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  1. World's Steepest Railway Opens In Switzerland

    It is all downhill from here!
  2. The Weird Mandela Effect

    I could have sworn that you didn't have a Xmas hat on, gulp!
  3. 4 Ton Wrecking Ball Meets, Luxery Car

    Well, we did have Claude's face on the front of the wrecking ball, which increased the destructive force by a factor of ten. Shudder to think what would happen if they targeted Mr Whippy?
  4. Good to see the orange car getting slammed, but the BMW, blashemy.
  5. True, the Apollo missions had issues, the astranauts dying in a fire the lowpoint, it will be a while before l will consider it.
  6. https://www.theguardian.com/science/video/2017/sep/29/elon-musk-manned-mars-mission-spacex-video So under 3 months travel time, and $200,000 each, in the near future. I think that they mentioned $10 billion per person now. The rocket will dwarf Apollo. So, yes Sal, you can live on Mars in the next 6 years, but just bring us back some Mars rocks. Live or go visit Mars in our lifetimes, doesn't sound like the wheels are falling off the one way Mars idea, although this allows two way travel, which is obviously better for PR.
  7. Rupert Sheldrake Banned Ted Talk

    Gee, Claude hacked into another account, sigh!
  8. Just WOW !!!

    Do l need to call Ghostbusters?
  9. https://www.thestar.com.my/tech/tech-news/2017/12/12/hidden-keylogger-found-on-hp-laptops/ Spectre, it was originally an error, but irony plays a part here. I would keep an eye out for hackers with white kittys, lol, and go and get the patch asap.
  10. Rupert Sheldrake Banned Ted Talk

    Yes, l don't think that there is any concern of the video's longevity here!
  11. No, l am sitting back with a box of popcorn, waiting for the inevitable news flash!
  12. Well, they look cool and are clean and quiet, and,.......l hope that they are insured!
  13. The Man Who Invented Christmas, Review.

    A wonderful life, noooo, seen it too many times. I will stay with Die Hard, for Xmas as l always do! "I have a machine gun,....ho, ho, ho" always gets me.
  14. I Guess It's Official. I'm An Old Fogey!"

    Yep, l listened to Lizzy, (close enough) top 10 songs, and yep one almost got my attention, but the rest, geesh, repetitive, comatose lyrics, and her taking a swim, and her hedge trimmer hair wasn't enough to keep my attention. Most songs sounded like she was still putting the song together. U2, yes, they produced a few brilliant albums, but like a few artists who are rich, these days, (and Spielberg) they produce nothing new or crap. I would say Seal, (Rose on a Grave) and a handful of others produce great songs, but wealth corrupts, or wealth, makes you slack, or there is no incentive to create something great. I stayed for the closing credits for the Seal rose one, in the theatres, in Batman, so yeah, l don't do that too often. I have a good thousand songs mainly from the 80's, and pick and choose those. The last CD that l considered buying was Tin Cup, or the soundtrack, a few good ones, there, oh, and Guardians of the Galaxy, since they have the original 80's songs, not the f****up, cut and paste ones we hear on the radio.
  15. http://www.smh.com.au/world/firefighters-rescue-man-who-cemented-his-head-in-a-microwave-20171207-h015gb.html He was lucky he didn't suffocate, l guess? And l was beginning to think that the English were a pretty clever bunch, what with seeing the Italian Job, (1969) only yesterday.