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  1. NEW to the site thought I would introduce a little. I have been out of the SEO world for quite a while (busy completing my studies). Will be starting job soon and I will definitely have some cash to invest. Earlier, I'd say two-three years ago. I tested PBN. I bought around 8 domains through godaddy auctions after researching them through expireddomains.net / majestic for backlinks. I kind of relied on the Page rank system, eventhough it was DEAD (non-updated) as it is today (non-existent), but it still gave me an idea what domains to go after and research more and do a backlink check. Plus, also did some Legit Guest posting on Real Active niche sites and other Link building such as getting on niche blogroll lists. It did work My website ranked for around 4-5 keywords (very closely related - ~2500 Monthly Search each) going up to 1st page around 5th position and to this day it is still ranking around 10-15 position on Google.com (US) My question is two fold: (1) are there any other ways (efficient, reliable, good ) to finding expired domains beside using sites like expireddomains OR domcop? If there is, Is it TOP secret? (2) If you did find some domains, How would you approach on figuring out if the sites are worth much and are they authoritative. What metrics should I be looking at.
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