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  1. MarcDantes

    It's time to dump Yoast

    I have seen few people recommend the SEO framework plugin. It's a bit more expensive than the one suggested by Mike.
  2. Hello, I am quite new here and I would appreciate the advice of the experienced guys. I am an international student, studying in one of the Scandinavian countries. Usually it is extremely difficult to get internship placement because of language barrier. Somehow, I got lucky after sending out 70 applications, I got a placement with a marketing agency basically due to SEO skills that I learnt since I joined this forum and elsewhere. I will be resuming at the agency in about two weeks and I got the signed contract today. It is unpaid but I need the experience. My duties are stated as follow: Onsite/Offsite optimization of internal company website Adwords account management Social Media Paid Ads Management Social Media Post Creation Reporting and Analytics The only aspect I have some knowledge about is the SEO part, I believe they will train me on the other aspect as I clearly told them during the interview that I have never done any paid ads or run any social media campaign before. The company usually hire interns that perform really well and I would like to get hired at the end of my internship with them as I currently work part time as a cleaner to pay my bills. As international student, it's usually difficult to get professional jobs here. Here are my questions: 1. What do I have to do achieve my goal? I would also like the advice of those that currently own an agency too. 2. What do I have to do to increase traffic to an agency website? The website currently get an average of 100 visitors monthly. 3. How/Where do I learn paid advertising and social media marketing? Kind regards

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