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  1. Thanks, that sounds like a great idea. Thanks, I'm testing with a few autoresponders. Yes, I definitely try to keep within Can-Spam laws. The reason I know it is a high quality list is because I know exactly where it came from. Have also tested a sample portion and the results seem to be good. Anybody open to JV?
  2. Anybody has any advice for this? I just tested a small portion with a pure info email and it has low bounce rate and high open rate (>15%)
  3. I have a list of high quality emails of over 20k+, not scraped but not opted in either. I understand if I market to this list it will be considered spam, but it is legally within the Can-Spam Act. So should be no problem. Anybody here who is an expert in marketing to this type of list?
  4. There is this domain that I may want to buy as it seems to have good metrics. Thing is I look into its history through archive.org and found that its first owner was legit and seems to have gathered some high quality links from .gov and .edu domains. The 2nd owner totally spammed the site with thousands of irrelevant text anchor links and the last owner used it as a PBN site. Good thing is that the site haven't been de-indexed as I can still see 2 pages indexed in Google. Is it worth buying for registration price? Can the previous spammy links be disavowed easily?
  5. Thanks for the advise. The other things I'm worried about are whether it is de-indexed or penalised by Google. Any way to check for an expired domain name? Also, what do I look out for in terms of backlink profile or metrics to know if it is a good domain to buy?
  6. Which metric will be more accurate?
  7. So yesterday this domain was available for registration. It seems to have good metrics like DA and PA. Not sure why nobody wanted to register it. And then it got picked up. Is it good as a main site or even as part of a pbn or something similar? The site is: seattle-nightlife.com
  8. Thanks for this comprehensive reply. Never knew there're so many white hat seo techniques. I will definitely look more into them as I am building a website that I hope will be around for a long-time.
  9. It doesn't always require high quality or even many links for their page authority to go up? I've seen some accounts with barely 1-2 backlinks and their PA goes up to >45. Granted other metrics may also have positively influenced it. The reason is that I do use some of these social or web 2.0 sites without taking into account their SEO value, so I thought I may as well try to increase their authority by doing some 'white hat' seo or something similar. Also, from what I've seen, it doesn't take much effort at all for some of these high authority domains to increase the PA of their pages, correct me if I'm wrong.
  10. Got myself excited for nothing. How about pinterest and reddit as I see they're dofollow as well. Are they worth building on if I can raise their 'page authority'?
  11. For the Web 2.0 properties, I intend to get those already with some authority and backlinks. I think they're still a good diversification strategy since they're practically free to acquire and maintain. Will this be beneficial and worth it? About owning high authority domains, I've always thought buying domains with good metrics will be very expensive. But since I've an old scrapebox, I decided to research a bit and have now found quite a few expired domains that can be registered. Just not sure if they're banned from google or something since nobody seem to want to register them. How do I find this out?
  12. Thanks guys. They're from LinkedIn profile and company pages. Got me excited for a while as I thought they've permanently dofollow their links. But as it turns out, they are visible only when logged in, and this makes them nofollow right?
  13. Thanks for the replies. If they have higher "page authority", does this help?
  14. So for the 2nd one, it is the rel="noopener noreferrer" that makes it nofollow?
  15. Hi guys, do you think if building a few links from Web 2.0 like from Wordpress.com, Blogspot.com and Tumblr.com is considered an acceptable link building practice to Google? Is this something frowned upon or pretty normal?
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