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  1. I now hold #1 and #3 for my main keywords. 2 different addresses. Thanks a lot. So how is everyone charging for this service? Recurring fee w/a contract? One time fee? I can see someone getting ranked, and then not paying.
  2. It moved up to #3 it's been sitting there for about a week. Going to create more citations. I have 32 and the #1 spot has 93.
  3. Wow! I feel like an idiot. I just changed the title to include my keyword and walahhh from #10 to #4 (Google local). Just did it this morning, and now it's 6:20 cst. Going to wait a few days to see what happens before doing more citations. Thanks Blaine!
  4. Definitely sucks. I saw my main keyword go from #6 in the 7 pack to #26. That keyword use to fluctuate from #3 to #6, and I never figured out how to get it to #1. I had more citations and more links than position 2,3,4, and 5.
  5. FBN

    Got my first client

    Thanks Mike, some good stuff like always.
  6. FBN

    Got my first client

    Thanks for all the replies and kind words. It kind of sucks, because he told me that some company wanted to charge him $1,200 a month for the same services. I know I know, I low balled him, just to get the business. I'm sure if I had asked for more, he would have agreed. When I talked to him, I did tell him I was giving him a heck of a deal, and that in a few months when we started to see results, that I was going to raise the price. He said that if I brought him business, that he didn't care how much I charged him. He has 3 locations, and I'm only doing work for 1. So Kyani is a heath product that is supposed to balance out your health. I've seen live testimonials of how it's healed illnesses (anxiety attacks, eczema, sleeping disorders, and more.), and was in a meeting last week with over 700 people. They relaunched in the US 11 months ago, and it's spreading like wild fire. My whole family is joining, and they talked my wife into joining. My buddy has been in the program less than 2 months and already got in their car program. Mike, any ideas will help. My wife is a stay at home mom, and I really want her to succeed. ^not a plug, please do your own homework. Just real quick on the company I work for, should I build websites and target certain locations? We have 255 shops across the US? Any ideas? Anybody willing to partner up? I know I can get a meeting with the Director of Marketing. Their PPC budget is 6 figures, so I know they will pay if we produce.
  7. I've been doing my own SEO from learning MF's PBN courses. Everything good so far. I am trying to leave my current job by all means possible and looked into buying 49% of a collision repair company. Met with the owner viewed his facility and decided to pass. He did mention that he needed help getting ranked on google, so I jumped all over the opportunity. Charged him $650 a month to do his organic, ppc, and google +. His PPC budget is 2k a month. Did I charge to little, did I not charge enough? Thoughts On a 2nd note, My wife got in a mlm, Kyani. Anybody ever do any seo/social marketing? Thoughts, recommendations, do's and don'ts? Is there leads I can buy? On a 3rd note, (lol) I work for the largest collision repair company in the US. I'm friends with the Marketing Director and he's shared with me how much we spend on SEO/PPC. Wow! Talk about a huge budget. If it works out with my first client, I was thinking of building more sites and asking my friend of what he thought. Thanks in advance.
  8. Looks like my Mavs will be the worst team next year . Never a done deal until the ink dries, or until the check deposits.
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