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  1. Wow. Thanks for all the ideas. I'm a fan of traditional romance, long before the modern technology was born. I kind of want to remember how it was back then, and I feel bad for the current and future generations that they wouldn't be able to know the feeling of not relying on the internet too much - just romance as it is, or should I say as it was. *Sigh*
  2. Wow. Sorry but I'm speechless. First off, you write great, and I kind of get where you're coming at. I just hope I don't misunderstand. True that, it is what it is. I just want to write a romantic novel with wholesomeness and positive vibes.
  3. Today is definitely different from yesterday when it comes to relationships. How do you write a classic romantic novel without losing the modern audience? Will it work?
  4. I don't know about this, but I'm scared to try networking. Haven't worked with anyone I know who tried.
  5. Have never heard of it, too. But I think tools like this are helpful. My sister uses something else. I just couldn't remember exactly what it's called, but she never uses it directly on WP though.
  6. self-improvement, individual development, inspirational. Or you could check adwords. I'm sure it could help you to figure out which keyword ranks high.
  7. Do you have a digital marketing agency to help you promote your business? Is it expensive?
  8. Will social media be enough for promoting your business? I have some friends who only rely on social media marketing and I can see that their businesses are doing great. Is still important to do some SEO?
  9. Great suggestions, you two! Thanks very much! Actually, I'm leaning more towards putting up a site for moms who have kids with disabilities, as my sister does. I want to help her, along with many other moms, by just creating a hub where they can read some advice, real experiences and perhaps videos or something. I want moms to know how to love their kids and not make them feel neglected. I found an online community, Better Help, that offers free articles and therapy as well, on several mental and emotional issues we are all going through, and I would like to do that myself too.
  10. Hi! Been planning to build a site that could help mothers deal with the daily challenges of rearing kids, cooking, crocheting, doing business online, and what not. But can't seem to know how to start. Any suggestions?
  11. Congrats and wishing you more published manuscripts!
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