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  1. From my point of view I don't agree with your statement. In my experience Facebook is one of the best platform for advertiser. Because Facebook provide the best demographic option for targeting the audience as using location, age, gender, language, education,financial, Relationship, work etc. This help you to reach your specific audience in fast manner and also able to get better ROI. If you compare google adword demographic option with Facebook then Facebook provide more demographic option than google adword. For better competition there are Facebook ad spy tool are also available. The best Facebook ad spy tool which I know is Poweradspy.
  2. I think due to lack of experience you are not able do Facebook ad campaign in better way . So if you want better ad campaign you need some tips for advertising. Therefore, the best tips for Facebook ad campaign are as:- #1: Build a Sales Funnel. #2: Monitor Ad Frequency to Manage Exposure. #3: Scale Your Budget Based on Ad Performance. #4: Try to target your audience according to your product. #5: Select Proper ad Placement for Increased Reach. #6: Choose the Right Bidding Option. #7: Reuse Old Ad Posts for New Campaigns to Preserve Engagement Stats. Hope this tips help you for better Facebook ad campaign and with this you can able to get the better ROI for your Facebook ads.
  3. Social media is a great platform for the promotion of business. If you post your content on a regular basis and engage a good audience for your post then it will the one the best way to generate the organic traffic for your website. If you want the best social media for promotion of business then, in my opinion, Facebook is one of the best platforms for the promotion of your business. Due to more than 2.35 billion active users and the easiest ad campaign option makes Facebook a great marketing tool.
  4. Facebook has included negative emotions emoji reaction sad and angry, but when many Facebook user raised voice for a dislike button. Facebook Inc made voting and according to YouGov poll report 38% were in favor of a dislike button and 30% were in favor of reaction. But the Facebook owner does not incorporate to make a dislike button. Because they think that Facebook social platform don't need a voting mechanism for the posts, whether the posts are good or bad.
  5. Guide for Facebook Ads:- -Develop Your Strategy First -Choose Your Objective -Target Your Audience -Choose Where You Want Your Ad To Be Displayed -Set Your Budget -Choose Your Ad Format -Monitor Your Ads Carefully -Use the Split Test.
  6. According to the statics of social media, about 60% of the B2C companies surveyed report that social media is one of the best platforms for increasing their revenue and sales, compared to 46% of B2B companies. Expert also advises to use social media for B2C. If you want to choose the best platform for the promotion of your business then, in my opinion, Facebook is one of the best platforms due to the highest social media users among all social media and Facebook also provide one of the easy ways to facilitate the ad campaign.
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