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  1. Switch to HTTPS

    The entire site has switched over to HTTPS today. I could not take looking at that unsecured notification in the browser any longer, and Mike said as long as I don't "$%#& up the whole forum, go ahead and do it." I'm doing some spot checking. Everything seems to be working okay, but if you find any broken links or other problems, please either post them here or submit a ticket. Thanks, Ash
  2. Clubs

    Hang-gliding while drinking beer and you have a deal.
  3. Clubs

    We have been internally messing around with this club option a bit, and frankly it is just way too cool not to put to use. So we are going to open it up to any members that want to start a club. The topics have to be related to online or offline marketing. No clubs about flying kites or how much you love cats, although Mike insists that if someone wants to start a beer lovers club he would probably approve it. If you have ever wanted to run your own private forum or membership site without all the hassles of setting up a private forum or membership site, this is for you. A few things. All new clubs must be approved by myself or Mike. When you go to the club page, you will enter in a little bit of information, and then it will go into a queue for approval. Send Mike or me a PM letting us know that you want to start the club and give us a small summary of what your plans are for it. You can have a completely public club where anyone can join and participate, an open club where anyone can view inside but must join to participate, a closed club where everyone can see that the club exists and who is in it but only members can view and participate, or a totally private club which only members would know exists. You can drive membership to your club however you wish. You can even charge for membership if you want to. That is up to you. We will give you a free listing in the Special Offers section if you want one to help drive membership. Moderation of your club will be left up to you and any additional moderators you choose to appoint. We will only step in if there is an issue with promoting violence, hate, etc. All of this is free. We are not charging for the clubs. Also if you have an idea for a club but just want to know a little more about the features and how the clubs work, send a PM to Mike or myself and we will be glad to help. Have a great weekend! Ash
  4. The Forum Has Been Upgraded

    I'm going to go ahead and shut this thread down. Don't worry. The insults have not gone unnoticed, but considering the source, they are not worth worrying about.
  5. The Forum Has Been Upgraded

    Fixed this. Gravatars were not enabled. Also forum signatures are back on.
  6. The Forum Has Been Upgraded

    On the down side, it seems some avatars are not working... Back end might still be working on updating that though.
  7. The Forum Has Been Upgraded

    The problem we were having with not being able to take people off the ignore list is now fixed.
  8. Political Discussions Are No Longer Allowed

    Simple. Just look at the Donald Trump thread for example. It's just one side ranting against the other side. It's no longer a discussion. It is just people posting whatever nonsense they can find on the internet. And most of it is from people who never participate anywhere else on the forum, so accommodating them is something I just have no interest in. There is just no benefit to allowing those kind of conversations any longer. We may relook at this decision in the future, but certainly not until after the election. There have just been far too many complaints about the threads.
  9. Political Discussions Are No Longer Allowed

    I have shutdown a few of the bigger threads. I really do not feel like going through every single post in the OT area to identify political posts. Please don't inundate me with reports that I missed this one or that one. For the most part, we are just going to leave up what is up and enforce the rule going forward.
  10. Up until this point, political discussions have been tolerated on this forum. However, they have grown out of hand. I just received a message from Mike that we will be no longer allowing political discussions here. I will be updating the rules today and working on closing some threads as I find them. Thanks for your understanding and support. Ash
  11. Special Offers forum questions

    You can sign up to add a listing here... The current rules about special offers are posted here...
  12. Spartan Special Offers 4th of July Sale

    Great! Let me know if you need any help!
  13. Only 2 left at this price.
  14. Mike said that the 4th of July is his favorite holiday and wanted to run some special offers. Well here is the first one I cam up with. 4th of July Sale is Here. For the holiday weekend, you can join the Spartan Inner Circle as a lifetime members, receiving access to the private forum discussion area, all of the SEO and internet marketing training material, and learn how to build effective networks of your own for only $74. Get it? 7/4. July 4th. Membership is normally $299 and has never been this low. Only 4 will be sold at this price. Grab it here. It's full of practical SEO advice, videos, tutorial, and more.
  15. Mike gave me the okay to run a promo for the 4th of July. Well, here it is. From now until July 4th, we will be offering free listings in the SSO Section. You can grab it here. Don't worry, if you do not have an offer ready to go this minute. You can "purchase" the listing, and you will have until the end of July to get it together and be ready to go live. Each member is limited to one free listing.