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  1. So Net Neutrality just died...

    One of the advantages of living in Europe....
  2. Webhosts offering free SSL?

    I just finished correcting a serious problem caused by an over zealous host doing this. Someone I help out from time-to-time was locked out of the site's forum due to the configuration of the free SSL, which pretty much screwed up a number of settings through the host's automated SSL deployment. I suspect the forum owner is still going to have to do a bunch of follow up work to tweak things back to normal.
  3. Not that surprising, given Twitters recent move to 240 characters - while seemingly unrelated, it makes sense...
  4. Thanks, I just pissed myself, LOL...
  5. Webhosts offering free SSL?

    Bear in mind that a number of open source CA (Certificate Authority) systems have sprung up providing free SSL, which hosts are jumping on (finally) to pass on to their clients. Things to watch out for: 1. Make sure your hosts don't automatically switch your sites over to SSL, without your approval. There's usually some underlying work that needs to be done to prepare for the change. 2. Make sure the CA they're using isn't brand new - you want one with at least a few years under your belt for stability. 3. With most hosting you should be able to select your own CA, regardless of what the host offers. Depending on your needs, if you decide a paid certificate is more appropriate, i.e.; an EV (Extended Validation) then shop NOT buy it through your host as they're most likely just the middle-man, jacking up the price. Here's a link that explains some of what's going on:
  6. Switch to HTTPS

    I've been poking around for a couple of days and not seeing any issues - well done Ashley
  7. Oh my, my, little Caleb

    ^^^ Absolutely agree - the kid is going to learn a hard lesson, i.e.;adults aren't going to take him seriously.
  8. Police recruitment video - Kiwi style

    That was pretty cool...found another one:
  9. Happy Thanksgiving

    Happy Thanksgiving guys! Have a safe and fun filled holiday with your friends and families
  10. 2017 - What Will You Do Different?

    No, I understood that - I just forget to go back and make updates unless someone else posts to it and I happen to see it. Part of the purpose of these types of threads is accountability, i.e.; you publish a goal and then post about what you're doing to achieve it. Unless I see a reminder, I tend to forget to jump in and update what I'm doing, LOL.
  11. 2017 - What Will You Do Different?

    The only suggestion I have (and it's clearly a pie in the sky idea) is to email posters monthly as a reminder to update the thread. I always forget unless someone else actually posted to it, but then again, I'm an idiot...
  12. Adding a city twice in My Business

    Doing it both ways makes sense to me because it allows you to go local by county or zip code. It couldn't hurt...
  13. General CSS stuff

    You don't need to select all 3 unless you're targeting something very specific (depends on what else is in your design). So ask yourself this - is this the only h1 in the design or are there others? If others, will they all have a white border? If the answer is no, then: h1 { border: solid 3px white; } If the answer was yes, then I would do something like this instead: .white_border { border: solid 3px white; } <h1 class="white_border">Title</h1> Again, it depends on your overall design - I prefer working with the lowest, common denominator, because I often find that creating classes like this one can be used elsewhere in the design. Ask me about resetting and normalization next, LOL...
  14. General CSS stuff

    When you use a space between the ID and Class you're telling the browser to look for an element with that Class that's a Descendant of the element with the ID exactly as shown in your first example. In your second example, that space won't work because the element you're selecting isn't a Descendant - it's an element that is also a member of the Class you're targeting. Generally speaking (and there are always exceptions), the best practice is to minimize the number of Selectors being used as browsers parse them from right to left; meaning that it takes longer to parse 3 selectors than one or two. Obviously the latency or time it takes to parse them is negligible in terms of today's technology, but that latency does add up on really complex pages being rendered on a slower system. That said (and this is strictly my own opinion, based on what I've seen over the past 20 years or so), I think most designers tend to approach CSS with "Brute Force", i.e.; forcing styles as they go, rather than really thinking through the process for a leaner, cleaner design that genuinely reflects what CSS is all about. Bear in mind, I came up through the programmings ranks in the 70's and 80's when resources were limited, so I'm a bit of a minimalist when it comes to code, whether it's a script, CSS or anything else.
  15. Going back to 2001, I started out with individual web sites for each product (per what the so called "Gurus" claimed worked best at the time). By 2004, that had gotten really unwieldy, so I decided to centralize and just never looked back. Basically, we made one page per product (I had sort of an automated system for doing this) and just as you're suspecting, we made a lot of money on tertiary product sales that we wouldn't have if the customer didn't know about them. I also took a tip from Amazon and included a "Customers who bought this, also bout that" type of functionality. When it comes to software at least, I'd keep it centralized - it will increase sales and make your life a lot simpler brother!