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  1. Yep. A five metre or 15 foot croc doesn't really care if you bend your legs or not. It just thinks...yum. Drumsticks. When you've seen one up close you realise just how awful it would be to end up on the bite-y end.
  2. I'm not one for working to music unless I'm doing manual labour. Find it distracting to my flow when staff at work have the radio on. Did however checkout thee guys and am considering trying their services when I've next got an intensive project to work on.... https://www.focusatwill.com Best regards, Ozi
  3. Yep... not that much life South of the border. best regards from the Sunshine State Ozi
  4. Claude is still trying to get out of his Batman suit or was it cat woman ...not sure ... just know baby powder was involved.... and he was very squeaky on Skype whilst he disrobed... ....anyway... Here's to some good future posting everyone. Best regards, Ozi
  5. Maybe a trend will emerge if you click the X the price goes up ! Then you get hit with a "WE warned You" sequence of scarcity emails where each pushes it further and further reminding you of your "bad" decision the first time. That or some smart b#st@rd will put "Click the "X" to add to your purchase. best regards, Ozi
  6. Not sure who Ontraport uses but they have pricing of 97 cents for 10-100 postcards. Not sure how user friendly because I'm not an Ontraport customer but I was poking around looking at them for sending PURL - personalized URL cards back like 5 years ago. They still list personalized postcards as part of their solution https://ontraport.com/platform Sure it was outsourced much like the cd or DVD route using Kunaki or Disc delivered. Best regards, Ozi
  7. Got to be those unwritten rules. Much like those unwritten posts or the ones that got posted but then mysteriously disappeared. Had a few of those with responses still there but the original ain't.
  8. It may not change human DNA directly but the scientist testing the bees did modify DNA by exposing the Bees to cancer drugs so they couldn't form memories associated with scents.
  9. New research reveals that lavender can help bees make new memories and change their DNA. The question is could it help humans? Bee keepers often used Banana skins to aid in the cleaning of a beehive. Also Lavender and Roses have something that calms bees. Strangely those scents have similar effects on humans. Story and transcript here: http://www.abc.net.au/catalyst/stories/4437579.htm Maybe there's some science behind Claude stuffing his vac bags with lavender. Best regards, Ozi
  10. I wonder if they will incorporate it into the adwords editor so you can browse reports and make changes at the one time. With the increasing push towards scripts maybe we will end up with a mother of an editor....hang on...do we want more adwords complexity?
  11. Personally...I find we get a lot of browsers on mobile that later become purchasers when they get to their place of business. For PPC stuff in particular retargeting via display for me it can be good to build a list of exclusions...even if those are fictitious like "adsenseformobileapps.com" On mobile some of those clicks come because the element is so small that the click happens by accident.
  12. So he might be throwing away thousands upon thousands of dollars on this. Maybe it's time to send him a bill for noticing the error. So often little things like a typo or bad link can undo what otherwise would be a good campaign. It is surprising when someone is paying bucks for something that they don't pay close attention...but maybe YT is so cheap at the moment that perhaps no-one is monitoring closely.
  13. Aren't they just really covering themselves? Not that I do a lot of amazon stuff but there are still several sites out there that by way of their domain names may be construed to target "girls" or "boys" but wouldn't plus 13 women still refer to each other as "Gals", "Girls" and certainly I still go out for drinks with the "boys"...or have a "boy's night out". I'd just make sure you complete the declaration regardless of what your target market may be just to ensure you remain compliant. Sometimes I think the big players just do these things to see who's paying attention.
  14. I've considered some of the services discussed and always thought you would have to go top tier to get the quality necessary to reflect one's personal level of commitment to a topic. Generally my output of written material has come from extracted transcriptions of live content that I've delivered to members and guests and then usually I get REV to transcribe the content I want to turn into text. Sure...you still have to edit but at least you capture your unique "voice" on a topic and you can be proud to use the material with your name attached as opposed to content you might have just purchased and used for fill in the past. Quality may just win in the end. What do you think?
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