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  1. Obviously there's no Daleks involved otherwise it'd be an ExtermiNation.
  2. So, Mars is now a nation huh? The Whatty School Of Pedantry is ever vigilant.
  3. No. Her character is the one flaw in Billions. It just doesn't make any sense for her to be a loyal employee of her husband's arch enemy and for both Chuck and Axe to be OK with that. She does look good in her dominatrix gear though.
  4. What, you mean that only 1 in 10 humans are killed? Perhaps you meant eradicated, eliminated, destroyed or wiped out. From the desk of The Chancellor of the Whatty School Of Pedantry.
  5. It's a little known fact that before Messrs Emerson, Lake and Palmer got together, they were actually going to form a band with themselves and Mister Hendrix on guitar. Because the name Hendrix, Emerson, Lake and Palmer was a bit too much of a mouthful, they would've been known under the acronym HELP. This is not a joke post. Mr Hendrix's untimely death put an end to the proposed super-duper-supergroup.
  6. Not a problem. Eventually everyone comes around to my point of view anyway, so I'd just sit back and await the inevitable.
  7. I've got no idea why you keep banging on about the change to the wording on wing mirrors. Did it ever occur to you that the words "may be" are rather ambiguous and it wasn't getting the message through? Changing it to "are" is unequivocal. It leaves no room for doubt. It gets the message across loud and clear. It also explains the change simply and logically.
  8. One of my musical heroes, Neil Peart, drummer and lyricist for Canadian prog rockers Rush passed away on Tuesday from brain cancer. https://www.rollingstone.com/music/music-news/neil-peart-rush-obituary-936221/ Former Police drummer Stewart Copeland had this to say about Neil: Neil in action on the Letterman show in 2011: And with fellow band members Geddy Lee and Alex Lifeson in 1979: RIP Neil.
  9. No, it's not Wooster. It's probably a good thing for the young 'uns of Woodland that Jane is retired. It's also interesting that both Bobby and Jane share the same surname. Or is everyone in that neck of the woods related to each other? That would certainly explain a lot. https://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/americas/us-town-rejects-solar-panels-amid-fears-they-suck-up-all-the-energy-from-the-sun-a6771526.html
  10. There is an obvious retort about "being in" and you bending over. It is fortunate that I'm too much of a gentleman to respond.
  11. It destroyed the Wooster porn industry. It's biggest* "star" hit rock bottom and had to resort to selling vacuum cleaners in order to survive. Sad times. (* biggest in terms of body size, not popularity)
  12. I know you didn't actually forget that the boycott only applied to the Americastanian team. I also know you didn't actually forget that despite that boycott the World Fluffing Olympics continued with teams from everywhere else. As a member (pun intended) of the Australian team I competed, and I was once again adjudged the best. Idiot.
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