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  1. You can sign up to add a listing here... http://spartanmarketingacademy.com/forums/store/product/6-sso-listing/ The current rules about special offers are posted here... http://spartanmarketingacademy.com/forums/topic/1938-spartan-special-offers-rules/
  2. Ashley

    Donald Trump

    Don, Seriously, you need to knock the tone of this stuff off. The reason your posts get deleted are because 1) nobody likes you and 2) they are just belligerent rants. Every time that you bad mouth this forum or make an comment that it is left-wing, progressive, or now your newest crap, communist, the post will be deleted.
  3. Sorry. Moderator's discretion. I do commend the effort though. With everything else I was deleting, it had to go too.
  4. Right, Left, Center... doesn't matter. We're just censoring your videos because they provide nothing for the discussion. They are just you trying to start flame wars. The result would be the same if you posted something leftist.
  5. I was told not to ban him just for having a second account. Despite everything he said, he wanted to be a member here. He was a member here for 2 months and had no problem with anything that happened here. It wasn't until one string of posts focused on him that the proverbial shit hit the fan. Then all of a sudden everyone here was evil. But even after that, at first, he still wanted to be here. His report he made on the posts even said that. And now he has even gone out of his way to create a second account. Anyhow, the more he posts here, the more that is kind of born out to be true. After everything that happened, Mike finds that to be "F'ing hilarious". There was also some thought that perhaps seeing that WF did not feel the same loyalty to him that he felt to it might tone him down a little bit. Oh, and did I mention the multiple accounts hypocrisy. It doesn't mean he won't be banned for something else or that he has free range, but just for creating a second account he will not be banned at this time.
  6. Don, It was not removed because of any political bias. It was removed because it is in poor taste.
  7. If I delete one of your videos, don't repost it. Pretty simple. Frankly, I don't trust anything you post, but if the video is real, it is disgraceful and disgusting and does not belong here. There is no way we are going to welcome that kind of content.
  8. Don, You are the one making personal attacks on people. Like I said, if you cannot play nice, then just go away.
  9. Seriously, why do you come back if it is just to try to start this silly stupid flame wars? If all you want to do is talk to people who think like you, there are forums for that. Go there.
  10. A comment he later clarified. Please try reading along.
  11. Don, Everyone was having an intelligent discussion, presenting different points of view, ideas, and opinions. That was until you entered the conversation. As per your typical MO when entering a thread, the conversation then dissolved into utter garbage. All you seem interested in doing is screaming that your opinions are right and everyone else's are wrong. That is not how you have a mature conversation about any topic. In fact, you hate this place so much, I don't know why you keep coming back. Nonetheless, if you are unwilling to listen to, or even tolerate, other points of view, I would suggest you stay out of any political related threads here in the future. That goes for anyone on the right, left, center, top, or bottom. Really makes no difference to me.
  12. I'm not sure why it wasn't posting for you. Something with how you copied and pasted the URL. Anyhow, it's fixed now.
  13. I was just curious if anyone knew how to get in touch with her to see if she would be interested in joining here.
  14. Anyone know, has Alexa sworn off forums completely after that experience?
  15. Great! Let me know if you need any help!
  16. Mike said that the 4th of July is his favorite holiday and wanted to run some special offers. Well here is the first one I cam up with. 4th of July Sale is Here. For the holiday weekend, you can join the Spartan Inner Circle as a lifetime members, receiving access to the private forum discussion area, all of the SEO and internet marketing training material, and learn how to build effective networks of your own for only $74. Get it? 7/4. July 4th. Membership is normally $299 and has never been this low. Only 4 will be sold at this price. Grab it here. It's full of practical SEO advice, videos, tutorial, and more.
  17. Mike gave me the okay to run a promo for the 4th of July. Well, here it is. From now until July 4th, we will be offering free listings in the SSO Section. You can grab it here. Don't worry, if you do not have an offer ready to go this minute. You can "purchase" the listing, and you will have until the end of July to get it together and be ready to go live. Each member is limited to one free listing.
  18. To echo what David said, we will always make sure we have enough mods to handle any kind of "trouble", and really we have no interest in seeing threads in the main forum areas go on for 3 pages of nothing but back and forth bickering and personal attacks. Our mods will always be members of the community, so that they 1) understand the conversations being had and 2) are actively reading the forum and not just waiting for reports to roll in to take action.
  19. Alright. I think enough for now.
  20. True story. So for the first 6 months or so that I worked for Mike, pretty much every night ended with a message along the lines of, "Great work today Ash. Have a good night. I'll most likely fire you in the morning." It was both confusing and a little terrifying at first. My work was constantly being praised, but I'm going to get fired? It took me about 2 weeks to catch on that he was just grooming me to be the next Dread Pirate Roberts. (and if you don't get the reference, go watch The Princess Bride again)
  21. I am liking this thread because it is actually in my working agreement that I have to like anything Mike posts that has to do with the Phillies. No, I am not making that up. It is actually in there. Even though Chase Utley is no longer on the Phillies, he said this counts.
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