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  1. Certainly Ghostbusters if the original team is in it, and not some kids. And possibly wonder woman, when l can rent it, (l am a sucker for 80's flashbacks).
  2. Yes, every time l go out, and get a decadent coffee, and imperialist dog cake, and evil paper, it is anyone's guess how long it will be until the goon squad shows up to give me the boot. Today l got away with almost 2 hours, before one shopping ctr staff, said that a new rule came in, and no one was allowed to sit on our bench seats anymore. Then l went to another section, with 2 police officers walking past, and a few more security people, none gave a s...t. It is probably the new rule, they are trying to push that two people in public is the limit, and anymore will be fined, and probably put up against a wall with a cigarette? The person in this video looking like our health minister in my state is purely,.......umm, never mind!
  3. And Magpies are a protected species, dammit!
  4. Sorry Mark cannot read it, going out for a coffee, cake and newspaper these days is punishable by death. One of those running dog things?
  5. Charles sick, and another in self isolation, because she gave too many speeches in the cold, that is two down.
  6. I hear that Disney is doing a remake of Snow white and the sixth dwarfs, Sneazy was quarantined.
  7. Groan not saying, but at least this subject isn't too off topic for the off topic section!
  8. Saw this on Cosmos, and had to find it online. https://www.nextbigfuture.com/2016/08/interstellar-starshot-project-update.html Or if they can secure funding, 1 billion initially, then they may be ready to launch in 5 years time. Then 24 years, and we will be seeing closeup images of a potentially habitable world! Or the year 2050. And that is Alpha Centauri, which is roughly 4 light years away, at 24% light speed.
  9. That was "Claudette - 19" in the 70's, but it mutated, well, umm.
  10. It is more irony than punchline, or putting out the fire with gasoline, type deal, We are supposed to stay 4 metres apart and limit growds to 100, neither is being shown in long lines at the SS offices across AU. I think that some measures are ridiculous, others are overreacting, and others are justified. ScoMo would have been better saying the beachgoers and partiers are scum and to stop it, not hammer AU. But the ASX200 is a golden opportunity in the making, so l will happily get a takeaway coffee and see how much it drops.
  11. Yes, Victoria, Au is enforcing 4 metre distancing measures, limiting crowds to 100, and closing down practically everything, except Social Security which has lines stretching for several blocks, and is breaking both,
  12. I heard someone in Coles yesterday heavily coughing and thought of this. Unfortunately in my state with high utility prices, (thankfully our premier has allowed on land gas exploration again) the unemployed getting hammered or not paid anything for three months, for political gain, and C-19 this flu season will probably be a bad one, which will make us all paranoid.
  13. Tagiscom


    What we need to do is to r e l a x !
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