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  1. Sounds like the Martingdale System, for lotterys, whereby someone makes or doubles their initial bet on red or black.
  2. Sure easy to fake, but very difficult to look extremely realistic, (thanks Mark).
  3. Yes, shows that Ball lighting is legit, (it is not CGI) but l wouldn't say under someones control.
  4. You are aware Claude that Kurt doesn't come here or has an account here, so your masterfully crafted insult is wasted. I know that you are a stable genius, and can trump anyone, as well as us all waiting in anticipation for your latest Book, "Hansel and Gretal Does Sweden" which is available right here, right now!
  5. Watched a 8k screen today, with a retail price of almost 9k, and blown away was the best response. There was a 4k closeby so l could really compare the screens, and 4k is great, but you can sense that it is a tv image, 8k, is such an improvement, it looks like an open window, with only the bright colors to give away it is artificial. Or if some billoinare made a room wall to wall with 8k, screens, with software to correct for perspective distortion, (probably need a mainframe) then transporting to any location on Earth, would be possible, (probably not real time, but transporting to Disneyland, no problem). I want one, lol.
  6. Yep, liked it, eventhough fighting another terminator is getting as thrashed as a Marvel fight scene. And this time around saying that humanity was saved the last time, but this time they managed to get some UFO tech, into the mix so the T3 was particularly nasty, was opportune and clever. The future fight scenes with Terminators running rampant still as cool as ever, as was the highlight of the movie, the Jumbo Jet scene, (won't say anymore, but seriously cool).
  7. A horrible thought, but if she, (and her politically correct gang) finds the Eye of Horus, let me know! Ain't saying anything, but that Martian fluffy bunnies are a protected species.
  8. Sounds like Russia's version? Or Warner Bros.
  9. It was a science fiction movie, and the head scientist was hot, nothing more needs to be said!
  10. Hypothetical is in the eye of the beholder.
  11. And branching out! Just ask the mutant lizard people!
  12. Lol, good question, l expect that these would last as long as a middle of the range Tesla car, or maybe 100,200 km, although Energizer long life, could go further, but this is a gag, so it is an interesting consideration, but not much else! Although technically it could be built, but it is crystal clear that it is a stupid idea!
  13. Geesh, Mark, this isn't your new years resolution is it?
  14. My Christmas wasn't ruined, but l tried! Or this forum showed a "too many attachments, so we can't show you the site" message, then after several back door approaches and a couple of different browsers and OS, assumed it was a serious elf attack, and got back to Xmas day.
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