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  1. While I wasn't personally affected by the change, it continues to blow my mind that folks will go all out in relying on a 3rd party service to make a living (like Logan Paul). Google made the change due to the sheer volume of crap content being posted and rightfully so to protect their interests, as any business will do. As far as James Damore goes, he's a dick who attempted to facilitate discrimination, not Google. In the bigger scheme of things, Google won't be negatively impacted by the changes at all....
  2. Excellent decision Mike - I did this many years ago and never looked back Like you, I also use a lot of spreadsheets and docs, but the changeover was a breeze! I just uploaded my entire folder and file structure - Google had no problem converting my docs or spreadsheets at all.
  3. What's paper? Is that something new?
  4. OK, I've made up my mind - I wrote a five-page list of project ideas, including existing projects I need to finish up. But... My major goal for 2018 is to finish up my Drunken Greek blog and start writing. I worked on it over the Christmas holidays and the basic blogging system (not WordPress) is complete (although I'll continue to tweak it). Since this was the only goal I did absolutely nothing about in 2017, I'm making it a priority for the new year
  5. Do, na, na, na, na, <fingers in ears>
  6. I've never subscribed to the "Customer is always right" credo either - one my core business philosophies is that, "The Customer isn't Always Right, But he/she is Always the Customer". For me, it's not so much about whether I need their money or not, but more so about the kind of relationship the customer wants to develop over the long term. When I started working online circa 2001, coming from a professional background where clients were generally easy to work with, I was left unprepared for the kind of "Blue Collar" mentality that made up the bulk of the customers (especially in IM) that I would encounter. By "Blue Collar" I mean the folks with utterly no business or management experience, whose idea of communication was shouting, swearing, threatening, etc., and blaming everyone but themselves for their problems. I've always found customers like these to be their own worst enemy - they have no clue how to solve even the simplest problems, let alone develop a successful business...and they're not the folks I'm willing to do business with because they refuse to help solve the problem, preferring instead to just endlessly complain that the problem exists in the first place. Over the years, I spent a lot of time "Curating" my customer list to eliminate those folks like I described, so that I could focus more time and attention on those who genuinely deserve it. In the early days, a lot of my colleagues online thought I was nuts, i.e.; claiming I was doing the ever popular, "Leaving Money on the Table". But in reality, that one customer can take far more money off the table than was ever earned in the original sale, through endless support and needless communication, not to mention stress. Conversely, by focusing on building long term relationships with more serious-minded people, you put far more money on the table through "Lifetime Customer Value", without all the stress and effort the "Blue Collar" folks entail. Now I'm just rambling, LOL..
  7. That's Gino's job, LOL
  8. Put on your BIG girl panties, LOL...
  9. Actually though, I think you are - not as causality, but result. As to why? I think that we're programmed from birth that it's absolutely unacceptable to put ourselves first. That it's NOT acceptable to fail to achieve one's goals and/or responsibilities and the end result is that folks tend to feel guilty or ashamed or simply feeling like they're not entitled to the downtime they're taking. I see this behavior in my wife - she'll reach a point where she's ready to collapse and simply can't go on. And every minute she's recovering she feels like she's letting everyone down and utterly miserable. While we don't often go out alone (no kids, colleagues, etc.), when we do, she gets stressed and feels she's doing something wrong. I genuinely believe most folks have a very difficult time compartmentalizing their feelings at any given time, regardless of the activity they're involved in. There's a time to work and a time to play - separating the two can be incredibly difficult because of the societal/cultural impact on our upbringing. ^ Exactly - my life is complicated, but that's NOT and shouldn't be Theresa's problem. I recognize that I've allowed that to happen, which is unfair to her, but I'm the only one that can rectify the issue (and while it's not a major issue, it's annoying to both of us). Although honestly? I still don't feel any guilt over it...LOL
  10. What will you stop doing in 2018 that you are currently doing in 2017? OK, I think the very first thing I will stop doing is blowing off Theresa when we arrange time to talk. I've been really bad about this during the past month or so and I'm publicly coming out to promise that I will stop doing it.
  11. My wife tells people I'm a "Sociopath", in that I don't tend to feel guilt over anything...maybe she's right? I agree with what you're saying in general Sal, but I think the real takeaway is that emotion has no place in business whatsoever. As someone who has had successful careers online and off, I can say emphatically that guilt, or any other emotion is a non-starter in the bigger scheme of things. That's not to say I didn't use to feel guilt, along with a wide range of other emotions - but that stopped in 1989, when a former "Colleague" tried to play on my emotions to satisfy his goals, while suppressing my own. What I learned from that experience is that you can't go through life allowing others to make their problems, your problem. Since then, I've never looked back and I've NEVER felt guilt or anything else over a business decision.
  12. I'm going to think carefully about this over the next week or so as I've got some tough decisions to make. I don't see the economic situation here in Greece improving dramatically, and so need to plan accordingly. One thing I will be doing is flipping the last of my local businesses, which will allow me to cleanly exit the local markets, at least until such time as the economic outlook improves. We will, of course, retain our EFL school as that's a cash cow and my wife's passion. At present, I'm hammering out the details of a five-year plan to focus more online - I've got a number of hurdles to overcome, but I can make that happen.
  13. Is All The Buzz About Facebook Ads Just BS?

    I pretty much did the same as Thomas - just an experiment really to learn how it worked. Based on my experience, I agree completely with the idea of building up followers to a given page/group first and then running a targeted campaign to the members of that page/group.
  14. I followed the link John provided and looked at a couple of the sites - the shorter snippet is coming from the meta description, while the longer ones are coming from the article content. Just hazarding a guess, but the shorter snippets are coming from pages that are poorly structured, while the longer snippets are more HTML5 and clearly structured. At a glance, the shorter snippets are using BootStrap or similar frameworks and making it really difficult for Google to identify the content.
  15. Webhosts offering free SSL?

    I just finished correcting a serious problem caused by an over zealous host doing this. Someone I help out from time-to-time was locked out of the site's forum due to the configuration of the free SSL, which pretty much screwed up a number of settings through the host's automated SSL deployment. I suspect the forum owner is still going to have to do a bunch of follow up work to tweak things back to normal.