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  1. Thanks for this video. I just switched two sites this morning using Let's Encrypt like you did in the video. Took all of 30 minutes. I'm working on a 3rd one right now where the host doesn't support Let's Encrypt in cPanel. Trying to decide if I want to go through the manual installation with Let's Encrypt or just changes hosts. The site is on a HostGator account. They aren't what they used to be. I'll probably just migrate to another host for that site. It's funny. I lost it now, but I had found a customer support thread where they gave the feeling that they would never be supporting Let's Encrypt because they would rather sell a paid SSL certificate. Basically, they are banking on hoping that people think it is too hard to change hosts.
  2. The failed social media platform Google+ launched in June of 2011. It was more or less a clone of Facebook. It failed spectacularly, but did have some interesting features like Hangouts which has survived. With all the bad press going on right now about Facebook, I wonder if Google+ would have had a chance if it was launching today instead of 7 years ago. Would the discontent with Facebook grow louder if there was a viable alternative?
  3. 100DegreesC

    Monitoring Brand Mentions

    I am not sure you are going to find anything that is better than Google Alerts really. I would imagine most services out there are using Google in some form to do what they do.
  4. 100DegreesC

    2018 - What Will You Do Differently?

    This was a great thread last year. I definitely want to participate this year. 1) What will you start doing in 2018 that you are not doing in 2017? I know I'm echoing a few people from last year with this one, but I need to get on top of my business finances more. I don't think I'm terrible with money. I balance the checking accounts at the end of the month and pay all my bills. I'm good there, but I only have a vague estimate of what I have spent on different business items until the end of the year when it is time to take care of taxes. I've already been looking into options like Quicken and Quickbooks. I might just go with the basic option of using some sort of PnL spreadsheet. I need to do something though. I'm also looking at doing more outsourcing for tasks that take up a lot of my time, so that I can focus on my strengths relating to my business. I want to be more involved on the creative side of things and less on the technical side. I have already started interviewing a few potential workers on UpWork to have them ready to start in January. I want to start looking at doing more on YouTube to drive traffic to a few of my affiliate niches. It's such a vast platform, and I have not messed with creating a channel or videos much at all. It's time I start. Lastly, I'm planning on reading one book that relates to business each quarter. I'd like to say one a month, but that might be too ambitious. I'm starting with How to Win Friends and Influence People. I've heard numerous great things about it and have meant to read it for years. Just never got around to it. It's already on its way from Amazon. 2) What will you stop doing in 2018 that you are currently doing in 2017? I'm cutting out some distractions from my work time. I'm blocking Facebook and Twitter on my work computer. I have uninstalled Skype. I am also going to block a few forums that I used to visit a lot, including BHW and WaFo. You always had to kind of weed through some junk on those forums to find the good stuff, but it's getting to a point where the junk is just overwhelming. The new admin team at WaFo just really has no idea what they are doing. BHW, and a few other forums, have just lost too many of their good posters that participated regularly at one time. I don't know where they went, but the value is just not there for the time involved anymore. I'm thinking about blocking most news sites too. The political climate has made me visit them too often during the workday this past year. On the personal side, I'm going to stop working on weekends almost entirely. I feel like I work 6 or 7 days a week right now. That has to stop or I foresee myself ending up burnt out in the next few years.
  5. I would totally disagree with that. It's no different than basing your traffic off of any other source. Facebook, Twitter, AdWords, YouTube, any forum on the planet, etc. could all pretty much disappear almost overnight. Unless you are doing something dumb, the chances of you disappearing from Google is pretty slim in my opinion.
  6. 100DegreesC

    Bitcoin is Booming

    It might hit $20k by the end of today. Coinbase had it at $18.5k a few minutes ago and then the site crashed. Probably getting flooded with traffic right now.
  7. Has anyone else been getting the emails lately that your webhost has automatically upgraded your account to include free SSL? I have quite a few sites with different hosts. I've probably gotten 15-20 of these emails in the past 3 weeks. I would say Google is getting what they wanted by announcing it was a ranking signal. Many companies out there made the switch, but now if hosts are going to offer it for free, everyone is going to have it. Kind of discounts any ranking benefit it may have provided, although that has always been highly questionable.
  8. 100DegreesC

    New Design

    I like the new look. I'm not one that really cares about appearances of sites, but I like what you have done with the place.
  9. 100DegreesC

    Oh my, my, little Caleb

    I watched a couple of videos on his YouTube channel. I give him credit for seeming to have a go-getter attitude and for wanting to do more than just sit at home and play video games. That being said, the kid is full of it. I watched one video where he was on a cell phone "closing a $10,000 deal" for a speaking engagement with some big company. You couldn't hear the person on the other end. My guess is there wasn't anyone on the other end. It was such a fake and rehearsed call. If he admitted it was a fake call to teach handling objections or something like that, that would be one thing. He never did. This video about being poor... You could argue that some of what he says is true, but the problem is the messenger. If he was born to a dirt poor family and pulled himself out of that, then he could spout off like this. Considering his apparent lot in life, he just sounds like an ass. His message was basically that all poor people are lazy.
  10. 100DegreesC

    Why do people fail?

    It has been said in this thread quite a bit, but I do think expectations and attitude are the big reasons people fail. They think the work is going to be easy and the minute they realize otherwise, their effort actually decreases instead of increasing. It sounds crazy, but I have seen it happen over and over. Or they just give up. Most don't give up, although they should. They instead continue to limp along not making any money for months or even years. They hang out on forums like this and think that talking about working online counts as actually doing work. Or worse, they hangout on really shitty forums like Warrior Forum (sorry, but that place is nowhere near what it once was) and actually have the nerve to offer advice to people on how to make money online.
  11. Like Claude said, it depends on what you are making them uncomfortable about. If I'm a roofer and at a home where the roof is on the verge of collapse, yeah, I'd make the homeowner uncomfortable about not doing something about it. At the same time, I'm not going to say things like, "I have never replaced a roof like yours. I think I can probably figure it out though." Now they are uncomfortable about their roof situation, but also uncomfortable that I am the right person to remedy it.
  12. 100DegreesC

    How can you make $100 a day?

    I have a couple of pretty responsive email lists in a few different niches. They are not huge lists, but sizable. I would look around at products and services I have been using recently but have never promoted to one or more of those lists (and of course makes sense for the niche). Then I'd write up a "why you need this" or "features and benefits" type of article for one or more of those products and post them on the appropriate website of mine. Next a teaser email would be sent out to the appropriate lists. If one of those services happens to be a recurring service where I can collect a commission month after month, even better.
  13. 100DegreesC

    Auto-playing videos in SERPs

    I am glad they are muted, but.... It would be kind of fun if they weren't. There could be some interesting combinations with search terms and videos that might be entertaining to match in a Google bomb campaign.
  14. Pretty interesting. Someone could start one of those mastermind groups really easily with this feature. Could also sell membership into a special club or training. Hmmm....
  15. 100DegreesC


    That is an awesome feature. I hope a few people put it to good use. If done right, I could see it really help the forum grow.

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