcome. Turkey is ok though.
  8. Well, duh. How do you expect to shtupp a kangaroo if you don't dress the part???
  9. I disagree to a certain extent. This, I find shocking.
  10. Totally fair. I tend to not notice or care about picture quality as long as it is good enough to not be a distraction. As far as bra's go, I think Claude would be a good testing candidate, His 38 DD man boobs are legendary at his local "Wooster Businessman's Club, Sauna, Spa and Feather Boa Emporium" The Wooster Businessman's Club, Sauna, Spa and Feather Boa Emporium is where my wife and I went on our honeymoon. Such memories. It made the following 18 years of marriage seem really easy by comparison.
  11. Putting aside bra talk, ever so briefly, it is not hard to find bigger smart TVs for less these days. I have a 65" TCL Roku TV that I paid under $700 for earlier this year at Costco, and love it. Back to the bras, PB, I would like to help. Where might one go to offer their professional services in the world of testing and critiquing bras for non-floopworthy squidos? This seems like an industry that is loooong overdue, and I want to stake my claim.
  12. I just said this exact quote to my wife the other day about something totally unrelated. What are the odds???
  13. The odds seem high that you need more challenging things to work on.
  14. Not a huge fan of the reconfigured Klingons, but other than that I really like it. I thought it got a tad tedious in season one but they found their footing in two and now I am very excited to see the future in three. Beyond the hubba hubba factor, I thought adding Seven to Picard was very inspired. And totally logical for what is clearly a Borg-centric plot. It only figures that she would have spent the last couple of decades being the subject matter expert. These are good days to be a Trekkie.
  15. As a Trekkie (I know we're supposed to identify as "Trekkers" but #*@% that) I was so excited to hear that Picard was coming back on his own show. Then when the first trailer came out, the part that brought a tear to my eye was seeing they brought back Seven of Nine. Everything we have seen so far points to a great show. Totally unrelated, but at a conference in Vegas last month I hosted a killer Star Trek party (told you I am a fan). I hired a Vegas model as a "Trek babe" hostess (:25) and brought in an amazing Spock impersonator (starting at :40). It was a lot of fun. Short video here if anyone wants to see...
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