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  1. MikeTucker

    2018 - What Will You Do Differently?

    Start: Each month of 2018 I am going to choose a form of human suffering in the world and take serious action to reduce it as much as possible... 100% results focused! Stop: Holding back my emotional expressions because of how other people might react.
  2. MikeTucker

    2017 - What Will You Do Different?

    Was far more difficult than I anticipated, but on this last day of the year I can say with absolute certainty that it was a worthy goal that made my life better in countless ways... Here are a few of them: 1. Admitted to myself that sometimes, playing on the Internet was exactly what I wanted to be doing! 2. Quit my family's company which was making me so miserable (Corporation Evil)... Started my own company which I can run with my own values and principles, was pleasantly surprised that several big clients sought me out and came with me almost immediately... One of them summed it up when we were all out at [Fancy Restaurant] for Xmas, "It was never [Corporation Evil], it was always you." ...Pretty great moment to be surrounded by such great human beings saying something like that to someone like me! 3. Reconnected with other parts of my family, most of whom I haven't spoken to in over a decade, some for up to 3 decades. Also old friends that I haven't seen in about that much time. 4. Found a country artist AND a rap artist that I actually like, more evidence that we have been transported into an alternate Universe!! 5. Went on a few dates for the first time since my wife passed... Nothing came of them but did make a couple good friends, which is actually also pretty awesome... And I might continue dating in the next year? Maybe. 2017 has had some real shit days in it, but most of the year was freaking amazing despite what the world keeps trying to tell me!
  3. MikeTucker

    New Design

    Saw this yesterday but been busy, wanted to stop in and say that it's the spirit of this community that I love and is the reason I'm here, but the new design also appeals to me... Keep up the all the Amazing!
  4. Always wanted to learn html, C, C++ and yesterday I was convinced it would be my goal (again!) ...but I know I'm not going to follow-through with it... It's just too easy to pay other people to do the tedious work! Years ago I had a ton of sites and dominated some "micro-niches" but took them all down when my wife got sick, it was just too much to manage. I don't really want to go that route either, but I'm only operating in two niches right now and so I have an overabundance of time on my hands these days... So what I'll do is spend some time doing niche research. ...I don't actually need it to be profitable... I guess I'm just looking for another hobby? That might sound incredibly lame, but that's where I'm at in life right now, LOL!!
  5. MikeTucker

    Build Your Offline Biz -- for Free

    I would be curious to learn more about this? ^^ My (adopted) father made his first millions in the telemarketing boom of the early '80's selling life insurance over the phone.... And he was the kind of man who poured Sangria in his cereal instead of milk, so no matter where you were in the house, you were going to hear his bullshit... He was a real bastard, but he was definitely good at his craft. It seemed like he spent all morning screaming at people, and for some reason they still came to the house for drinks and signing papers? Anyway, even back then, he started off cold-calling, but my mother somehow convinced him to start getting referrals from everyone he sold to, and also helped him get some customers from the organizations she was deeply rooted in... so eventually he had mostly "warm" lists... It made his life a lot easier, I guess, because he was slightly less of an evil cunt, and he eventually made enough money to drink himself to death, which made the whole world a much better place!! ...I was a kid, so I understand how perspective changes, but I still feel like the world is smaller for other reasons... We are more instantly connected to people, their agendas, and marketing than ever before... constantly... so yeah, I suppose cold calling could be a numbers game? But I certainly wouldn't want to have to do it!
  6. MikeTucker


    Oh that's a fantastic idea... thank you!
  7. MikeTucker


    It's been a while (years!) since I've put any thought at all into making video content... Is Camtasia still the best software for recording your computer screen and audio, and editing? Is anyone using it, or another service that they would recommend? Thanks in advance!
  8. MikeTucker

    Dragon Speaking Naturally

    Good one for Android... Yeah there are plenty of free options... I got DSN (Premium) because I wanted the extra features that it has. Found some limitations as well but overall it is fantastic.
  9. MikeTucker

    Dragon Speaking Naturally

    So most people probably have a dictation software in their computer. I wasn't satisfied with mine, so I finally got the dictation software. It took a couple of days to get used to it but once I did I can say... I'm never going back to typing! I'm even "writing" this post with it right now. Also, yes I did program it to respond to "Computer" before giving it commands so that I can act like I'm Jean Luke Picard. It doesn't make Earl Grey for me, though... Also posting this link with it:
  10. MikeTucker

    Automatic SEO?

    Are your rates more affected by difficulty, or number of sites? Which is more work in your case?
  11. MikeTucker

    Automatic SEO?

    Are there any fully-automated SEO tools that work? If so, what is their price range? Alternatively, what is the price-range for people who do all of your SEO work for you? (People that are actually good) ...Just being honest with myself here, I'm never going to bother to learn SEO, it changes too much... 10 years later and I still haven't learned HTML and it hasn't changed very much from what I understand... it's just too easy to pay someone else to do it... Just trying to do a very rudimentary cost:benefit analysis here for about 2K sites, nothing too deep yet, so ELI5 please!
  12. Is it safe to assume that everyone on the list has something in common, for example all graduates of the same university or members of the same large church? How do you plan to monetize the list?
  13. MikeTucker

    6 hours?

    Where is your host located? I know that a lot of hosting companies are affected by the Comcast outage caused by the storm yesterday. Do you have a backup host you can use temporarily, that you can just upload a backup of your site to, and point your domain to?
  14. Is there no way you could allocate part of your "advertising" budget to making connections, and part of it to a semi-passive marketing campaign? Both are quite useful in their own way.

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