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  1. I'm sure everyone has experienced the phenomenon of talking to someone via skype or such and suddenly seeing ads for whatever they were talking about showing up everywhere........that's maddening as a potential customer. But....... What I have noticed lately since I've been doing more of my shopping online is that the ads I am seeing are for the exact things I just bought. I bought a 3 month supply of liposomal high dose Vitamin C for example - and now everywhere I go online, I'm getting ads for the same product from the same company. Do they really think I'm gonna buy another 3 months right off the bat. And it's not just that item - it's everything I just bought is showing up in ads. My feeling about this as a consumer is one thing - but what about the advertisers? How much are they paying to show these pretty much dead, useless ads? That company has paid for at least a hundred of these useless PPV ads. Doesn't targeting of this sort just go a tad too far? If you were paying for targeted advertising and you found out that the people getting the ads had already bought the items, would you feel ripped off?
  2. It's not "smart". That's a word that is really badly used when talking about AI. Language ability can be built using a hierarchy of linking and blocking pathways. Gates was looking for how to make an ap or program or whatever you want to call it that would actually be able to use appropriate language - instead of, for example, just hooking a noun to a verb so you would have sentences like "the chair ran". The worst problem of building a co-occurrence recognition system is in the negation systems as far as I can see it. I can't "do" the linkage systems, but I understand what they need to be able to do to get correct language in text. It doesn't mean the computer "understands" anything but link commands.
  3. I guess it can't be translated straight across then. In the US if someone calls us a B - we correct them that we're not "a" B - its "THE" B. So I guess it's 3rd person applied to 1st. LOL.
  4. Close. η Σκύλα Be specific. Pricing has put me out of the water several times. I stink at it. Real hard. There just seems to be a dead zone in my head that will not allow me to do it. I was just out of college and DOW contacted me to write some literature for them about a project of theirs in MI.........and I priced it so much too low that the guy stopped me in mid-sentence and told me he didn't think I was a fit for the project. Turns out in later years that the contract would have had me covering up some nasty pollution violations, so I was glad that I wasn't involved, but it was such a slap in the face at the time. Since then I've understood I need to be at least competitive - but even if I look up other products/services and see what the range of pricing is out there........it's still just Alice in Wonderland to me.
  5. It can be a hard balance if you're writing to both pros and general public or laymen in the same article because pros tend to not take you seriously if you don't use the formal register (terminology) of the field. On the other hand, writing that is too thick with terminology can be too strenuous for the general public to bother with. If you're established as a pro in the field from the get, it makes life a lot easier when writing. If you're established as an expert you can use a more natural voice no matter who you're talking to.
  6. Humor in the mix is always touch and go unless you're an expert comedian.........even they miss the mark now and again, too, we take our chances with that any time we write it. As far as voice, though - you might want to keep it a little more formal on a technical site, however, unless the site is only of interests to the real professionals of the field, you might want to stick to layman's terminology. My site has a pretty strong example of change of voice - in the forums and on my blog, I am pretty much myself and write more as I would talk, but if you go into the Earth Watch or newsletter archives you'll see the articles are much more formal voice.
  7. Having been part of that decision process before internet, it surprises me how overlooked this aspect of business became once everyone started to flock to online. It was always the part of business that was the biggest PITA.........but always felt the best once completed and you had the whole thing laid out to look at - stationary, cards, and now websites, headers, etc. This is one aspect of business I really love. Some people consider it marketing......but I always grouped it in with PR.
  8. Sal

    I told the wife about your predicament and she implored me to tell you about The Gerson institute. I said you probably knew about that being an alt remedies expert, but I suppose I had better anyway, just in case. 

      https://gerson.org/gerpress/ They have clinics all over and specialise in blasting away cancers with vegetable and fruit juce and special diets, coffee enema's, you name it.  Saw an interesting docu on it a while back. A bit like Nikken in a way, though they use supplements to build up your body to resist and fight off afflictions. Lots of info on youtube about Gerson

    If conventional medicine offers you nothing but morphine then anythings worth looking at.



    1. HeySal


      Thanks, Mark.  I know about Gerson - and Budwig, both.  The cottage cheese mixed with ground flax seed that I eat almost daily is from those diets.  I fed it to Ricky when I was curing his bone cancer.  I'm trying to dig up funds for a rife machine or find a used one.  (Read "50 Years of Suppression: The Cure That Worked" - it's the best outline of how our med system got hijacked by money you'll find. Goes a long way in showing people how the industry works behind the scenes.)  Can't afford therapies like Ozone or C infusion, etc. So I'm just doing what I'm familiar with and continuing to research. 

      I'm also doing the black raspberry (organic, dried and ground myself), Turmeric, of course, colostrum, liposomal glutathione, liposomal Vit C, sour sop (Graviola) and a few topicals. I'm looking for liposomal ubiquinol, and some chewable probiotics and I'll have a full set of current knowledge remedies. 

  9. It's been a few years since they made the rules about mentioning income possibilities. They've gotten a few smaller players before on this, so not new, just sounds like they might be getting serious about it finally.
  10. Looks like the FTC isn't happy with some of these coaching schemes, either. https://www.ftc.gov/news-events/press-releases/2018/02/ftc-obtains-court-order-halting-business-coaching-scheme Narrow gauge or passenger?
  11. Monsanto and pals are trying to get a patent on GMO pot for medicinal. My money would go to hemp rather than recreation.........there's about 100 earth friendly ways to use hemp, such as hempcrete for home building, paper, and cloth, and the products are quality (plus the seed is super nutrition). I'm thinking that once the country gears up to produce quantities of hemp and starts opening production plants for hemp products....that is where I think the real money is going to go.
  12. Sessions needs to step down or get booted. He has a lot of money in the prison-for-profit system. This is sheer self enrichment he's going after. Just another swamp rat we need gone.
  13. That makes sense to me. I wasn't raised like that, though, so that might be my disconnect with that emotion. I was raised that it's not acceptable to shirk responsibilities, but when I can't fulfill a responsibility, I don't feel guilty. Not doing something normally that you need to do was made a foreign concept when I was growing up. Pesky "customer is always right" philosophy that we all seem to learn so much about these days, LOL. I wasn't taught that either. (Dad's pretty kewl). I was told that how right a customer/client is, is determined by how much I need their money.
  14. Good. You were one of the people I had in mind when I wrote this. You do one heck of a lot of work - both physical and mental and have not one reason to feel guilty if you have to time out yourself now and again. There's definitely a difference between needing to step back and just slacking off. You are not someone who would ever fall into the "slacker" category. In fact - in light of everything you do, it's kind of an RCA dog head crank to me when you feel you're slacking just because you're not plowing into something else "right now". We all have the endless to do list...and sometimes it even grows at the same time we're crossing things off the top of it. Frustration I "get" 100%. It's guilt that I don't understand. Seems like a wasted emotion that does nothing but keep people from enjoying any down time they actually ever give themselves, perpetuating a further need for down time because they were in turmoil instead of actually shut down. I've met one too many people that work for themselves that seem unable to understand that a little balance is necessary and there's no shame in needing a break.
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