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  1. This is a good site for compressing images (http://compressjpeg.com). It's simple to use. I have an image gallery type site and I've been using this to compress images down to around -70% of the original image file sizes. I've got one page with about 100 images, loads pretty good. Basically knocked off 70% of the bandwidth just from compressing images. These images/pages are loading fast and trust me that's good considering I have slow DSL.
  2. This is pretty cool... I use Bootstrap 4 to code all my new HTML templates and Wordpress themes. One of the nice things about Bootstrap is they make it easy to use modal popups... but the cool part is, you can load that popup content anywhere inside the HTML code and set it up so the modal popup is triggered with an HTML link/click (<a>). Everything is HTML so all the popup content shows up in the Google Cache (text version). Here's some Bootstrap 4 modal popup examples. The way I'm using this is, I have pages that are image galleries, the images are wrapped in regular HTML link code (<a>), when the link is clicked it triggers the modal popup with more information, as much content as I want. This way I have a very clean looking image gallery that can have as much text or links as I want for traffic and SEO. You can even use schema code on the modal popup content. I highly recommend anyone building new webpages to start using Bootstrap, it gets better with each revision. The documentation is very detailed with plenty of examples.
  3. yukon

    To HTTPS or not to HTTPS?

    Personally, I wouldn't mess with a site structure that's making good money. IMO, If you eventually have to take the risk, ride it out until the end and then take the risk when you don't have a choice. Right now (today) you've got a choice.
  4. yukon

    To HTTPS or not to HTTPS?

    What percentage of Google traffic actually translates into sales/conversions for OPs site?
  5. yukon

    GDRP Wordpress Solution

    I don't target EU SERPs so I'm not losing anything. It's like saying I'm losing out on 1.4 billion people from China. No, I don't target China traffic. If they show up, fine, If not, it doesn't matter. Facebook ads are lame, lol. Can't monetize US, now that's funny. What are you selling fake EU IDs?
  6. yukon

    GDRP Wordpress Solution

    Lol, I'm not taking a survey for some half baked foreign Gov. I hope Brexit spreads like wildfire.
  7. yukon

    GDRP Wordpress Solution

    Not happening. Not even a blip on my give a fuck radar.
  8. yukon

    GDRP Wordpress Solution

    I'm redirecting all EU traffic to Canada. #not-my-problem
  9. yukon

    Local Ranking Factors

    The old useless Yoast json code is still in your HTML <head> and showing on your cache that was re-cached today (Jun 7, 2018 22:36:59 GMT). I'm not saying that's your ranking problem but I guarantee it isn't helping telling Google the page is multiple schema types.
  10. yukon

    Local Ranking Factors

    I'd still aim for unique reviews on your own pages. One review min. per page is enough for schema stars which can help increase SERP CTR and help make sell the product/service on your own page. Even If buyers don't want to post any reviews you can still quote them with permission from a face to face conversation. Ask them the questions, how would they rate your business. Keep it short and casual. Don't use last names. Keep it local but still somewhat private. Example: You guys are really fast at installing HVAC systems. - Larry D. - Houston, Texas Or hand them a short old school paper survey right before the job is finished. Let the buyer fill in the blanks and hand it back to you when you give them the bill. Doesn't hurt to ask and doesn't have to be every buyer.
  11. yukon

    Local Ranking Factors

    Don't copy reviews and post them on your own site. Always aim for unique reviews because Google has already associated those Yelp reviews (exact text) with Yelp's site which is a huge authority that could possibly get your own self hosted site/page buried in organic Supplemental SERPs, especially If your own schema code is itemprop where the content is plain text on the live webpage. It's literally duplicate content found on an authority site (ex: Yelp). Yelp will win a duplicate content fight in the SERPs without even trying. Odds are Yelp also has that same review/text wrapped in schema code and been established (weeks/months). I don't use Joomla so can't help with that, I work with plain HTML and Wordpress.
  12. yukon

    Local Ranking Factors

    I assume you've already had that address on every single town/city internal page/s for a while so Google already knows about it. My point is, I doubt schema for the main town address would skew any SEO work on the additional surrounding towns. I can only generalize without actually seeing the pages. In OPs case, he already had schema code being generated from a Wordpress plugin but it was a mess and had nothing to do with a local business or GEO location. he's now optimized with local schema json code. Like I suggested to OP, read this local schema tutorial here and it should be enough info to help you make a better informed decision. Schema is more about telling Google how to display your content on the SERPs but there's also some local triggers like latitude and longitude of your location. You can take schema way further than the tutorial link above, for instance each individual city/town page on your site could have a schema star rating setup for clients in those particular cities/towns. Example, say I'm installing HVAC, I'm located in Tampa FL but my client is located in St. Petersburg FL (a few miles away), I would add a unique client review on the St. Petersburg FL page and that would be wrapped in the schema star rating code that would show up in Google SERPs/description. My point is, this opportunity to optimize the city page with very specific local content (ex: St. Petersburg FL known landmarks/businesses) and help boost organic SERP CTRs. The interesting part about json schema code is. it's legit hidden HTML source code content/data that doesn't show up on the webpage. There's different ways (itemprop vs jason) to code the data/content depending If you want it to show up on the webpage or be hidden in the source code.

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