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  1. I use an aged domain that has high indexing frequency rate on google. create a new post, and then paste all the backlinks url. click publish. wait for google to index that post, then google also will crawl all backlinks. usually, does not take long time for google to index backlinks which resides in the post. After 70% backlinks indexed. delete the post. i never use backlinks indexing again after used this trick..
  2. based on title of this thread and because not every page on a site gets indexed by Google either, I think use google to see how much content is not appropriate..
  3. nice tips,, but when i try to find content on another web, the first thing that i can do is find a sitemap of the web. use free tools like Pro-Sitemap...
  4. i found base64 when search All in One Seo Pack Plugin & Wordpress Backup like this : that is dangerous or not?
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