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  1. Amazon Affiliate Program Changes

    Gonna have to be more creative and careful with links. Found a silicone ball gag listed under home, clothing, health and novelty: 8, 7, 4.5 and 4 percent commissions respectively.
  2. Amazon is changing payments in its affiliate program. Instead of rewarding successful affiliates who refer more sales with higher commissions, it is all a flat rate. Guess where Amazon put the default flat rate - at the low or high end of the commission tiers? Yep - 4% default for products. Some categories are even lower. A couple categories are higher, such as apparel and home products. Depending on product selection, and how many sales were referred, some affiliates could see up to a 56% loss in income. Ouch. New affiliates previously at the 4% level will make more by promoting clothing. Here is the current fee agreement: Program Fee Statement Here is the new fee agreement effective March 1st:
  3. When advanced SEO isn't advanced

    I've seen $300 to install Wordpress with an autoinstaller. $60 yearly domain registration fees. People just don't know any better.
  4. Facebook Competing With Craigslist

    This has been a growing issue in eBay's affiliate forum - especially with FB not allowing some outgoing direct affiliate links thereby forcing everything to be on FB. eBay is a company with loads of troubles.
  5. Traffic from Pinterest?

    I was reading a report suggesting Pinterest as a way of getting good traffic to your website. Pinterest pages can rank well from what I've seen. Well, it turns out a bunch of my sites which are product heavy with lots of graphics have already had their pages and pics pinned all over Pinterest and have Pinterest generated pages such as (example only, not my site). So maybe I don't need to do anything because others have already done the pinning. Looking at server log stats for the year, though, I'm seeing negligible referral traffic. What's your take? Pinterest waste of time to get traffic to website? Or doing my own pages would better target info and get good traffic?
  6. Just Made 41 Cents

    Up to 82 cents aka DOUBLED MY MONEY! I'm thinking a good Kindle Select strategy would be to have whatever is most valuable in your ebook at the end. At the beginning make sure readers know it is at the end so they will scroll to the end to read it. Who cares if they read what is in the middle. Maybe a freebie. Whatever it is - put it at the end and make sure the reader quickly knows they need to check it outl
  7. Amazon Wins

    New studies are showing amazing stats for Amazon: 38-55% of holiday shoppers will start their shopping on Amazon versus search or anywhere else. 94% of holiday shoppers will do at least some of their shopping on Amazon. (See references at For the bazillion affiliates who put up sites telling visitors to go shop at Amazon, you got your wish. Your site is now no longer needed.
  8. Changes to Keyword Planner

    Reflects Google's philosophy. All that matter is AdWords and big spenders. Little guys not wanted. Freeloaders with websites only wanting natural search rankings are not wanted. That's why the Google search pages continue to eliminate and reduce actual search listings.
  9. Stories here: Brief overview: Panda is a Google on page quality control algorithm. Thin, short, poor, spammy content on your web pages can trigger "Panda" which drops your search rankings. Penguin is a Google off page quality control algorithm. Poor, irrelevant, spammy backlinks to your web pages can trigger "Penguin" which drops your search rankings. Previously, Penguin was manually run and the last time that happened was in October 2014. What does that mean? 1. If your site was penalized by Penguin in 2014 that penalty has remained in effect until today - even if you cleaned up your backlinks a year ago. 2. If your site has been happily ranking from spammy backlinks acquired after October 2014 there is now a potential penalty and your site may be toast shortly before the biggest shopping season of the year. Both Panda and Penguin now run in 'real time' which means no more manual updates. Improvements and 'dis-improvements' in your backlinks can immediately impact your rankings. Notes: - These are Google algorithms. Important ones, but not the only ones impacting your search rankings in Google. They are irrelevant to Bing / Yahoo. - With 'real time' results happening to rankings after Google finds new links or discovers old links are gone, it may be possible to test ranking results on a link by link basis. Remember - finding backlinks which penalize a site means you need to disavow them for your site but also try to get them linking to your competitors.
  10. Changes to Keyword Planner

    The Keyword Planner has always been terrible and provides few keywords. On the other hand, creating page targeting keywords and using Google Search Console to see the exact search phrases and search counts is amazing. You don't have to rank to use this data as the "impressions" Google provides are the search counts.
  11. If you'd develop your psychic abilities instead of messing with php this wouldn't be an issue.
  12. I just created a post on one of my product pages with a link to the page. Facebook has automatically added a carousel of images it has scanned from the page, including the order button, things that look stupid when resized to Facebook, and it looks terrible. I didn't add an image to the post. Just included a link to my site and FB has automatically added images. Can't figure out how to stop this or delete the images. The only solution I could find was to create a new post, add an image, and that would prevent FB from adding its own images.
  13. 30 Day Challenge

    Doesn't take much for a site to be profitable. Unless an offer is really good, no reason to sell if an asset is bringing in money every year.
  14. The days of using RebelMouse to distribute content socially and gain backlinks for free is ending. On the one hand, you can't expect a company to not generate a profit. On the other hand, the bait and switch concept of getting free signups to build up a service and then bailing out for a paid product is too common.
  15. Verizon Buys Yahoo

    Yahoo is a disaster. So much traffic and assets just frittered away. I love the computer generated stories on the home page which link to nothing or which are days old. Bad management can sink any asset. Just ask Freelancer.