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  1. Yes I've seen it. But not with the comments. Just the automated webinar (which always starts a certain period after you click the optin) and how full it is.
  2. This okay? Not a PBN. But directory. Wanted to place my site on a few different cities.
  3. Did you receive any training or was it just trial and error? I'm in two huge Facebook Agency groups and lots of people in there are doing well. But it depends on the service/product. Some products or services are better off with adwords and FB retargeting. Some do well with Facebook. General interest stuff (hair, nails, restaurant, estate planning, real estate) facebook is good. Some I need it right now services, are better on Adwords. Estate Planning/Taxes/Investments - Facebook. Personal Injury, DUI, divorce - Adwords
  4. I thought phone number was huge as well, on citations. NAP (phone number)
  5. I am most worried about the hit to local rankings. Having my old number out there with my new one.
  6. I run a B&M professional services company. I've used one main number since 2009 or so. It's everywhere, although I haven't really done much on citations and stuff, it's still out there. I want to run all my calls through an answering service, but I get a ton of calls I don't really care to answer and perfectly happy with them going to voicemail. For local rankings, is it a pain in the butt to change the main number? I'll use my old number still, with the people I really don't care to answer, but on my website and citations i want to use a new number. Is that too much to handle?
  7. A bunch of lawyers use Ngage live chat and Apex which sometimes has a lightbox that blocks the rest of the page. It converts WELL. I know for a fact, there is one PI lawyer who is killing it with their website. And is obsessive with testing everything on their site (and I mean everything). It's not a lightbox, but it's a popover that you have to X out of. If it didn't work, they wouldn't use it.
  8. You can just email it to someone, instead of printing and mailing.
  9. Snopes got it right. Not a copywright lawyer, but when I dabbled in it, this is what I found to be true
  10. For local businesses (lawyers, doctors, CPAs, dentists, etc.) what do you put in those floating type boxes? Phone numbers? Lead magnet? I tried lead magnets in my niche and it doesn't work too well. Same as a bunch of other people
  11. If they're cheap enough, I may buy them and put them in a 2nd tier.
  12. Perhaps they want to single out parody sites like Borowitz and The Onion, etc.
  13. Wondering what the goal of the press release, here. Is it to get speaking engagement? Hoping for links? Traffic?
  14. If it were higher quality I'd like to bury my PBN links with other links (competitors)
  15. If you look at this site: http://www.robertreeveslaw.com/locations/ The "Areas of Expertise" widget on the left, is in an iframe. It is cached when you view it normally http://webcache.googleusercontent.com/search?q=cache:FOFnihnNqfwJ:www.robertreeveslaw.com/+&cd=1&hl=en&ct=clnk&gl=us But when viewing it through "text-only" it's not there. http://webcache.googleusercontent.com/search?q=cache:FOFnihnNqfwJ:www.robertreeveslaw.com/&num=1&hl=en&gl=us&strip=1&vwsrc=0 So is that considered indexed or not? EDIT: Well I did this search [site:www.robertreeveslaw.com "areas of expertise"] and it shows up, so Google is reading the iframes. Good to know I don't need to waste my time on that.
  16. Don't do that. You are losing link juice to the ether if you do. As gnojham writes, you are better off moving it to a right sided toolbar, or the footer (as it loads after the content) or in an iframe. Not only are you not saving linkjuice, you're actually losing it. It would be better to leave it alone, at least the juice will still redistribute.
  17. Hearing you guys talk about $30k - $100k houses. Man a 1,400 sf house in a working class neighborhood is $475-600k around here.
  18. The thing that will kill you is if you hire a general contractor. My wife was an insurance adjuster for 10 years (small local claims, then to catastrophes like hurricanes, then to large losses like complete burn downs) and then now, one of the restoration contractors hired her away. Anyway, they sub everything out, mark up services and materials 40%, and then 20% overhead and profit on top of all of that. So something that costs $70,000 (in subs) will cost almost double to the customer. It's the cost of doing business. Moral of the story, coordinate the repairs yourself.
  19. For my industry there are companies that will staff it and run it 24/7 and you pay per qualified lead. Obviously this works better for higher ticket industries. The company is Apex Chat and they service legal, home improvement etc., medical, and marketing. http://www.apexchat.com/
  20. I have live chat on my site and it converts well (maybe to the detriment of phone calls I need to test) but it is manned 24/7.
  21. Good thing I never paid for the listing
  22. Indeed that was the issue before, that's all fixed and everytime I log in, it works now. When it goes days without ranking it's because you haven't logged out. So every once in a while, I log out and back in. Good for a site owner, not so good for SEO's.
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