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  1. This is a huge topic that encompasses different areas, and building domain/page authority and backlinks are part of the process. I think first you need to do keyword research to uncover a variety of keywords and their long tail variants. That gives you varying degrees of competition and volume to work with and bring traffic to your website. I assume besides getting good rankings, you also like to get traffic. Be sure to do good on-page SEO, like having your focus keywords incorporated into the title and description. Mike has a great guide posted here. Getting ranked well on the less competitive keywords is a good start. Sometimes all it takes is a good relevant piece of content, in my experience. Besides providing a positive user experience, I think these also make good internal links to other pages on your website where you are trying to get ranked for more competitive keywords. For competitive keywords, developing high quality backlinks from reputable websites is needed. All the best!
  2. Thanks for all these valuable guidance! I'm going to go through Mike's videos in detail and get ready for some domain shopping.
  3. Hi Mike and other members, I am interested in building my first PBN or private network sites and going through the Spartan Training Course materials. In particular, I like the plan that Mike presented in his post here about monetizing some of the PBN sites, or PN sites. I am brand new to this and am still trying to list out the action steps to focus on. Please help me understand these points: 1) Private network sites are sites where we search out expired domains with a good link profile and then rebrand and place new content on them than is relevant to our niche. Then, we have have links on these sites back to our money site. Is this correct? 2) How many private network sites is it normal to build? I know "network" means more than 1 site, but since I am starting from ground zero, I figured that even 1 site would have an impact. It also makes this project less daunting for me. Knowing what you know now, if you were starting out like a newbie, how many sites would you build? 3) I see there are people selling expired Tumblr domains with Domain Authority. What do you think of this idea of buying expired tumblr domains and making it part of your private network? Have you tried using these? Thanks for any comments and tips!
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