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  1. World's Steepest Railway Opens In Switzerland

    I bet they had an uphill battle to get that finished.
  2. The modern world

  3. I'm getting published, Baby!

    So, when do we get our free copies. Although it looks like it might be a bit too advanced for some of the people on here*. Hopefully it has lots of pictures and not too many words. * By "some of the people, I meant me of course.
  4. Just WOW !!!

    A small win in Alabama = a clear victory in swinging states = an avalanche in progressive states.
  5. Just WOW !!!

    Maybe. Maybe not. No-one will know if the winds of change are really blowing until next year. One thing that may have proven was that allowing the Bannon/Mercer/Koch syndicate to choose candidates is a bad move.
  6. Just WOW !!!

    I think both of you are missing the point. Yes Moore is/was the most flawed candidate imaginable, but this was in Alabama - Alafuckingbama! This election points to the fact Democrats don't need Moore to use as a bad example. They already have the best bad example they need in the White House. All eyes now turn to the mid-terms next year. I've been reading that there are a record number of women who are going to be running in those. This can only be a good thing, because let's face it, menfolk have done a pretty poor job of running a country lately. Also remember that a woman actually won the popular vote last year even though she was a deeply flawed candidate herself. If not for your antiquated and completely ridiculous Electoral College system, she'd be President right now. Maybe Moore would've won in a landslide if she was President. Who knows?
  7. Just WOW !!!

    Perhaps some music might provide some EPIC relief. Here's Faith No Moore.
  8. If scientists wrote Christmas songs

    Spring chicken though she may be, she isn't a teenager anymore.
  9. I Guess It's Official. I'm An Old Fogey!"

    No, Hair Metal. (PS You just admitted that Budgie exist)
  10. What My Girlfriend Wants for Christmas.

    Oh dear. Oh dear, oh dear.
  11. I Guess It's Official. I'm An Old Fogey!"

    Every decade has had it's share of crappy music.
  12. Twitter can be a pretty rough place, especially when discussing something as divisive as politics. As a veteran of the #auspol stream, I can tell you that no quarter is asked for, and no quarter is given. However, none of that prepared me for the sheer bloody minded savagery of two Canadians going at it hammer and tongs. If you're squeamish or easily offended I implore you not to read any further. If you do, I accept no responsibility for any trauma you may experience from this exchange. Proceed at your own risk. Fvcking savages!
  13. This was inevitable

    I don't think it's being used by criminals for money laundering purposes, however I can see certain types of illegal transaction being facilitated by it. Remember a few years back when they shut down the Silk Road site. Most of the transactions were paid for with bitcoin (allegedly). I was reading earlier in the week how the ASX is looking into blockchain technology to speed up the purchase and sale of securities. I don't know what it's like in other parts of the world, but the ASX operates on a T+2 day turnaround. Although money comes out of my cash account to buy shares, and the shares appear in my account usually within minutes, depending on how actively traded the shares are, the actual confirmation and brokerage fees are done 2 days after the transaction. That also allows for time for the watchdog to investigate any irregularities. With blockchain this can be reduced to almost instantaneous. We'll see how it all pans out.