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  1. the very reason why I come here 😃. never wrong
  2. Wow. Thanks for all the ideas. I'm a fan of traditional romance, long before the modern technology was born. I kind of want to remember how it was back then, and I feel bad for the current and future generations that they wouldn't be able to know the feeling of not relying on the internet too much - just romance as it is, or should I say as it was. *Sigh*
  3. Wow. Sorry but I'm speechless. First off, you write great, and I kind of get where you're coming at. I just hope I don't misunderstand. True that, it is what it is. I just want to write a romantic novel with wholesomeness and positive vibes.
  4. Today is definitely different from yesterday when it comes to relationships. How do you write a classic romantic novel without losing the modern audience? Will it work?
  5. I don't know about this, but I'm scared to try networking. Haven't worked with anyone I know who tried.
  6. Have never heard of it, too. But I think tools like this are helpful. My sister uses something else. I just couldn't remember exactly what it's called, but she never uses it directly on WP though.
  7. self-improvement, individual development, inspirational. Or you could check adwords. I'm sure it could help you to figure out which keyword ranks high.
  8. It's raining and there's no clouds. - where was this?
  9. Some people consider it a bad day but for me, it's a good and blessed day.
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