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  1. Hi everyone, thanks in advance for any help. One of my pages saw a pretty severe rankings drop recently, and it hasn't bounced back. It didn't effect any other page. This was one of my community pages for my local service company. The only thing that changed was I built some links for this page through an outreach service. I've used them in the past with no issues. Is there any real way to tell which link it might be? I checked my webmaster tools and I don't see a penalty.
  2. I just checked mine, and added the open date. Thanks for the heads up on this.
  3. Thanks, Mike. I have all of the pages 301'd accept for the home page. I was not sure what to do there. Should I forward that page too?
  4. Thanks, Mike. I have some pretty useful content on the site. Would it be ok to just move the content to my main site and then 301 the page?
  5. Hello all, I have a website that I’ve pretty much given up on. I just cancelled the Yext account and when my $600 hosting comes back up I won’t renew. I was thinking of taking down the content and just deleting the pages. Then, I was going to 301 the site to my main site. There is about 100 DF links that I paid for. Will this give a nice boost to my main page? It’s the same niche.
  6. I thought that was going to be resolved by the Yoast local upgrade. It didn't work. I've had support tickets in to Yoast since the 30th. I contacted them again today. Still no response.
  7. Just a follow up. The site I have been concerned with still has not had any improvements in rankings. Yukon gave me some great info about Schema and highlighted some on page issues. I bought Yoast Deluxe to help with the on page as well as their Local add-on to help with schema. I've made these improvements, but the local keywords seem to be perpetually stuck on pages 4-5. I would have expected some positive movement, but none as of yet. In my webmaster tools, I did find like 1000 404's from March. These were all weird spammy looking pages on my website that were linking out from my home and about us pages. I don't see these pages as indexed, and they now don't exist. Not sure if this is having an impact since they have been gone for months.
  8. Thanks for the feedback. That’s not the site I was referring to. The site you’re referencing is doing ok locally. It’s getting a decent amount of leads. I didn’t realize it was not optimized correctly. I’m not an SEO, so I’m sure you can spot a lot that I’m not aware of. The last SEOs that worked on the site last year were even less astute than I thought. The Pro site is in the top 10 on a lot of pages, it just seems to be topped out as it stands. Any chance you’d take a look at the other site?
  9. Hello all, I have a site that I've had live for a few years. I've built citations, purchased a Yext listing, and built about 100 do follow back links. Some are directories. Others are links from articles from blogger outreach. The link profile looks very favorable compared to local competitors because most local competitors have almost no links. Sadly, the site gets traffic out of my local area, but it will not rank for any local keywords. The target keyword on the home page is on page 6. I've optimized the page title, h1, and meta. I've also added structured data to the footer with the address, phone number, etc. I know this is a broad question, but I'm not sure what I'm missing. Any help is appreciated.
  10. I've had experiences in the past where my prices were so cheap that customers assumed we were selling junk. In fact, we were selling a premium product. When I tried to raise my prices my salespeople would buck. I replaced the complainers with fresh staff and raised my prices for some services by 100%. The closing rate was static. As for SEO, I just spoke to a firm to work on one of my sites.The presentation was fantastic. Maybe the best I've ever seen for an online service. He hit me with the price and I was immediately turned off. I could not imagine how this company could do what I want done for the price they quoted. I got another quote that is 650% higher, and it seems the better option.
  11. Mike, when you do a keyword search it does in fact show your reviews for that particular landing page. I don't show up on the map marker because I rank in position 13. I shows the reviews that I have collected on that particular page.
  12. Mike, Thanks for the feedback. Actually, when you see the page in the serps you can see the reviews that are on the page before you click on the page.
  13. Thanks, Mike. I removed the call tracking number. One issue I'm still having is phone number related. I have 3 phyical locations. 1 is the tied to the home page and 2 more that are interior pages. I have the correct NAP on those pages. However, the header number is for the location connected to my home page. I'm wondering if this is hurting those interior pages because they don't rank well. One of those pages has a fair number of links and citations and it is in position 17 for the target keyword behind some awful sites.
  14. Some days, it’s a lot of text. Sometimes there are 30-40 brags a day. Those brags typically illicits congratulations or competing jabs from others. At times, it’s a few hundred text. We have had some people opt out of the text, but they typically opt out of the job not long after.
  15. Hello all: I wanted to share something that I have been using in my business that has been quite successful. I'm sure it's pretty common, but some may not have heard of it. In my company, we call them Brag Alerts. What I did was start a group text that included everyone in the company that was involved in sales. When someone completes a sale, they respond to the text with their sales amount and maybe some details. In the past, this has created a lot of competition among my most successful salespeople. The low performers hate being included on the group text because they say it's a distraction. It sometimes gets very active. I was wondering if anyone else here uses this for their staff or with their clients. Is this a positive things, or are their too many pitfalls when using this technique to attempt to motivate? Could the activity on the group text be too much of a distraction?
  16. Yes, I have a link from my main manufacturer. Their site also sends me leads. Last year, I made a list of manufacturers and affiliates. I asked them all for links. Some came through, and others did not. I spent a few months following up on these. I'll circle back on the 2 that didn't. I love Las Vegas. I used to live out there. I've been thinking of selling my company on the East Coast and starting up again in Vegas. My manufacturer has a warehouse right next to The Orleans.
  17. Thanks for the responses. I do both B2B and B2C. My commercial department was built through submitting bids for buildings like car dealerships and factories. We service the accounts after the construction is finished. I also deal with property managers and home builders. I don't advertise in those areas of my business. What I am working toward is to get back a portion of my B2C leads that I lost last year. This target is residential homeowners. Yes, I am running a retargeting campaign. The calls to action on the site are phone calls and to set an appt online through our online booking app. I also have a product designer on a few pages that includes a webform. Very few people fill out the form because the product is complex. We reach out to them after they fill out the form with a phone call and emails. Once they respond and answer some questions we attempt to set a face to face appointment. If not, we send them a formal quote. They will then get a survey and some follow up emails about the company and the product. We have had very little success nurturing people to a sale if they won't set an appointment. In one section of my B2C business we convert 90%+ of those leads. In the section where the tickets are far higher we convert 45-50%. It has been as high as 63%, but we have drastically raised our prices since that time. After a face to face appointment does not close, the client will get a survey, a review request, and a series of emails. Our sales staff uses all day Wednesday and completes phone follow ups which they do quite well.
  18. I have a call tracking app on my site that displays a tracking number for organic traffic and another for paid search. This is not the number used in my citations. Would this being inconsistent hurt my SEO efforts? It’s been set up this way for about 3 years. I didn’t see a traffic drop until about 18 months ago. Thanks in advance.
  19. You are correct. I have been very unsuccessful for quite a while in growing my company through local traffic. I don’t really know what else to do. It seems my home page has lost the most traffic of any other page. I know when things started tanking through my analytics, but I don’t know how to reverse the trend. I built my company over the past 9 years by acquiring several of my competitors. Since the economy has improved the pool of companies willling to sell has shrank severely. Companies I could buy for $1MM 5 years ago want $2MM+ now and their revenue is flat. Trying something just seems like a better strategy than just sitting on my hands and watching the regression continue. By the end of this year, I will have lost 1/2 of my online Leads, which is significant. Note: Last year, I worked with a company on Rand’s Moz recommended companies list. During that time is when I saw some huge losses. It was very expensive and I’m still trying to figure out what went wrong and how this company got on that list.
  20. Few people I’ve seen do it, but I think I’m going to try to drive some national traffic. I’m in a top 5 or 6 market in my niche, and I’ve found a list of low hanging fruit that are national keywords with some pretty significant traffic and not super competitive. I’ve ranked similar on one of my other sites. I think collectively they could drive several thousand visitors a month if I can just scrape on to the 1st page. I have one blog post for a non-local keyword that gets a lot of leads on one of my sites now. Many people on the top of the serps of my local city based pages only get 10-15 local clicks a month and there is a lot of competition. My site is built on Wordpress with a woo plug in. I could just add some products to the site to help monetize national traffic. It would be kinda low budget products, but something is better than nothing. As as for the pages outranking me for local keywords. One is a 4 page site with a UR and DR of zero and a couple of citations. They do not even try to rank outside of this one city. The page that’s dominating in my area has a whopping 13 do follow links and none look outstanding. Like I said, they have the city and niche in the url which is almost exactly the target key phrase. It’s in the page title and H1. Not sure what to make of it. All I know is that they are kicking my ass. They all must be masking links because of what’s shown I should be doing better.
  21. There is nothing more annoying than having someone push you toward a sale of something that you certainly don’t need. I have marketers email me on a regular basis to tell me that my sites need a redesign. I’ve had this happen a week after a new site was launched. As for your tires, I was recently let in to a warehouse full of premium classic muscle cars. Most of the cars had little to no miles. Most still had their original tires from the 60s and 70s. Fully inflated and ready to ride.
  22. Hello all, I was called on by a company that is selling a reputation management tool that they claim works for serp improvement. It’s called Nearbynow. My staff has an app on their phones where they can check in when they get to a clients home. This check in shows up on the community page of the city that they are working in. After they complete the job, they can ask for a review, which will also show up on the community page. It looks cool, has the employees picture, date, time and what they did. I think it gives a reputable look to your service and shows that you work in a specific community. What I’m not buying is that it it helps your site rank. It’s only $99 a month, so no huge deal. We have used it for a few months and I can’t see any results in traffic. We do convert well for such a small amount of local traffic in a competitive niche. Has anyone ever heard of this type of software, and what are your thoughts on it’s claim of moving you in the serps?
  23. Thank you for the advice. It’s much appreciated. The site that dominates the serps in my area and get’s the most valuable traffic has the niche and city in the url. I’ve looked at their links and I don’t see anything special in volume or quality. That’s what lead me to my conclusions. I hope to keep learning and find out exactly how they are ranking so well.
  24. Don’t be bitter. You tried to come politely after you saw me slaughter your pals. I crushed your logic also and you’re now butt hurt. A cheap parting shot when you thought I wouldn’t see it displays what a mental midget you are. The fact that you proof read your post and thought you made a coherent point is just sad. I feel bad for you. Now, I’m done with you.
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