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  1. Adding a city twice in My Business

    It allows me to enter a city the normal way. Then if I enter it by zip code and the city has multiple zip codes it allows me to enter each zip code as well. So for example it could do the following for the same town: Clifton, Passaic County, New Jersey Clifton, New Jersey, 07070 Clifton, New Jersey, 07071 Clifton, New Jersey, 07072 Clifton, New Jersey, 07073 Would doing this be considered optimizing or spammy?
  2. I've noticed that in Google My Business when setting the area that you service it will allow you to enter a city twice. If you enter it by typing the city name it includes the county and state. If you enter the zip code it shows the city, state, and zip. Has anyone noticed this? Would it be beneficial to enter each city in both ways?
  3. Getting rid of city based landing pages

    Sounds like a plan, thanks!
  4. Getting rid of city based landing pages

    That's good advice. The problem is that a lot of the jobs are things I need to go out and look at. And while I was ok with the 30 minute drive each way when things were slower, I now don't have the extra time to do that. Free estimates are a standard around here, and I am fine with that when the job is relatively close. And I am getting enough close work that I can go without the farther towns. To answer your first questions, I do get some calls from the farther towns, but not as many as the closer towns. As for the location, the 25 towns I don't want to service anymore are surrounding the 10 towns that I do. The 10 towns are clumped together around me in a 10 or so mile radius while the 25 I want to stop servicing are in the donut shape from that 20 mile circle to a 30 mile radius. What set this off was that I told someone that I don't service their town and they immediately replied that it said I did on my website and how that's false advertisement. I'm surprised I didn't get a bad review.
  5. Getting rid of city based landing pages

    I am going to be taking the plunge soon and getting rid of 25 of the town based landing pages and just leaving 10 of the most local. If anyone thinks this is a bad idea, let me know!!!!!!!!!!!! I have set Google My Business to those same 10 towns as well so it will match up.
  6. New website

    Thanks guys.
  7. New website

    I'm exploring the possibility of having someone make me a new website. My current website is pretty basic, it's Joolma based which I don't like. I would like one a little fancier, a Wordpress template would be fine. All of the content and most of the images can be re-used, I am mainly just looking for a nicer design and something that will look good on cell phones as well since over half my visitors use their phone. i can show you my site and an example of a site I would like mine to be like.
  8. Buying domains of other local businesses?

    It says that it expires next month. The domain is a company name. The company is completely gone and the owner passed away. I was friends with the owner, we worked together at times and talked about merging companies, but never did. I don't want this whole thing to seem insensitive, but if it's just going to go off into nowhere land, I might as well put it to good use.
  9. Another local electrician went out of business. His website usually showed up 1-3 results after mine for searches in the various towns we service. Is there any value in buying his domain? If so, what would be the best thing to do? Just forward his domain to mine? Setup a small site with his domain?
  10. Why do people fail?

    As the owner of a growing business that started small, one of the best pieces of advice I was given was to be sure to hire people smarter and better than me at their position, and then let them do their job.
  11. Google My Business website builder is live

    What about building one of these Google sites thru My Business just to link out to your real local site?
  12. Getting more calls

    I show up 1st in the local pack for my town and the next town over for any search involving electrician. I have 15 solid 5 star reviews which is more than any other contractor. But even from that, it seems like I am not getting enough calls. And then there are all the other towns surrounding my area in which I use town based landing pages to try and come up high in the organic results since I'm not able to get high in the local pack due to being located in another town. Those organic result also don't get enough calls, even though I come up before most other contractors. It just seems odd, and depressing lol.
  13. Awesome. It seemed to good to be true. But that's only due to my ignorance
  14. When it comes to link building for small local service businesses, such as plumbers, electrician, locksmiths, etc, are professional SEO's normally finding ways to get good links other than PBN's or directories? are those two methods the best way to and what should be focused on?