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  1. Haha
    MikeTucker reacted to Mike Friedman in Want a "Blizzard" of traffic?   
    Apparently Blizzard has a big annual convention coming up in a week or two. That is going to be a serious shitstorm. Can't wait.
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    MikeTucker got a reaction from Mike Friedman in Want a "Blizzard" of traffic?   
    Having trouble how companies in 2019 are not grasping just how important social media and optics are to their bottom line...
  3. Haha
    MikeTucker reacted to Mike Friedman in Want a "Blizzard" of traffic?   
    It would be a good time to create pages about how to cancel a Blizzard account or how to cancel a World of Warcraft subscription. Low competition, but right now the searches on those terms and related ones is blowing up.
    Lol. They fucked up.
  4. Thanks
    MikeTucker reacted to Mike Friedman in Accepting payments in India and China?   
    I have used both Bitcoin (client request) and PayPal for receiving payments from India. 
    At the time, the way Bitcoin was going up, I was making an extra 30-40% profit on the job. 
    The problem with a lot of merchant services today is they will charge an extra percentage for international payments. Pisses me off. With everything in the financial world so automated and electronic, it really costs them nothing extra to process a payment no matter where it comes from.
  5. Haha
    MikeTucker reacted to Princess Balestra in What if Google+ launched today   
    The longer hoomanity persists, the greater our potential to distil retrospect into solootions for problems we ain't even figured exist yet.
    In my dreams, I would wish to walk out always in a swanky skirt don't get GOBBLED by no super efficient elevator doors.
    Tellya, you a gal with fashionably allurin' flaps, you don't wanna feel forever at the mercy of no mechanistic PERHAPS.
    Thing is, we all typin' out on QWERTY keyboards like they the last ansah in dream discourse.
    But try rollin' back THAT potential mistake in favor of clearly more intooitive solootions, see where you get!
    We a conflux always of powerful gravitational pulls an' exotically allurin' flights into Forever's beyond.
    An' less'n we figure the cryogenic Holy Grail scheme of stayin' around longer than our own stoopid teeth, likely we ain't nevah gonna see the troo picture 'bout what works bcs it always troo an' what works bcs it finesses all previously existent exotica to max effect.
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    MikeTucker got a reaction from Mike Friedman in What if Google+ launched today   
    Tough to say, but as I get older I'm starting to believe that timing has more to do with success or failure than just about any other single factor.
    But as pointed out above, FB is pretty entrenched...  Usually, real change in dominant corporations has to come not only with sustained negative publicity that users care about, but also powerful attacks on the personal lives of the folks in the C Suite, to keep them off-balance and unable to fight back effectively-- RIM's Blackberry would have stood a much stronger chance against the iPhone if Apple, Google, and Samsung hadn't orchestrated a brilliant (and probably illegal) series of attacks on the personal lives of RIM executives.
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    MikeTucker reacted to Claude Whitacre in Debate about networking vs. marketing   
    For four years I paid $679 a month to be in a Mastermind group with 12-15 other members (each paying the same amount). We met once a month and we all worked on one member's business. The first couple of years, it more than paid for itself. But after a couple of years, I was mostly going because I shared similar interests with the group. and exceptional group of business owners. 
    It was part of the Dan Kennedy group. Once a year about 1,000 business owners would each pay $1,500 to go to a three day event. Lots of speakers. Lots of money changing hands. One of the members and I shared a room at the hotel, and he told me that every year, he would get enough high paying clients that he had to do no other prospecting all year. He provided video marketing and production services. I used him myself on a few projects.
    Anyway, the single best group to network with (I have found) are people attending a large event in their niche (even if it's just business owners), if they have paid handsomely to be there. The 1,000 people that each paid $1,500 for a three day marketing event? Those people are there to spend money to build their business. You cannot get a more qualified group of prospects together.
    Half of my paid speaking gigs came from casually meeting these attendees.
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    MikeTucker reacted to Mike Friedman in How Quality Score Impacts Ad Rank   
    Negative keywords might be the biggest money saver and way to improve CTR out there. Also might be one of the biggest mistakes people make by including the wrong negative keywords and tanking their whole campaign.
    This is the article I published, and I do include a section about negative keywords.
    The example I use is if you have a website selling healthy snacks. You might be target healthy snacks as a broad or phrase match term, but people may search for healthy snacks for pets. You don't want that traffic, or even the impressions for your ads because it will kill your CTR. You need to add things like pets, dogs, cats, birds, etc. as negative keywords.
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    MikeTucker reacted to mki in How Quality Score Impacts Ad Rank   
    I realize this isn't completely relevant but there's a decent list of negative keywords at http://www.paidinsights.com/400-negative-keywords/
    It also shows you how to setup a shared library to make this easier.
    There's a spreadsheet over at blackhatppc.co.uk as well, which I don't recommend black hat PPC, they just have a nice spreadsheet that's free.
    This only matters if you do broad matching, but if you know anything about how people search, people search tons of weird variations and you may or may not want your ad to appear on those searches.
    For example, lets pretend I sell survival knives in an online store exclusively. Lets say I've determined that I want to target the broad keyword "Survival Knife", well I definitely don't want my ad to show on "Survival Knife Course" and probably not "Survival Knife Florida" .
    Just wanted to mention it since it's another Adwords mistake that I know occurs frequently.
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    MikeTucker reacted to Mike Friedman in How Quality Score Impacts Ad Rank   
    I have an article that will be published tomorrow on my site that discusses Quality Score in Google AdWords. 
    It was prompted by a consultation I recently did with a business spending thousands per month on AdWords, and the team in charge of their campaign did not understand how Quality Score impacted their ad positioning and cost per click. 
    I put together this simple chart to explain it, and figured others might benefit from it too.

    For those not familiar with Ad Rank, the higher your Ad Rank, the better ad position you get. 
    Quality Score is given on a range of 1-10. Google developed it as a way to level the playing field a little bit. Instead of AdWords just being a straight auction, they made it a little more complicated to give smaller advertisers a chance to compete with companies that have deeper pockets. 
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    MikeTucker reacted to Mike Friedman in Google and Facebook to restrict advertising on fake news sites   
    I wasn't trying to make it a left or right thing. That's why I mentioned the one about the Trump supporter getting beat up. It certainly happens on both sides. 
    I happen to see the ones from the right spread around a lot more because of where I live and the people in my Facebook feed. I have seen plenty from the left too though and have no doubt they are numerous on both sides.
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    MikeTucker reacted to Mike Friedman in Google and Facebook to restrict advertising on fake news sites   
    I understand their reasoning for this, but they may be biting off more than they can chew.
    How do you differentiate fake news from opinion pieces? Are habitual liars like Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh, Michael Savage, and Rachel Maddow going to be considered part of the "fake news"?
    Or are they only going to target the click bait headline grabbers?
    I know there are people making a ton of money with these sort of sites. You see them in Facebook all the time. Not sure how many are actually using AdSense though. 
    I don't think this crackdown will change much as far as the distribution on Facebook. Most of those site owners don't actually pay for Facebook ads. They make agreements with popular pages to share their posts and pay them. 
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    MikeTucker reacted to Mike Friedman in If you could provide one tip for someone new to AdWords, what would it be?   
    By the way, these are examples of callout extensions if you are not familiar with them. Sitelinks and phone numbers are just two options. There is also structured data, price extensions, call extensions, review extensions, and more.

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    MikeTucker reacted to Wunderkind in If you could provide one tip for someone new to AdWords, what would it be?   
    I have been using AdWords on a couple of sites for about 2 years now. I don't spend anything substantial (less than $2000 per month), but I'm making a profit. 
    If you could give 1 tip to someone just starting with AdWords or maybe even someone that has been using it but is not getting the results they want, what would it be?
    My tip would be make sure you understand the importance of negative keyword lists and are constantly updating them. Understand the difference between campaign level and ad level negative keywords. Make sure you are adding your exact match keywords as negative keywords to any broad match ad groups you might be running.
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    MikeTucker reacted to Mike Friedman in Organizing your AdWords ad groups   
    So I just spent the better part of the past 2 days working on someone's AdWords account. What a mess it was. I see this same thing all the time though, so I'm sure there are plenty of others that make this mistake. 
    The account had 2 ad groups in it. The one group had a little over 200 keywords in it. The other had about 75. They were a mix of broad and exact match in both.
    So many advertisers seem to do this. They just toss hundreds of keywords into a single ad group.
    Your ad groups should be less than 10 keywords. 
    But Mike, then I need like 20 different ad groups!
    Yep. That is exactly what you need.
    There are several reasons you want to do it this way, but probably the most important is how in the hell do you write relevant ads for 200+ different keywords?
    Split them up to 10 or less and you can write hyper-relevant ads. The only time I make an exception to this is if there are variations of very, very closely related keywords. If I had a keyword group targeting 'large blue widgets', I might go over 10 because you can write a lot of variations for that.
    large blue widgets blue large widgets blue widgets large big blue widgets blue big widgets blue widgets big extra-large blue widgets blue extra-large widgets blue widgets extra-large Even then, I would probably consider a separate ad group for the 'big' variations, one for the 'large', and one for the 'extra-large'. That allows you to use those exact words in the ads you write, matching exactly what the person was looking for. 
    Splitting up keywords into smaller groups like this with hyper-relevant ads will improve your Quality Scores. Often times dramatically. Here is an example where I went with 10 keywords. We just added in 2 new ones to this group to see how they would do.

    The Quality Scores are all 8, 9, or 10 except for the 2 new keywords. They probably are not the best fit in this group, but we were anxious to give them a try before we sat down to write specific ads. They will be moved out tomorrow.
    These are what all the ad groups I work on look like though, usually with a few 7's sprinkled here and there too. The high Quality Scores save the advertiser a ton of money on bids and can make AdWords profitable for any niche.
    The hyper-relevant ads also help with CTRs. Higher CTRs improve the Quality Scores, but also, obviously, bring you more traffic.
    Another reason you want to organize things this way is you want to separate broad match and exact match ad groups. There should be no broad match keywords in an exact match ad group and vice versa.
    Your broad match ad groups are largely to catch keywords that you never thought of. When you spot a good search term that is generated from on of your broad match ad groups, you add that search term as exact match keyword to an appropriate ad group or create a new one for it. Then add it as a negative keyword into the broad match ad group. You don't want your ad groups bidding against one another. 
    Moving a search term like this into a relevant ad group will improve it's Quality Score. You will get the same clicks from it, but most likely pay less for them. 
    Inside your ad groups you always want to have 2 ads running, and make sure you have your campaign settings set to rotate the ads equally. Periodically, you review the ads in each ad group. Delete the under performing one and write a new one. That might be every week, it might be every 2 weeks or longer. Depends how much traffic your search terms get. 
    In this way, you are constantly keeping the winning ads and trying to outperform them with new ads. Besides it improving the performance of your overall campaign, you will also learn a lot about your prospects/customers when you analyze and constantly write new ads this way.
    That's all I got for now. My brain is shot from staring at AdWords all day.
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    MikeTucker got a reaction from Khemosabi in Brainstorming Niche research   
    Look at the categories on Amazon.  Those are "niches" of things people are actually buying.  Broaden or narrow according to your goals.
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    MikeTucker got a reaction from Mike Friedman in Brainstorming Niche research   
    Look at the categories on Amazon.  Those are "niches" of things people are actually buying.  Broaden or narrow according to your goals.
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    MikeTucker reacted to Princess Balestra in Brainstorming Niche research   
    My stylist is kinda Heavy Dooty Vomit Gal rn.
    But srsly ... pick mebbe Twitter an' see what is trendin'
    Then feed the results to other social media.
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    MikeTucker reacted to Mike Friedman in Brainstorming Niche research   
    A couple of things I like to do:
    I'll go to a local bookstore and start browsing magazines. See what is being advertised. What is being talked about? Is there anything I am seeing over and over again (other than weight loss).  Spend an hour or two going through Facebook and Twitter. See what other people are advertising. Do some searches related to anything that catches my eye and see what other related products or opportunities I come across. Go sit at a public place and just watch people. (If I paid attention to this one a few years ago when I was on Ellis Island I could have gotten in on the selfie stick craze early.) I'll go sit at a Starbucks sometimes and do this.  Watch the news or listen to talk radio. See what kind of problems and issues people are talking about. Right now privacy is a big hot button in the news. That could lead to all sorts of ideas such as VPNs.
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    MikeTucker reacted to Khemosabi in [Need Help] Domain Name Purchase   
    I've had GoDaddy do that to me.  They're still holding a domain hostage that I forgot to renew.  It's been 4 years?  
    That being said, I was wanting to purchase a domain for a client of mine and it was taken.  3 years later, I get an email that the domain is going to become available within a week.  They had it listed as 'make an offer'.  I looked it up on Who Is and saw that it had expired already.  Anyhow, I know some registrars give you like 3 months-ish to get it back at a higher price then it goes back to the normal price.  If no one renews it (shows interest) in buying it, they'll usually let go of it.  That's what happened with this domain.  I bought it at regular price.  
    You can try ICANN, too.  I've also used Namecheap with no problems but I'm not sure if they spy and buy, too.  
    Good luck Mike!  
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    MikeTucker reacted to Mike Friedman in [Need Help] Domain Name Purchase   
    I'm not familiar with any way to monitor the price other than to pull it up at a registrar. I'm also not really sure if there is a time period after which you can expect to see the price drop. I've never heard anyone say that. I kind of always just assumed the price was the price, but I guess it makes sense. If it goes for a year or so and nobody buys it, why wouldn't they drop it?
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    MikeTucker reacted to Chase26 in Royalty Free Music   
    Who was that guy on WF always crying because nobody bought his music? Sounded like he had stacks of stuff ready to unload.
    I know a lot of people seem to like Shutterstock also. https://www.shutterstock.com/music/
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    MikeTucker reacted to mki in Royalty Free Music   
    A lot of Youtubers use https://incompetech.com/music/
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    MikeTucker got a reaction from Claude Whitacre in Stan Lee Is Dead   
    Stan Lee was an amazing teacher for those who paid attention.  For me, his most powerful lesson was the way he could let go and trust other people and their talent and ideas after he understood them-- and sometimes before he understood them!  Prime example was the massive success of Margaret Loesch, and really the entire team, that created and built the X-Men cartoon of the early 1990's.  They took an under-funded opportunity and changed the way that the entire industry of comics were seen by the general public.

    Stan Lee was a trailblazing leader that created amazing trailblazing leaders wherever he went.  One-of-a-kind, indeed!
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    MikeTucker reacted to Lanfear63 in Stan Lee Is Dead   
    Every cameo by Stan Lee..ever
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