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  1. 4 Ton Wrecking Ball Meets, Luxery Car

    4 Ton Wrecking Balls Meets, Luxery Car I thought the thread was going to about another episode of Claude and Riffle's "Real World". With Dan being the luxury Bimmer of course
  2. So Net Neutrality just died...

    Rosy Palm Riffle just went into overdrive
  3. Just WOW !!!

    Sorry, I meant no nonsense hehehe
  4. Just WOW !!!

    Yes, and the king idiot of the GOP is sitting in the Oral Office. The GOP does have to reinvent itself if it wants to survive long term, imo. The World is evolving into multiculturalism more and more every year and the "good ole posse" club is becoming a minority and somewhat irrelevant more and more every year. Also you'e right .... the Abortion issue was the only reason why it wasn't a bigger win for Jones. Btw, Thomas where have you been? You're no nonsense insight is refreshing and been sorely missed for awhile now ?
  5. Just WOW !!!

    No, you are looking in 'absolute ' terms and not 'relative' terms. Considering that typically in such a deep red state he would have and should have won by 20% or more not lost by 1.5%...a huge win
  6. Just WOW !!!

    Mike, I truly think you missed the significance of this Election and what it partially represented. And I think if you looked around it wasn't just Dems dancing. I do not subscribe to either Party, I can't stand partisan politics. It disgusts me. But in many peoples' minds this went deeper than just dems and 'pubes and Right and Left. This had a lot to do with common Decency and standing up for it. This had a lot to do with rejecting an extremist who has been pushing for this warped, white nationalistic version of the GOP ... a.k.a 'Bannonism' To me it was that and even a little deeper. I was grown and raised in East Tennessee and it's more or less the same type of people. People like Roy Moore represent a certain "tribalism" that I have been around my whole Life. Friends,neighbors and even direct family members around me subscribed to this white nationalism and southern Baptist/Evangelicalism mantra. It is all they know. It is all they care to know. And it's an unbending loyalty to that ideology. One where they truly believe the 1950s were a MUCH more suitable era to live in. . And that's 's bubble they live in. Anyone outside it is looked on with disdain and even Hate. Of course they will NEVER admit it. They will just say the World is a sinful place and well you know that famous saying " hate the sin but love the sinner" lol. Frankly , I just never bought into that bullshit.Especially when they are pointing the finger at all the other degenerate sinners when they are some of the biggest hypocrites the World has ever seen lol Fact is this is a major Culture War occurring right now here in the US. And this Election last night was a clear Referendum (in many peoples' minds and hearts) and clearly sent a message that pushing the "rewind" button back to the 1950s ( and this bullshit 'Bannonism' Movement) was NOT going to happen.Not on our watch. Not in the South I grew up in and NOT in our Country that we ALL love so much. We pushed the "pause" button last night and hopefully we are moving our finger towards the "forward" one !!
  7. Rupert Sheldrake Banned Ted Talk

    Just stop it !! You make me sick with your highly reasonable and very rational thoughts
  8. Just WOW !!!

    Whoaa Sassy lol
  9. Just WOW !!!

    Oh, I got plenty of faith after tonight. Exhilarating faith beyond belief
  10. Just WOW !!!

    Unbelievable. Just utterly in shock
  11. I Guess It's Official. I'm An Old Fogey!"

    Also the 'retail ' skit with Franco's blood squirting out was a little much. Especially when his fake looking leg came out. Just really way over the top and started to be not really funny and not professionally executed
  12. What My Girlfriend Wants for Christmas.

    ^^^^^ as in this ??
  13. I Guess It's Official. I'm An Old Fogey!"

    Yeah I always liked Franco. I can't really put my finger on why. He's not really a masterful actor. Maybe the way he looks and just the charisma he seems to have. I don't know
  14. I Guess It's Official. I'm An Old Fogey!"

    Yeah, and what was up with that opening skit ? They really mangled it up. Had some funny stuff but the kids were really messing up their lines. A little embarrassing And yep the musical guest sounded like the same ole same ole. I just fast forwarded thru it. Nothing hit me with it at all. Not horrific but I thought before they played maybe it would be something fresh and new. Not at all. Don't see how a performer can be critically acclaimed for something to me that sounds so mediocre
  15. In Defense Of Louis CK

    Of course and as always Iam here to serve in all capacities :>) Uhmm... that's your cue to say "thank you Rob" lol You're welcome !!