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  1. Here's a tip that I've found while researching envato (Themeforest, etc...). When you're selling a digital file, make sure you have a license that only allows the buyer to use the file/product one time. This way you stand a better chance of buyers buying the same product multiple times and increasing sales without extra advertising. It doesn't matter If you enforce the license, some folks won't pay attention to it and keep on using the original product multiple times. Not a problem. What matters is, there's a lot of people that will follow the license agreement and keep buying the same product/file over and over for new projects. Go read the comments for the most popular Themeforest themes, a lot of those people are buying the same thing over and over. Same goes for other envato products, not just themes. I understand this won't work in all situations but If you can figure out a way to rework your content/files for one time use it could potentially lead to higher customer value without any extra work.
  2. The future of Google Search. Google’s latest AI experiments let you talk to books and test word association skills https://books.google.com/talktobooks
  3. This video is awesome for picking the minds of multi-million dollar marketplaces. Upwork (Odesk) Poshmark Flywheel It's a long video but pretty cool for insider info.
  4. Lol, victimhood. Well played Tony.
  5. I know, it's not your fault. It's a sales gimmick, scores look important. You can't count links and call it SEO. Well, you can but it doesn't rank pages. One followed holy grail link can trump 10,000 superfluous links.
  6. "Keyword difficulty" [sic] "You'll need backlinks from - 329 websites to rank in the top 10 for this keyword". Multiple fails.
  7. Why are you telling me this?
  8. Lol, nobody ever used Google/Ads to get rich from coins. So they're banning nothing. Media hype, blah. All they have to do is target coin exchanges or other huge traffic sites like they've been doing for the last few years. Just because something is crypto related doesn't mean it's a scam. Look at freelance sites, the majority are clueless but they'll sell you junk all day, everyday. One example out of a bazillion scams.
  9. Rules For Day Traders in Australia?

    In the US you can trade the same stock all day long, you just have to do it with new money. You can't trade the same money over and over, unless your account is setup as a day trader. I have no idea about AU. Also consider swing trading, you're left holding the bag (stock) a little longer (about 3 business days min. in US) but you can trade the same money over and over. IMO this is a better route than suddenly jumping into day trading. Get your feet wet with swing trading (learn to research stocks), then build up money to start a 2nd account later on for day trading.
  10. Deleting Blog Post

    Like I said before, look other locations, preferably cities/towns with very tough competition. This way you know the top ranked pages/domains have good link profiles. I searched looking for garage door keywords in Las Vegas, the very first link profile was a hit. What they're doing is getting followed dealer backlinks on manufacture sites like raynor.com. Same niche authority link. Are you an authorized dealer for any big garage door brands? Do you have those types of backlinks?
  11. Deleting Blog Post

    It looks like you're straying away from the original goal (local traffic) because it (any traffic) appears easier.
  12. Deleting Blog Post

    Another way to find types of link sources is look at your same keywords but for different locations. Example, say you're located in Las Vegas, look at the same keywords only do it for Knoxville (example city). Now look at the top domain/pages link profiles, where are they getting links? Repeat for 100 other cities/towns as needed. It's time consuming but the info. (link types/sources) is out there. The goal here isn't necessarily to copy other domain link profiles ranked for different cities, it's to figure out the best or easiest types of links that you can get in your own area/city. You might also find some links from pages ranked for other city keywords that you can get for your own pages. garage door repair las vegas garage door services las vegas overhead door las vegas garage doors prices las vegas garage door installation las vegas garage door opener las vegas garage door repair knoxville garage door services knoxville overhead door knoxville garage doors prices knoxville garage door installation knoxville garage door opener knoxville
  13. Deleting Blog Post

    A page doesn't have to have traffic to be useful when it comes to SEO. What I mean is supporting pages can help rank pages based on relevancy, example, internal SEO silos. Followed backlinks from authority pages are the strongest ranking factor but, again there's other techniques (relevant internal links) I'd use before even considering building backlinks from other domains. Do the easy stuff first (on-page SEO) and see where you end up in the SERPs, then tweak followed backlinks as needed
  14. Google AMP - The Motive

    If Google gets their way with making AMP the standard (HTML/AMP) I'm sure they'll bury pages that don't use AMP. Google is on this kick where they want everyone to think Google is creating a better internet (ex: https, AMP, etc...). Obviously this all revolves around billions of dollars in Google profit. Look at the money Google will make If they can force all of their search traffic to never actually go to your website (AMP). Search traffic would never leave Google SERPs via AMP.
  15. Google is pushing hard to get AMP to be the standard, not just for mobile but the entire web. This means when you search Google search engine (example), you will never leave Google Search engine, each click you make on the SERPs is basically a popup. When you close those popups you're right back on Google without any extra clicks (ex: browser back button). The browser URL would always show Google's domain regardless which one of the billions of webpages/domains you clicked. Inside Google’s plan to make the whole web as fast as AMP Yep, that's the VP of Google Search (David Besbris) in the article/link.