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  1. Another illustrious career ruined

    Netflix might not be so innocent. I find it hard to believe nobody ever complained until now, when it's socially cool to call out incidents from the past (years?). I'm sure the lawsuits will go deeper than Spacey's pockets, so Netflix dumping him for public perception is silly.
  2. I felt violated at the doctor the other day..

    Funny how the world turns on people when social/media gets a whiff of drama. He really is a good actor, sucks he pretty much wasted his career now. One thing I don't get about people that want to be in the spotlight (actors, politicians, etc...) is why they do things on purpose that can get them locked up. Not just once, multiple times. It's like a thief that can't get enough, just one more time, just one more time, just one more time...
  3. I felt violated at the doctor the other day..

    He's still a good actor.
  4. The Weird Mandela Effect

    You're arguing with this?
  5. Busted !!

    Every other word is a cussing, meanwhile a little kid is walking between her and him (2:44). White trash beautiful.
  6. I felt violated at the doctor the other day..

    It was after business hours and the only other person in the building was the janitor. Or in your case, Dr. Janitor.
  7. Bitcoin is Booming

    Bitcoin is currently at $7,113. Hilarious.
  8. http to https

    Right, but a large percentage of people selling SEO don't actually know how to rank pages. That's just the reality of the industry. Even the best SEO takes time to rank pages, that's a fact so a buyer doesn't have any choice but to buy SEO from someone. If a person knew SEO there's a good chance they wouldn't be buying SEO to begin with. Then you have folks selling SEO that mislead noobs/buyers into silly schemes, example, anywhere on page one in the SERPs is great (wrong) position #9 sucks just like position #49. Now there's a way to turn position #9 into outranking position #1 with Featured Snippets for some keywords but most $5 SEOs aren't selling stuff like that because it's a bit more advanced than push button nofollow link blast that don't require any skills. Also keep in mind, a lot of buyers bring on there own problems when it comes to shopping for an SEO, a lot of of buyers want everything for nothing (ex: Fiverr). So it's not always a bad SEO at fault, there's a niche of buyers wanting something for nothing, so there's going to be sellers selling something for nothing, even If that something is useless. It is what it is. Like I always suggest, when buying SEO start with very small projects and work your way up to your ultimate goal. This way you won't be out a lot of money trying to find a decent person to do SEO. Same goes for anything else, even offline and local, plumber, HVAC person, mechanic, etc... don't trust anyone with your money until they prove they can be trusted.
  9. If the Titanic had sunk in 2017

    Live streaming on Facebook.
  10. Bitcoin is Booming

    Bitcoin has been over $6,500 since yesterday.
  11. Crappy Halloween joke

    Lmao, If...
  12. NeoGAF returns — to a furious community
  13. I don't know, looks like some folks are hell bent with this one. They've outed mods personal info. and started a new site. The new site on it's own doesn't mean they'll be bigger than neogaf but the kicker here is neogaf is helping any competition by constantly going offline. That new site has some fast moving threads (pages and pages...), not sure If they're scraping other sites but a random thread title on the new forum with a Google search looks legit. The drama side of this is pretty big. Anyways, there's a lot of neogaf pages dropping from Google SERPs.
  14. Crappy Halloween joke

    Well sure, now it is. Remember when it wasn't?