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  1. As Yukon said, there won't be any problems really, but it wont help you much either.
  2. No Jill, no traffic peaks, no new sources of traffic, nothing new that I can see of, I can't understand it, have that ever happened to you? I am trying to get a conclusion from this, but I dont know what to get from it, specially now that I was getting ready to close it.
  3. I have one old project which I have not killed for sentimental reasons, but I used it before to make a bunch of tests on it, my first webinars to sell, my first email list (I got almost 35k emails at its peak), I learned SEO with it , I spammed with it etc....... so last year I started to cutting some of the "losses" I canceled my aweber account for that site (so no more email marketing), I stopped making webinars for the site so I canceled that account as well (the free ones did not the cut the amount of people that some times arrived to the webinar)..... those were little steps to little by little "make a business desicion" about the project, because it was not making enough money to keep all that infrastructure, yes there were sales, yes there were visitors ...... but I always felt that I was subsidising the project and justifying it because I was "learning and making tests so the knowledge I got from it was worth the investment".... so fast forward to this year, no more email list, no more promotion, no more link building, no more spamming, no more webinars ...... and.... IS MAKING WAY MORE SELLS THAN IT HAS EVER MADE!!!!!! WTF??? Do you have experienced anything like that before?.... I mean no more emails, no more contact, no more answers from me (because people keeps comming, posting questions, etc.....) but know I dont even post anything....... I dont know what should I get as a lesson from this
  4. Funny that you mentioned, I was seeing a bigger CTR across my sites that dominate the first page (for some terms I control the entire page so I can compare) but all of them are seeing actually more clicks, not even the same amount, I though it may be a "normal variation" but now I am starting to thing that it may be because there are less ads and some people may interpret it as less trustable the paid positions than the natural ones (I am speculating)
  5. But why is your site going to appear as being hacked? if you are inserting the links on the wordpress theme of your PBN sites that are pointing towards the money site... and now that I am thinking a little bit deeper your sites would not be detected as hacked since base 64 is just a way to encode data.
  6. I was thinking.. Have any of you created backlinks towards your money site with base 64 backlinks? I mean inserting base 64 backlinks in your wordpress PBN sites and send them to your money site, in this way even if the competitors find your sites they would not be able to see what is the anchor text, where you are sending them etc... I know that if you analyze one by one they may see it, but they would be undetected by any other backlink tool or would your PBN would be seen as a bunch of hacked sites? Just wondering, has anybody done anything like that?
  7. I have never understand why Google keep pouring resources in the social media game, when they have failed many times instead of making their stronger areas even stronger (search and PPC)
  8. North America East Cost (EST), Non English Browser and I have not seen anything like that and nothing here
  9. I have never seen that, are you in North America english configuration browser Yukon?
  10. From my perspective this will give less real state of the first page for the natural results.
  11. From that point of view NOTHING is like PageRank for obvious reasons, but you HAVE TO use these metrics because we dont have others and when you are starting to buy domains or to evaluate backlinks you have no experience so saying that you need to have common sense or take them with a grain of salt is simply a way to express desdain for the metrics without any logical arguments and I think it is very dangerous to keep spreading this comments with no explanation because imagine that you are starting today your IM/SEO/Affiliate carreer how do you evaluate a backlink? How do you evaluate a site? the newbies are having a rougher time because they cant apply "experience" at all. The real value of these metrics is that it help us to make some sense of the authority of the sites on the web, yes it is absolutely truth that they are not like PR, yes they may be a little (or a lot sometimes) off when you are comparing the ranks and the metrics, but there is NOTHING else to guide you.
  12. Absolutelly, this is just one example and it can be even anecdotical in the broader sense, but I just found interesting that I have been notice that on several of my sites. As you said perfectly I am not really comparing pure bing PPC traffic against Bing ppc , but what draw my attention is the quality on the conversions, I will take a look and see how it goes
  13. You have Interesting takes on the predictions, I want to comeback for a moment on the bing issue and share with you some of my numbers: This is a comparison between Google traffic (PPC and SEO) versus BING (just SEO) through several months, you can see that overall bing is sending more quality traffic (look at the second column from right no left, the conversion rate), I dont really sompare the prices per click, but the aquisition cost (how many clicks should I buy to make a sale?), because sometimes the Pay per click may sound lower, but in fact at the end is more expensive because you are buying way too many clicks before making a sale, this is a tendency I have seen for some time.
  14. http://www.bruceclay.com/blog/2016-seo-digital-marketing-predictions/?utm_source=newsletter&utm_medium=website&utm_campaign=seonewsletter_012016 Some of them seem pretty interesting to me (such as the increase of bing customers on their PPC advertising platforms due to the high Google cost and good quality), but some others seem just non sense, lets discuss them please.
  15. Those kind of videos are really timeless, great post Yukon
  16. Of yourse you take the metrics with a grain of salt or should I say within the domain context, and yes you can send crappy profile links to increase the metrics, but you still need these metrics to have a real evaluation of the domain where the backlinks are comming from. The point I am trying to make is that you said "they should be used as a very inaccurate guide", and I dont agree with it, If you using these metrics by itself to make absolute judgents that is a mistake (as it would have been to take the PR alone without verifying for example is the site had a real or fake PR) as it is to take any other value witouth the right context, you need to take them into account within the reality you are evaluating to make sense of the information you are getting, but saying they are very innacurate to me is really far fetched. These metrics are not just the best we have, but are the only ones we have. Example: the Trust flow metric from Majestic SEO is very difficult to manipulate EVEN if you spam a domain (DA and PA are another beast) because it measures how many "citations/backlinks" you have form the top 1 million websites in the world (what they consider the most respected sites)... so that metric alone to me is very important and interesting, but I take it with the context of the website (the market, because some adult websites are less likely to have backlinks from the top 1 million than lets say something on the entertainment market), but they are still a very useful guide. Cheers
  17. Yes I am being seriious and yes I use them to buy domains, I use them with some other criterias, but I still thing they are important metrics to consider, I am not saying just to buy a domain JUST based on that metrics for I use them as an evaluation parameter, otherwise how can you evaluate the quality of each backlink source for example?
  18. Guys what are you talking about? How are you saying not to take into consideration these metrics? What other metrics do we have then to evaluate the domains then? these are the only metrics that we have available, yes they were created to emulate the Page Rank and they are trying to have some type of relationshipt with the PR, but those are the best things we have.
  19. I think this video should be the base of any SEO training.
  20. I wasn't posting gossip. I was pointing out that I thought it was a funny non-story that Barry was trying to make into one. In that case I agree, trying to make a story where there is none.
  21. WOW since when this board started posting gossips? and yes it is gossip, here is the definition: "casual or unconstrained conversation or reports about other people, typically involving details that are not confirmed as being true."
  22. Well, it's a dynamic URL but on the other hand they do have Google caches so they're long term pages. A question mark in a URL isn't usually a good idea but again those Google Play app pages do have caches, example: hxxps://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.appsontoast.ultimatecardock Same page Google Cache So, backlinks should work for ranking those Google Play app pages on Google SERPs. This is very important, because these techniques will help you to rank on the Google SERPS, but NO in the search results of Google Play and Itunes store, to rank there is a weird combination of number of downloads, and lunching dates, to me the most interesting part of all this is how the mobile phones and those stores will be integrated with Google search algorythm or if Apple will do their own thing with their technology, time will say.
  23. No I have not notice anything and most of the times this is because there is problem with your Analytics, when I have seen cases like this is because they put a pop up and the bounce rate decreases dramatically as well as the time in the site, however if you did not do it, then it means some that your GA is wrong configurated or that somebody else inject you with the pop up thing.
  24. I would never include content in javascript & expect it to be crawled by Google. Matter of fact, javascript can still be used today to hide links If the code is made to be complex. Javascript is a gamble for indexing, unlike HTML which can be crawled by any bot. Agreed thad Javascript is a gamble, but some people use them in dynamical menus, infinite scroll downs and carrusel images, so even if personally dont use it to hide links I am just sharing how I set up my robots.txt so Google can interpret my javascript and I have seen entire sites being indexed with pura javascritp, yes they took 2 or even 3 years to be fully "understood" by Google, but they did it, anyway my point is I allow Google to crawl my javascript folder, but just like Flash I dont take the risk to use it in the key functional parts of my site.
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