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  1. Wirenut

    Local Ranking Factors

    Just to be clear, even when not using Schema markup, I still shouldn't use the reviews from Yelp on my landing pages? What about reviews from Google? Thanks.
  2. Wirenut

    Local Ranking Factors

    Thanks Yukon, that's is great info. Currently each one of my town based landing pages has 2 reviews from customers in that town. But they are taken from Yelp or Google reviews so they are not unique (I see that you emphasized that word). I tried using Schema to get the start rating put in the result on Google, but the Joomla plug-in that is being used for my website deleted it for some reason so I gave up.
  3. Wirenut

    Local Ranking Factors

    I have the address of my local business (electrical contractor) in plain HTML on the footer of every page. My address is in 1 town while my service area is 15 towns (I have a town based landing page for each one). Would schema code make any real difference for me? I know nothing about it so it would be a lot to learn, so I just want to be sure it's worth it.
  4. I'm surprised. Right now I get a few from Florida, once in a while from "Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada", and one from Arizona- this is the one who calls me twice per week saying how he spoke to me last month and I asked him to call me back when he had something new and exciting lol. The other 99% of the calls I get are from local numbers.
  5. I get these calls all the time. They are very deceptive. I barely ever get out of state robocalls or telemarketers. They all spoof their phone numbers to a local number.
  6. If you ever want to try again, search for "Hackintosh". Forums like Mac Rumors has a lot of people who will help you.
  7. Wirenut

    people steal content?

    I'm copying all your posts from this thread right now and posting it on my blog!
  8. When it comes to a website for a local business and there are city based landing pages (let's say 15 different towns in that area), is it best to have links to each landing page on every page of the site? Or have just one page for the "Service Area" where all the cities are listed and linked to? I've seen it both ways. Many times there will be a section in the footer or sidebar where it lists all the cities and links to their landing page. Other times they are only listed on one page. So I am just wondering what you guys think?
  9. Wirenut

    Google Local Services

    Google Home Services is now called Google Local Services. I have seem some people call it LSA for Local Service Ads. I just figured I would throw that quick FYI out there. Anyway, has anyone been using it? I've seen some discussions from SEO Pros talking about how there are not many ways for them to use it for their clients, how it's aimed directly towards the clients with the background checks and licenses required to sign up. So being a middle man for referrals won't work very well. And the setup is pretty easy, unlike AdWords where you really need a pro to set it up and maintain it. What do you guys think? Have you been using it? From my experience, it's great. I have a very low spend and I also only offer very few services. The reason is because I can't handle all the extra work. From what I have seen, I could support my entire business with LSA alone. Not that I would, but it's possible right now. They got rid of the messages part of it, so the only way for customers to get to you is the referral phone number. The calls cost me $18. That's perfectly fine for an acquisition fee for each potential customer. As I mentioned, I only offer a few services. I figure I will just offer the higher dollar services such as electrical panel changes, vehicle chargers, etc. There are plenty of smaller services I could offer, like changing outlets, troubleshooting service calls, etc. But I figure I will wait until I put another guy on. One issue that happened a little while back is that when a company started using LSA, they were taken out of the Local 3-pack. I was pissed. But they fixed that. I know this post is all over the place, I just figured I would get some info out there and see what others had to say.
  10. Wirenut

    Adding a city twice in My Business

    It allows me to enter a city the normal way. Then if I enter it by zip code and the city has multiple zip codes it allows me to enter each zip code as well. So for example it could do the following for the same town: Clifton, Passaic County, New Jersey Clifton, New Jersey, 07070 Clifton, New Jersey, 07071 Clifton, New Jersey, 07072 Clifton, New Jersey, 07073 Would doing this be considered optimizing or spammy?
  11. I've noticed that in Google My Business when setting the area that you service it will allow you to enter a city twice. If you enter it by typing the city name it includes the county and state. If you enter the zip code it shows the city, state, and zip. Has anyone noticed this? Would it be beneficial to enter each city in both ways?
  12. Wirenut

    Getting rid of city based landing pages

    Sounds like a plan, thanks!
  13. Wirenut

    Getting rid of city based landing pages

    That's good advice. The problem is that a lot of the jobs are things I need to go out and look at. And while I was ok with the 30 minute drive each way when things were slower, I now don't have the extra time to do that. Free estimates are a standard around here, and I am fine with that when the job is relatively close. And I am getting enough close work that I can go without the farther towns. To answer your first questions, I do get some calls from the farther towns, but not as many as the closer towns. As for the location, the 25 towns I don't want to service anymore are surrounding the 10 towns that I do. The 10 towns are clumped together around me in a 10 or so mile radius while the 25 I want to stop servicing are in the donut shape from that 20 mile circle to a 30 mile radius. What set this off was that I told someone that I don't service their town and they immediately replied that it said I did on my website and how that's false advertisement. I'm surprised I didn't get a bad review.
  14. Wirenut

    Getting rid of city based landing pages

    I am going to be taking the plunge soon and getting rid of 25 of the town based landing pages and just leaving 10 of the most local. If anyone thinks this is a bad idea, let me know!!!!!!!!!!!! I have set Google My Business to those same 10 towns as well so it will match up.
  15. Wirenut

    New website

    Thanks guys.

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