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  1. Hi folks, It has been a while since my last post here. Just wanted to let you know SEOMatique team and I are working hard on the version 2 of SEOMatique. Since the start of the SEOMatique project, our main goal was to make SEOMatique a Software Suite and have different services under one roof, which should not cost an arm and a leg, in order to help both freelancers as well as agencies, and website monitoring was only the beginning! We currently playing around with two new major features, along with other minor ones, that we hope we can implement into SEOMatique soon. That said, your opinion and thoughts would really matter to us. These two features are Search Engine Rank Tracking/Monitoring and Expired Domain Scraper. I know!! Yet another Rank Tracker and Expired Domain Scraper. But believe it or not, there is still a big room for improvements for this software that WE want to make it happen! I really appreciate if you can share your thoughts with us via a Google form at https://goo.gl/forms/PWsVo0B6EHxwM3UF3. The participants will be rewarded by one additional trial month of service when we launch. If you feel you want to have the conversation keep going on this thread, please let me know what kind of features you expect to have on the mentioned software which is not available to you yet. PS: If I am posting this in the wrong category I'm sure Mike would move it to the right one Cheers, Hugh
  2. I'll try this and let you guys know about it.
  3. There were authority corporate sites that I use as Network Site, but still representing a corporate site! I guess most of the links pointing to the homepage.
  4. #1 I don't think so. What I experienced with manual action is the whole website would be de-indexed! #2 Some of them for a two days, and some of them for a couple of weeks! #3 I search for site:domain.com and all the pages are there except the homepage! BTW, one of them indexed again!
  5. Recently I experienced something new with Google! Google de-indexed the homepage of my websites, however, the whole rest of the website is indexed! Have you guys experienced something like this?
  6. On this topic, Google picked up a page from one of my website as an answer box and the traffic to my website is now tripled! Not sure how the algorithm work but I guess you should be lucky
  7. The only time I implement HTTPS to money sites is when there is some sort of credit card transaction involved. Other than that, I don't see it as a ranking factor! BTW, Letsencrypt offers free HTTPS certificates.
  8. Perry Marshall's book is an amazing resource, however, years ago when I started to get into Adwords I took a Lynda.com course. Not bad at that time.
  9. I am not sure how Google determines the usage right (guessing it should be EXIF), but under the Search Tools, you can select the usage type. For example 'Labeled for reuse with modification'
  10. Oops! Thanks for noticing, just fixed it.
  11. Just wanted to let you guys know, from today we offer 7 days trial subscription with no credit card just to make evaluating the app easier for you
  12. For this kind of sites I mostly have two options: WPENGINE: It does have everything I need! Has it's own CDN network, daily backup, etc. And the most important thing amazing customer service. I get the space on a cloud server (like Digital Ocean) and setup the server from scratch, either manually (by installing PHP, MySQL, ...) or I use a service called Laravel Forge which provision all you need. Other cool feature about Laravel Forge, it makes easy to deploy your code from GitHub or Bitbucket. You can also easily install free SSL certificate from Letsencrypt. Here is a tutorial about how to install Wordpress by Forge: https://sunnysingh.io/blog/running-wordpress-on-laravel-forge. Hope it helps
  13. I really appreciate the kind words and your support. I am always open to the new suggestions as I believe this is the way you can convert a tool from good to the best!
  14. Perry Marshal made an online tool called Is Facebook Ad for Me at http://www.isfbforme.com. That might help! BTW, I read the Ultimate Guide to Facebook Advertising and I found it very useful. EDIT: fixed the url.
  15. Love it! Did not check the look in a mobile device, but make sure you have a fall-back for the videos on mobile devices.
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