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  1. I can't believe I never knew this existed. It's so simple and yet works so well. Thank you for sharing this.
  2. I'm with you guys. Keyword cannibalization is one of the more dumb concepts I can remember seeing pop up in the SEO community. I have many keywords with multiple pages ranking to prove it.
  3. Not sure if anyone saw this, but Google launched a new Google My Business spam complaint form. https://www.seroundtable.com/google-my-business-spam-report-form-27183.html It's supposed to be used for GMB listings that lead to fraudulent or misleading content. I know there are a lot of people out there making a living with fake GMB listings that are generating leads they sell off. I would imagine competitors are going to use this form to report those listings. I wouldn't be surprised if Google uses this data to crowd source a solution to those local lead generating listings. If that is your only source of income, I would start diversifying now.
  4. If you upgraded to 5.0, make sure you install their latest security update. They made a bit of a fuck that can expose user passwords. It's not as bad as that sounds. It's only on users that have been created since the update and only if they were using the default generated password. Likely a minimal impact across the community. https://www.zdnet.com/google-amp/article/wordpress-plugs-bug-that-led-to-google-indexing-some-user-passwords/
  5. Wow that is a bad looking site. Ranking well or not, they can't be getting many conversions. That being said, if they are ranking in the 3-pack, I wonder how many people see the phone number there and just call without ever visiting the site. Still, dress it up a little bit. Geez.
  6. Methinks you are a dirty rotten spammer. Time will tell.
  7. I noticed this too. I migrated two sites three weeks ago that were pretty good sized (that's what she said) and saw zero bumps.
  8. I heard with this new feature they now got it down to 79%, so progress.
  9. Really depends on the business. For a lot of service oriented businesses, people are not going to be looking for it on YouTube, Twitter, or Facebook. If I want to shop for a new life insurance policy, I'm not going to look for it on Facebook. I'm going to Google. If I want to find a local bar that people seem to like, I might go to Facebook. Probably Yelp first to be honest. Even Google then. Once I find a place I like, I'll probably follow them on Facebook, but that is very unlikely to be my first point of contact.
  10. So to summarize... Dan is basically a motivational speaker. Lots of tips on taking action and giving you reasons to take action. Very little direction on what that action should be. And WF is still noob land run by other noobs. I think that about sums the thread up. Did I miss anything?
  11. Nope. She definitely does not compose content in WP. Hate messing around with anything in their editor. And I remembered that Yoast had a reading score feature, but didn't realize they use the same one. It's been a long time since I used Yoast for anything on the page/post level. SEMrush's tool does a better job all around.
  12. Are that many people really not using Tag Manager? What the heck are web designers doing?
  13. I'm not real big on things like Yoast's recommendations when you are creating a post. Tools like that usually offer a lot of bad advice. I saw someone in a Facebook group recently mention SEMrush SEO Writing Assistant. It's an addon you can use with Google Docs. It's not a half bad little tool. It scores your article on reading difficulty. It uses something called the Flesch reading-ease score formula. It's not something SEMrush came up with. However, SEMrush takes a look at the top 10 for the keyword you choose and scores them to give you a target score to shoot for. Your top competition has articles on a 10-12th grade level. That's what you should shoot for. Or maybe it is something more technical on a college or college graduate level and that is what you need to go after. It also pulls up related keywords that you might want to consider adding to your text. All in all, not a half bad free tool... Err.. maybe not free. I think I had to enter my SEMrush account login to use it. I cannot remember now.
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