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  1. Yeah Mike it should make no difference. Anyone who largely relies on Organic traffic for their business is building it on sand ,imo
  2. It's a fact and been proven that our Status in life is less about "self Determination" and "Choices" and more about "genetic predisposition". This reality tends to debunk the Alt. Right and their insistence that it all comes down to hard work and choices.That's bullsh@t . Of course some of it does, but I think you would be first to admit that your success and intelligence in large part can be attributed to biological and genetic factors you had no control over and I will admit mine is as well Of course it does take work, no question but we all know those people who just do NOT have it "upstairs". And no matter how hard they try it will never happen for them. That's not being mean but just being honest. On the flip side I also think it is paramount to use our Gifts responsibly and use them to the benefit of those in society who maybe were giving raw deals or terrible families to grow up in, lack of education, lack of basic genetic markers etc..etc.. No pun intended but having "Compassion" for your fellow man, imo ,trumps everything..smarts, wit etc.etc.. Also, in a Capitalistic society by it's very nature there are ALWAYS going to "losers and "winners". Think about it. Joe's meat and fish company will flourish if Joe the Owner can pay his drivers low wages and keep them there. Not saying it's right but it is what it is. Of course we are learning that advancement and giving raises does also raise worker morale and productivity which is a legit argument
  3. Damn I feel for some of you out there. I made money back in the day and still have a few Amazon Sites that earn me negligible amounts. But I know a lot of my Marketing friends who literally have spent years building their Amazon businesses and BOOM !! Half or more of their Revenue is gone, overnight. Literally !! That's tough , right there But we all have experienced this way or another in Life if you have been in business long enough. One change and you are sent in a spiral downward. Best to have alternative plans and sooner or later you will learn to always do this
  4. Hey Mike, No. The first time going to their Sites. Never have been to a JV FB Group of any kind. But the list I was given from a War Room PDF I was provided ( about 18 of them) I clicked on links and then put URL in Browser and they got straight to My FB Pages. Weird ?? thnx
  5. Just wondering. Iam trying to access some JV Facebook Groups and every time I put in URL or click on link it just takes me to My FB Pages. Over and over again. I've tried and tried and tried. No luck and just keeps going to My Pages Iam not huge into Facebook so am I doing something wrong ?? Thanks, Rob
  6. That's pretty awesome, Terra. I got a little teary eyed myself especially when your daughter did that. Stuff like that really makes Life tolerable. When we see something resonate in our Children that we did or advice we gave them in the past. And it is so true.... Life is NOT always fair. I know with my two daughters one of the major subjects Iam really stressing to them since they entered grade school two years ago is that above ALL else .... whether it's being smart, making good grades, being studious , excelling at Sports etc(all that is great) ....but if I ever hear from anyone that they have a reputation as one of the "Mean Girls", those other things will not even matter to me and shouldn't to them. I already a see a number of the "Mean Girls" in their Kindergarten and 1st Grade class ( yes, a few of them are really bad even at that age and the parents think it's funny) and I swear if my girls ever act like that it will really crush me. So I stress to them ABOVE EVERYTHING ELSE to be sincerely nice and compassionate towards everyone. Anyway, thanks for your Post
  7. I watched a little bit of that video. The first minute or two. Iam just thankful I never got in Facebook. To me the ones who are the weaker group with the bad habits is the person she talks about who posts the perfect photos of her family adventures every weekend with the perfect looking family. Its like really ?? My wife ( she gets on FB still sometimes) always joked about those people because it is such a warped, delusional picture these people want to paint of themselves. They never show the pictures of when little Johnnie cusses out mommy or when Daddy punches the holes in the wall because mommy charged up the CC LOL It's the picture they want everyone to say "wow, look at this perfect family." Chances are they aren't that perfect. It's an illusion they want to perpetuate to make themselves feel good about their Life and get the exact response that this Speaker talks about everyone having when they look at it ...i.e Envy Not trying to be cynical but it's amazing the people who are constantly posting these feel good family pictures to get attention. I think it is an unhealthy obsession , really
  8. Revamping some old Blogs/Sites. Either Paid or FREE. Of course FREE would be nice if there are some really quality ones Thnx for any suggestions
  9. Not sure if this is the way peeps should follow. There are people who do actually have a Business online that they truly want to grow and do it the right way. Not judging you but if everyone was doing all this and not caring about getting banned and doing all kinds of experiments ...well we would have a bunch of crap sites and people clogging up the internet with garbage ( wait a second we already have that lol) Sorry, not everyone is in to gaming the System
  10. I'm with Al and Terra. One or two that might help me when Im buying is fine. But there are some Marketers who will do upsells then a couple of Downsells...like Downsell for 1/2 off and if you x out of that they will downsell again for a buck or something. Just annoying as hell
  11. Early in the morning here at local Mickey D's getting my caffeine rush on with Ice tea
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