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  1. Having trouble how companies in 2019 are not grasping just how important social media and optics are to their bottom line...
  2. Does anyone have direct experience with accepting payments in India and China? (I'm located in USA). What platform have you used and how user-friendly has it been? Thanks in advance!
  3. I use Dragon Speaking Naturally 13 Premium. That being said, most computers these days have some sort of dictation application that will probably work for your purposes... Open the audio file, the text and dictation, and let the computer talk to itself. You'll need to go back through and edit with most sofware... That's why I like Dragon, it "learns". Also, you can usually find fairly affordable editors for this sort of thing on whatever outsourcing website you like.
  4. I'm not really into SEO, but I follow L2inc on YouTube and found this interesting... Can't vouch for their advice but it does sound very 101-ish... And as a consumer, I've definitely clicked on sites that have them specifically because they seem like good sources.
  5. Tough to say, but as I get older I'm starting to believe that timing has more to do with success or failure than just about any other single factor. But as pointed out above, FB is pretty entrenched... Usually, real change in dominant corporations has to come not only with sustained negative publicity that users care about, but also powerful attacks on the personal lives of the folks in the C Suite, to keep them off-balance and unable to fight back effectively-- RIM's Blackberry would have stood a much stronger chance against the iPhone if Apple, Google, and Samsung hadn't orchestrated a brilliant (and probably illegal) series of attacks on the personal lives of RIM executives.
  6. Look at the categories on Amazon. Those are "niches" of things people are actually buying. Broaden or narrow according to your goals.
  7. 1. "Now I promise not to say it was you who told, but who do you know that could use my service? Promise, I will never tell it was you." 2. "A mutual friend, who asked not to be named, referred me to you, said that you need my help also." 3. "No, I won't say who it was, I understand, but would rather lose your business than break my word." After the sale: 4. "No, still can't tell you, but aren't you glad they recommended me? Now, who are you going to recommend, with my same vow of silence?" ....Something like that. Not my original idea, but I've used it with great success for many, many years.... Forgot where I learned it, probably a book or an old Closer... Claude?
  8. Thanks Mike... Yeah I've asked a few other places and other than being warned not to search on Go Daddy, haven't gotten much more than that. I'm torn between not wanting to miss out on having the domain and not wanting to be ripped off...
  9. A domain I've wanted for over a decade recently became available, but the asking price is absurdly high-- $12000 and the entire niche is likely not worth that much online. In the past I've seen this happen, domains expire and the price is ridiculous for a while before dropping down to a reasonable price, but I've never timed it or paid much attention to how long that takes? Also, I've heard rumors that searching for a domain can keep its price artificially high, especially on certain dealers? Is there a tool or method that I can use to monitor it?
  10. I don't remember that one? ...But if nobody else wanted to pay for it... lol
  11. Hey everyone, where's the best place to get Royalty Free music for videos? Probably don't have to say it with this crowd but... Not "Free" just "buy and use without paying repeatedly"
  12. Stan Lee was an amazing teacher for those who paid attention. For me, his most powerful lesson was the way he could let go and trust other people and their talent and ideas after he understood them-- and sometimes before he understood them! Prime example was the massive success of Margaret Loesch, and really the entire team, that created and built the X-Men cartoon of the early 1990's. They took an under-funded opportunity and changed the way that the entire industry of comics were seen by the general public. Stan Lee was a trailblazing leader that created amazing trailblazing leaders wherever he went. One-of-a-kind, indeed!
  13. Yeah, I'm part of that tech-challenged group, and the idea of having to feel stupid talking to support activates my own "Nope!" reflex, haha... I will pay people who know what they are doing every single time before having to actually do any work myself, even if it means operating software that does most of the work for me!
  14. Ran several many years ago... Stopped because didn't know how to combat organized fraudulent click schemes. Haven't restarted for the same reason, but if there is a solution now I would definitely want to get back into it. These days anything that automates my work and frees up my time will get my attention!
  15. What about a second offer, that of a human who will run the software for them for $XX.XX every [unit of time]?
  16. LOVE!! seeing everyone's updates! You all are doing awesome!!! Start Goal: Absurdly great year so far... This string of projects has easily been the most rewarding thing I've ever done. I spent so much of my youth angry at things that, looking back on them now, just really didn't matter. I've been humbled and-- if I can borrow the word without it's religious connotations-- blessed to experience life with some of the most outrageously wonderful people on this planet, and in some small but important ways I have been able to help them set-up multiple small, robust, grass-roots type organizations that will endure long after we are all gone. Stop Goal: When I made this Stop Goal, I think it was meant as something much more tame, like not sugar-coating things for people in a way that left my opinions ambiguous to those unfamiliar with my particular sense of humor... but as this year has turned out, it was never realistic or appropriate. So many times this year my heart has been completely destroyed, utterly broken, my soul torn into an empty nothing, by witnessing the results of horrible experiences, and almost every single time it was my job to be strong because other people were suffering directly, and so much more... Other times my anger has been a ranging inferno begging to completely annihilate the despicable, disgusting human trash within striking distance of me that were, in fact, needed to accomplish things far more important than satisfying my emotional obsessions for revenge... I can unequivocally say that every single day this year I have lived a life worth more than all the previous years of my life combined. I cannot imagine that I will do anything else for the rest of my life, can't think of anything else worth what time I have left. I'm super-grateful once again to those of you who helped me through that dark time in my life a few years ago. Make sure the people you love, really, really know it.
  17. Damn. Now I wish I checked-in with everyone a week ago. We don't live in a time bubble, do we?
  18. MikeTucker

    Happy Holidays

    It's strange to think that I've never met most of you, but I care for you all so much. Big thanks to the power of the Internet! Another year of learning new perspectives and losing my whiskey through my nose as I laugh at your banter... thank you all for so many great moments! The seconds are ticking away already... fight for something you love this year!
  19. Start: Each month of 2018 I am going to choose a form of human suffering in the world and take serious action to reduce it as much as possible... 100% results focused! Stop: Holding back my emotional expressions because of how other people might react.
  20. Was far more difficult than I anticipated, but on this last day of the year I can say with absolute certainty that it was a worthy goal that made my life better in countless ways... Here are a few of them: 1. Admitted to myself that sometimes, playing on the Internet was exactly what I wanted to be doing! 2. Quit my family's company which was making me so miserable (Corporation Evil)... Started my own company which I can run with my own values and principles, was pleasantly surprised that several big clients sought me out and came with me almost immediately... One of them summed it up when we were all out at [Fancy Restaurant] for Xmas, "It was never [Corporation Evil], it was always you." ...Pretty great moment to be surrounded by such great human beings saying something like that to someone like me! 3. Reconnected with other parts of my family, most of whom I haven't spoken to in over a decade, some for up to 3 decades. Also old friends that I haven't seen in about that much time. 4. Found a country artist AND a rap artist that I actually like, more evidence that we have been transported into an alternate Universe!! 5. Went on a few dates for the first time since my wife passed... Nothing came of them but did make a couple good friends, which is actually also pretty awesome... And I might continue dating in the next year? Maybe. 2017 has had some real shit days in it, but most of the year was freaking amazing despite what the world keeps trying to tell me!
  21. Saw this yesterday but been busy, wanted to stop in and say that it's the spirit of this community that I love and is the reason I'm here, but the new design also appeals to me... Keep up the all the Amazing!
  22. Hey everyone, I hope everyone is doing great, I've been absurdly busy but I'm fantastic! But I stumbled across this and wanted to share, this is training not an actual seizure, but still, wow! What amazing potential!!
  23. There is a valid caveat to everything I've said: Poodles can be savage little cunts, but they aren't as effective at doing damage as a pit... And if you aren't the kind of person who can provide the right house for a pit, or if you inherited one that has been abused, there is a lot of great training out there. In Houston there is a superb group of trainers at a place called Sit Means Sit... I'm sure other cities have similar dog-training centers. They do great work with the animals, but the joke is that training the dogs is 20%, and training their humans is 80%... Not only a joke haha. *** As for the situation in Houston, it's been going on for 6+ years now, most of the damage has been done... I'm sure there are places to donate but most of it is finding good homes for them-- There are too many of them who will never make it out of the cages, because there are not enough people who are able and willing to adopt them. There was a push for a while to get them adopted in other states (Texas has the largest population by far) but like all things, people have lives and other problems and the amount of time and effort that can be spent on these projects are limited. Ultimately, these days I just feel so frustrated... While we were out saving as many as we could, we didn't realize how badly we were losing the misinformation war. http://pitbull.rescueme.org/texas
  24. Not sure you're "passive" aggressive, you're pretty open with your feelings and opinions, which is something I appreciate. That's correct-- and these families have no legal recourse. Whether or not "aggressive breeds" are allowed to stay is 100% up to the owner/managers of the properties. Doesn't matter that they are in the middle of a lease, they paid all of their pet fees and humans and pups are model tenants-- If the owner says they have to go, they have to give 24 hours from the written notice to vacate the animal. Also correct-- a lack of money makes so many decisions for so many people, it's heartbreaking. Didn't realize you were so close... We should hang-out and have a drink some time? I might go to San Angelo for Thanksgiving... If I do, maybe I can pass through San Antonio instead of Austin?
  25. Your OP said "vicious breed". The legal term being used against them is "aggressive breed". Same difference. You want evidence? Come to Houston, a metro of 5.6 million people where there is a real crisis for these animals... But be prepared for some heartbreak, and understand that when you see the actual situation you're going to get involved... I know you will, because that's the kind of person you are. You make these kinds of posts because you do have a big heart, because you do care, because a piece of you is hurt when you see these kinds of stories. And when you're hurt you respond with anger-- you're a fighter and we all know it. I get that, I really do. But before I ever came to this post, I was already "carried away" from living firsthand the other side of the story for the last six years. These animals are discriminated against. Houses and apartments that were once friendly to them are suddenly bought by new owners, and those owners are able to demand immediate eviction of the animals-- and the owners if they fail to comply. Most people around us, I've learned, are living paycheck to paycheck and cannot afford to move whenever they want... And anyway, where would they go? Should they go into debt to move to another place, only to have the same thing happen? This leads to huge numbers of pitbulls being put in shelters that cannot adopt them out, so they are "euthanized" (as "senile" is to "crazy", "euthanized is to "murdered"). Other animals are released, rather than left to slow sad deaths in a cage. They are ran over, killed maliciously, shot by police as a matter of policy, and otherwise left to have their once happy lives end in pain and suffering. Because people buy into the bullshit lie that they are "aggressive" or "vicious". Thankfully, a local gang has gone around in the last four years picking-up most of them off the streets-- to use as bait in training purebreeds for their dogfighting club. So, I say again with all the patience I can muster, the harmful, bullshit lie is getting these innocent animals murdered. It is ruining lives of these animals, getting them torn away from loving families, and it is happening in the Houston metro area of 5.5 million people not by the hundreds, but by the thousands. And it's being ignored, because currently there is always a bigger story, after all these are "just dogs". Sure, every once-in-a-while you get a story of some fucktard taking their dog to a petstore and letting it get into a fight with another animal... Shock value gets you ratings, after all. But the everyday story of suffering and death is in the opposite direction. On top of it all, our current Presidential administration has taken the position that in legal cases involving animals and humans, the animals should have almost no rights, and the legal system should be heavily biased in favor of humans at all times... so yeah, I'm completely out of patience for the lie being spread and doing any more damage to animals who cannot defend themselves to what we are doing to them-- and to the families who love them, and were once able to take care of them and give them good lives. "Ridiculous beyond comprehension". Edit: Pic removed for privacy.
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