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  1. Thanks Blaine for a superb reply, I/we really appreciate you taking the time to write all that down.love it. I live in a very small town in the UK, but can see the nearest last town (Brighton in the UK) being the most likely place to be able to build.. just need to get round the geo side of it somehow. Really given me food for thought I won't go on.. but again, thankyou mate Rob
  2. Hi Blaine Do you have a particular reason you stick to local? That for your own sites or clients? I am just about ranking a national site after being out the game for years, but the resources it is taking still in a medium niche.. wish I had started back with Local in a way at first anyway
  3. Hi Everyone I was just wondering how you go about your work. Do you concentrade more on Local SEO and Clients, or National and affiliate sites for example? Rob
  4. Ah , nope didn't have that issue this end at all and made a few transactions Hope it doesnt end up charging you twice or more
  5. Subscribe to Dreamweaver CC paid monthly, is what I use
  6. Just paid for hosting this morning and was succesful via the hosting company, but yeah just realised I havn't had the Paypal emails to say its gone from my account
  7. Now that is an awesome document, as far as I can see it myself it gives us much more insight on what we need to build and avoid being slapped which as you have said many times Mike is to build site's that are useful to users and last Thanks very much for posting Mike!!
  8. It's like the SEO blog's are running out of ideas to write about
  9. If you read the questions in his add-on forum, he avoids the questions he doesn't like or would show people the real path .. which if he did, meant they would never have to to back to his site again and click on his affiliate links
  10. I followed him for ages, looking back I wasted a hell of alot of time.. alot of the stuff he comes out with keeps you on his site, click on his affiliate links, brags on how much the blog makes Bit of a chip on his shoulder Started following Milke after realising how many marketer's lead you down the garden path... rank now .. unsubcribed for alot of crap out there BOOM!
  11. You can find your homepage and some structure's indexed, then a day .. few days late some posts.. then all of your posts. It can take a few days or maybe longer for Google to index a whole site and vary depending on how often the bots crawl it, links pointing to it etc Overall, as long as you aren't blocking anything and the site is spam free it will all get indexed in the end .. even pages with no content as long as enough authority flowing through the site
  12. Scary!! Has anyone seen Ex_Machine - That's how the robot was designed using the search engines for the AI
  13. Ever since they released Bing I have thought, thats a completely stupid name so never going to use it lol Went to an affiliate conference there years ago, the guy from Bing gave a presentation and they had big plans... which looks like they never came about Guy from Google was wet
  14. Awesome!! Would be very interested as I am using HTML/CSS for the majority of my network using Dreamweaver
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