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  1. The new "green" boom

    Monsanto and pals are trying to get a patent on GMO pot for medicinal. My money would go to hemp rather than recreation.........there's about 100 earth friendly ways to use hemp, such as hempcrete for home building, paper, and cloth, and the products are quality (plus the seed is super nutrition). I'm thinking that once the country gears up to produce quantities of hemp and starts opening production plants for hemp products....that is where I think the real money is going to go.
  2. The new "green" boom

    Sessions needs to step down or get booted. He has a lot of money in the prison-for-profit system. This is sheer self enrichment he's going after. Just another swamp rat we need gone.
  3. That makes sense to me. I wasn't raised like that, though, so that might be my disconnect with that emotion. I was raised that it's not acceptable to shirk responsibilities, but when I can't fulfill a responsibility, I don't feel guilty. Not doing something normally that you need to do was made a foreign concept when I was growing up. Pesky "customer is always right" philosophy that we all seem to learn so much about these days, LOL. I wasn't taught that either. (Dad's pretty kewl). I was told that how right a customer/client is, is determined by how much I need their money.
  4. Good. You were one of the people I had in mind when I wrote this. You do one heck of a lot of work - both physical and mental and have not one reason to feel guilty if you have to time out yourself now and again. There's definitely a difference between needing to step back and just slacking off. You are not someone who would ever fall into the "slacker" category. In fact - in light of everything you do, it's kind of an RCA dog head crank to me when you feel you're slacking just because you're not plowing into something else "right now". We all have the endless to do list...and sometimes it even grows at the same time we're crossing things off the top of it. Frustration I "get" 100%. It's guilt that I don't understand. Seems like a wasted emotion that does nothing but keep people from enjoying any down time they actually ever give themselves, perpetuating a further need for down time because they were in turmoil instead of actually shut down. I've met one too many people that work for themselves that seem unable to understand that a little balance is necessary and there's no shame in needing a break.
  5. LOL - maybe she is right. Yeah, I wasn't talking emotion.....I was talking physical and mental exhaustion and knowing when to stop and take some time out so you don't walk into having to deal with it. Nobody should feel guilty for it. So what I don't get is..........why do they? #1 - I wrote that at 1:00 am New Year's eve. LOL. But still feel it's a valid question. #2 - I wrote that after finding out that a very good friend just died....didn't make it to 40 and he was one of the "but if I stop right now I'll let them down" types. It wasn't worth his life. Everyone who knew him told him to relax a little before he blew a cork, but he just couldn't see that his needs mattered just as much as anyone else's. Relaxation, even if only an hour or so a day is a crucial part of physical health. You don't always feel the exhaustion before it hits you.
  6. And there's my point. I did shut down for awhile every day .......and really cared for my health and kept the stress levels low. I got hit without warning. If I had not have been shutting down when I needed to, I'd not be here to argue the point. I don't understand the guilt people feel if they do shut down when they need to. I realize that if you just wander off whenever you want that others get put out of the way........but others can also drive you so hard that you will collapse eventually if you let them. I've lost a few friends - and almost lost a few because they felt guilty just because they gave themselves a few hours of relaxation. It should never be like that.
  7. Maybe it's because of my health background........... you overdo and get sicker than shit so you learn to gauge when you need to shut down. It becomes a survival instinct and you don't feel guilt for it. But whatever. I've read one too many things online lately that indicate people seem to not be able to stop working without guilt. At all. If that describes you.........you better figure out where your shut down switch is and when to use it. Regardless of the financial weight of the shut down. I seriously could mean your life, whether you consider yourself buff enough, young enough, etc. etc. enough to take it. It doesn't work that way. When you work yourself under, you do not feel it happening (normally). You're just sitting there concentrating on your business for the 10th hour of that day and you go to stand up and .........boom. And ya had worked so hard to get it up and out there. Not gonna get done at all now. You have to be able to tell when shutting down is just as vitally important as that press release. Take time out. If you are tired, sleep. Take a walk, hike, bike ride, walk your dog. Get out. Mentally you need it as badly as you do physically. I climb mountains, I hike, I carry rocks from the fields to my rig. I got hit 2 years in a row with medical emergencies.........and I survived them both. Because I know when to shut down. Seems to me when people think of their own business, they lose themselves somehow. YOU are the cog in the machine in your business. Don't let it drive you. You are the human part of your business - you need adequate rest, adequate exercise and recreation to function correctly - it's something to take care of not feel guilty about. Never feel negligent or guilty for shutting down. If time is that much of a problem for you, perhaps you need to take another look at if you're in the right field.
  8. This year was a surprise for me as I started achieving goals and then my health crashed real hard. Put a stopper on everything but trying to survive. At my sister's now trying to recuperate. So - in 2018 I will continue to bring myself back into the realms of vital enough health that I can rock hunt and care for a puppy and train him. I'm considering that doable no matter what. As far as differently - I'll be delighted just to get back to the plans I had last year before I fell out. I will be doing it from a different atmosphere, though as I refuse to go back to the situation and location that tanked my health.
  9. I'm getting published, Baby!

    Well, the pic is pretty cute anyway. Hope you feel better soon.
  10. I'm getting published, Baby!

    Not gonna ask why you were trying not to smile....but agree that you didn't do a great job of it. LOL. That must be an awesome feeling to have your completed work right in your hands. Congratulations! You earned and deserve the thrill.
  11. Is this the end of gold as a safe haven?

    There are some REMs and metals that are a little more necessary to our way of life than gold now. Some of these are in short supply underground now. I believe you will see a "rush" for these elements eventually even if cyber currencies take the attention for awhile. I've never seen a solid enough explanation of exactly how cyber currency is derived and maintained to feel secure with it. At all. Maybe I just missed something. There are a few tangibles that I think will take precedence over cyber eventually, though.
  12. I was raised in a very well off family. My mom didn't want to work, and didn't have to. (Don't take this wrong - she worked hard, she just wasn't paid for it. My father's career flourished because of her entertaining skills and their financial solidity had much to do with her investment cunning). I was raised to be a wife to a politician or doctor, etc. There was no thought about "what if she wants her own money or career". I was not allowed to work in high school. If jobs were mentioned, it was understood that they would be traditional female, office level, and of course, just be something I did until I was married. After that I'd be minding my husband's career and family stash. Yeah - that worked well. Yet - once out of college I started figuring it all out. Had I been taught more about business, I'd not have made the worst mistake of my financial life. Might also have been a little wiser choosing the men I chose. For me the money mindset was a matter of knowing what I wanted to do. I've also always been an avid reader, too. Right now I feel like a squashed bug on a windshield, but finally have some medical help that will put me back together again so I can get up and run with things again. When wondering about how to get a money mindset -- never forget to include your health. Keep yourself as fit as possible because it takes a lot of energy to really achieve. If you're dumpy and out of shape, it's gonna be harder for you.........if you get sick, you're going to be stopped in your tracks.......make it as temporary as possible.
  13. Clubs

    I'll be offering private forums to rock clubs. Right now I use them for things like meet-ups, so participants can discuss the meet without the whole net reading it. Last time we did that, we had about 100 people show up and follow us around - ended up getting one of the digs shut down to the public. Rock clubs are notorious for being run by people who are not internet savvy at all so I'm thinking clubs might like to have a private place to reach members from that won't be any maintenance for them. I'd love to know how this works for you after you market it a little bit.
  14. I just went to his wordpress site to see how he's monetized. He hasn't one hint of monetizing. This seems to be purely hobby for him.
  15. I'm not going to go head to head on it with ya, but he used to be pretty spot on. I got sick of his sensationalism maybe about 2 decades back, so not really sure what he's branched out into or hasn't. I've never really followed Beck other than when someone pointed out something where he's really acting like an asshat so don't know what his track record is. I have a suspicion that he and his staff don't do their own investigating, either. I think he's purely derivative. I did browse over ads when targeting was mentioned and they are extreme in targeting. On websites, though - it's hard to say if that's cookie related or if ads are stationary posts any more. I can't tell anyway. On radio, those are going to be purely subject related.