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  1. Yeah, l have already been scammed and would rather make money.
  2. My WiFi tends to slow down like clockwork around 3 am, every night,....probably a saving money thing. We also got Optic fibre forced on us, and the street looks more slum like as a result, with at least two neighbours bitching about the cheap installation.
  3. Go about 15 minutes in... And also found this... https://www.timothysykes.com/blog/what-is-the-pattern-day-trading-rule-and-why-you-dont-need-25000-to-trade-stocks/ So, as long as l have 25k in a ASX/Account, before any trade, l can day trade my brains out. Although for me, l can do 3 day trades, or buy/sell in the same day, and have to hold the other two trades overnight, to get over this rule. I have sent an email to my online broker in AU, so we will see what they say? And yep doing a swing trade now, so it is another option.
  4. Hi, l have been messing about with the stockmarket and heard that more than three trades in a week, (or if l buy and sell shares on the same day more than three times in a week) that l can get my account locked up for 90 days. This was some kid that is on the stockmarket in the US, (video) so l don't think that living in AU that l need to be worried. I also went to the ASX site, and could only find info, on day trades, but nothing on that rule. So l appear to be safe, but just wanted to check here first, in case it is a new rule, and the gov, did a sloppy job telling us?
  5. Congrats Terra! True, chocolate is my secret weapon!
  6. Yeah, smarta***e, brat, that should get thrown into an African village, with starving children, because UNICEF supplies are blocked by some F***witted gorillas.
  7. Yes, but the portability would be lost, or l would have to sit in a room which would require heating, etc, to do so. Not a good idea, especially in a State that has one of the highest, electricity utility rates in the world. Yeah, ok, but there was also reluctance to try in, because of the fear of viruse's and some hacker being nearby, or reaching some unknown upload limit. I uploaded about a gigs worth a few days ago, and will certainly use this trick again when l upload 3 gigs worth, for a package product soon.
  8. Discovered this trick yesterday, had to download quite a few products, around the 50 - 100m each file sizes, and l knew that with my slow Wi Fi at home, l tried this at my local shopping ctr. I waited til all the shops closed, went upstairs to the Pancake Parlour, with my Laptop, and downloaded each file, glad that l did since the speed difference was pretty impressive. I did what would normally take me a day or two of uploading, in an hour, and the battery stood up pretty well, (l lost about half or still had an hour left). So l will certainly use that again. And you have to wait til the shops close to get the boost in speed, do it during shops open times, and it is a lot slower, (more people on laptops). Obviously since this is public Wi Fi, you wouldn't go to your bank accounts or download sensitive material, but if your home Wi Fi is a bit on the slow side, and you need to upload a lot of material give it a try, you will probably be blown away by the speed, (as l was) and it is free.
  9. Yes, good points, but the powerpoints require a lot more effort than a flyer does, and also requires significant investment into graphic elements, so something to keep in mind. And the best selling flyers, was clearly done by someone who put a lot of money into external traffic, (GR is primary Adwords driven traffic). https://graphicriver.net/user/design-cloud/portfolio?page=1 This one is primary flyers, and has sold over 11k, and yes he started in 2012, but he has over 200 flyers, l currently have 70, as well as over 150 on CM, (which sells almost as well as GR). My best seller to date is a wedding one, and a Mothers Day one, which have sold at almost 40 sales each, or $160 each, and they continue to sell each year by themselves! I have seen newbies do basic designs, with sales to match, but on GR the customer can buy a basic looking one, (usually for $9) or a high end one, for $6. Most will buy high end, since it takes years of experience to create a beautiful flyer, since it usually involves lighting affects, a good eye for perspective, balance of elements, tension between elements and so forth.
  10. True, that l am competing with others for $6 or more, and also true that most of my competitors, usually do 2 a week, or it would take them 10 years for 1k a month. No one to my knowledge does flyers for less than $6, apart from bundles and getting rid of crap stock. And l am or have been doing it for the last few months, or have been averaging 13 a week, (currently at 300+) or 1o years goes down to 1. And they have sold quite well, apart from CM's 2 month lull. I have based sale projections on previous years sales, and overall it has been pretty accurate! I appreciate that Khem.., but flyer sales all come down to sheer numbers, the more you have the more you make. There are unexpected lulls on both platforms, but overall sales remain constant. And l appreciate your angle, but l know of others who freelance,and there are times it does well, and other times it doesn't. Sure flyers is no different, but if one platform goes quiet, it can be recovered.
  11. Ok, fair enough, but CM and GR have thousands of flyers, for $6-$9 each, whereby the quality at GR is high, as each flyer is reviewed, and believe me they won't let a blurry image or uncentered object through, CM less so. The only thing that is labour intensive is changing the text to the clients needs, and a kid at Fiverr could do that?
  12. True Terra, l did look into outsourcing or give someone my 70 flyers on GR, and tell them to convert it all to CD templates. But it would have costed a lot for a trickle profit, so that idea is shelved. Thankfully CM, is coming good again, and l have found a way of doing flyers, super fast. So l am looking forward to trying that out soon. But l get where you and others are coming from, but unfortunately my trick does not translate well to other products. But l still do fonts
  13. Yes, me either, time flys when your stressed out, lol! And l would like to contribute also, but sales are dead at CM, GR is very hard to get Halloween stuff through, the Hungryjpeg, is crap for flyers, (new one) and still trying out a bundle site, (fingers crossed). Unless CM comes good very soon, l will have to seriously consider outsourcing. And flyer sales kill font sales, (unless it is handpicked) although l do find it relaxing, (fonts) so still do it occasionally.
  14. Create a few thousand flyers! No, seriously 2,3k should be able to generate that much, although all hub sites tend to have seriously dead times, lasting a month of so, so 3k plus, should be able to pull that off, if looked at over a year! And l agree that this sort of post achieved great results elsewhere, so second's the charm.
  15. Clever idea, and good if you can get leads, l created relatively long sales funnels, but tended to contact people who hinted through posts that they were experts or had long lists. This was mainly when l was pushing some software that l had created, (well, l team of programmers in India) and had mixed results, but overall about $800 went to affilaites and $300 for me, which was pretty lousy considering, it cost me about $130 to develop. I am concentrating more on sites with their own traffic these days, since it is less of a hassle.
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