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  1. Hi, am kind of confused here.. am trying to create a child project based on creating a site aimed at generating adsense revenue, have search online on how to create content that will drive CTR on my adsense ads on the site, read alot about tweaking your ad place, custom channels, color, writing content based on keywords with high Cpm and high traffic etc. My main question is about creating the content if i write a satisfactory informational article on a keyword, why will a vistor click and adsense ads after getting the writing information he needs on the site, am i missing something here... 1. Is there anyway or template to create articles that will encourge clicks on adsense ads to get more infomation about what the just read 2. Having watch the siloing tutorials and seeing the effectiveness of the strategy and a case study of a guy ranking some local site, I want to ask. is there anyother effective way or software to help you create a silo virtual structure based on the keywords you have generated eg. mine in one of the niche i working on its about 14,400 keywords ranging from 40k to 10 visits a month. so i can start focusing on creating contents and fixing up the site. Just saw LSIDEMON a software that claims to auto generate lsi keyword silo structure any review on it 3. Still on Siloing ... Read alot of yukon post on warriorforum... indirectly his the main reason i signed up here... am still in a fix on how to really create a closed silo utilising a theme like genesis or even any free wp theme, Yukon, I heard you were working on a well siloed theme, any news or tutorial how to help me silo my theme thanks, maybe i sound so "newbie" but I cant help it, am here to learn.. sorry for the typos
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