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  1. OMGoodness! It's the end of September already. Time is flying by! I have a book reading on October 5th for a Mom's group and the exciting thing about that is it's being held at our local fire station! My cover for the second book in my series has been approved. If anyone is interested in seeing it, you can here! Cover reveal of Book Two Needless to say, I'm excited about that. And even more exciting is that my book has been entered into a Book of the Year contest! If anyone would like to help me out, you can vote for it, here! https://forums.onlinebookclub.org/shelves/book.php?id=347652&boty=1 That's about it. 😊 Terra
  2. mki, I loved your stuff and pm'd you. Terra
  3. Of course you wouldn't pay that for elevator music accompanying fluff. 😉 Magazine articles are one area where straight out pricing per piece is essential. Also for ghostwriting books for authors. It all depends on whom and what you are you are writing for.
  4. mki, It's a little difficult to say what to charge for expert content without knowing the specialty. I can however give you ball park figures. For writing in general, I wouldn't charge less than $50 per 500 words. And when I wrote for the the medical industry, it was $75 for the same and those prices actually are on the low end of the scale. I would love to see a sample of your writing and take it from there. Terra
  5. Shay, When starting up a writing biz, you should never under price yourself to get startup clients with the plan of raising prices later. It doesn't matter how talented you are in writing, your previous low rate clients won't pay more. They will move on to other low rate writers. So I would advise knowing your worth and charge for it from the get go. You will get loyal customers that way that will keep coming back for more.and recommend you to others. Unless they want to keep you a secret for themselves, lol!. A lot of clients won't even consider low rate writers as they instantly think of "writer's mill" which has a negative connotation attached. There is nothing wrong with running a sale to get start up clients, just make sure you post what your regular price is right from the get go. Hope this helps! 😊 Terra
  6. Let me first say, Holy Moly!! Where has the time gone? Ok, now that that's out of the way, I'm back to update. First, I want to thank Mike for starting this thread. It has been a great help in keeping myself in check, lol! So, for the month of August, I have been extremely busy! Not only did half of my family decide to be born or get married in August, but I have been working on my website as well as doing research on marketing a book. I finally got my connect with Terra part done with the contact form, but also my newsletter subscription all set up. I'm excited about that as I will begin to release the blurb from the back of the second book and also do a cover reveal once I approve it with my publishing assistant. And some other fun stuff. I like fun, so I'm going to enjoy it, LOL! I have been contacted by a couple of "moms" groups and therefore have 2 author reads set up for October.. One is from my town and the other is a large regional group. I can't wait. The month of September I will be contacting local schools, contacting the media specialist and setting up author reads there as well. I have been given a lead from another author for when the second book is released later this year. It's a direct connection to journalists who are looking for new leads for stories. That is going to be great too! On a personal note, I have been enjoying my new grandson as much as I can. He is the apple of my eye and beat of my heart. He's growing so fast!! And I had a blast on our anniversary trip. I played like a little kid, LOL So, how is everyone else coming along? Terra
  7. Terra

    Tips for writing a classic romantic novel

    After looking at the link you provided, I now have to ask what kind of romance novel you wish to write. A classic novel for romance lovers around the world, or one that would/could be used as a tool in relationship/affection counseling?😕 Terra
  8. Terra

    I'm getting published, Baby!

    Okay, time for another update! I had two more events. One was Hippie Fest and that was fun! And the second was an author's tent at a local town Fest. This one was awesome as I got to meet and hobnob with other authors and get info on some upcoming events for authors. There's quite a few of them, so I need to decide which I'd like to participate in and go from there. I'm liking the Christmas one. I'll keep you posted! 😊 Terra
  9. Well, July is almost over, so I thought I'd pop in and give an update. I have just turned in my cover design for my second book and once I approve that, then I'll get a box of my books for final hands on approval. Then the book release follows, hooray!! I have two more events scheduled. One is being a vendor at The Hippie Fest and the cool thing about that is they contacted me. They were looking for more items for sale for kids and since Little Jenna grew up in the 60s, era of the hippies, she's in. We have to dress the theme so I have my white bell bottoms, tie-dye gauze top, round pink sunglasses and flowered headband all ready. My theme at my table is flower power and I also have a flowered table cloth to fit my theme. I'm really excited about that! Hippies at the Village It's July 28th. The other event is in a local authors tent at Good Times in Goodrich August, fourth. Other authors will be there with their books too. It should be a blast! To stick out of the crowd, I've written a little piece to hand out to passers by written in Jenna's voice giving some book teasers. Local Authors Tent Other than that, I've been working on my website for my books and that is slow going because I am a verified techtard, haha! Little Jenna Jafferty After the author's tent, I will be leaving with hubby for our 35th anniversary trip to enjoy some downtime, hubby time, and Michigan treasures. If I have any books left after the 2 events, I'll bring them along, because, you never know. 😁 Oh, and on a personal note, I've been enjoying my new grandson! And we were able to get a four generation photo of the Kern guys too! Four generation photo Terra
  10. Terra

    I'm getting published, Baby!

    Hi guys! Popping in to give an update or two, LOL! I had my first book signing Saturday and on the 19th my new grandson arrived 1 month early but perfect. What do these two things have in common you ask? He made a special appearance at my book signing!! Hooray! Book Signing Baby just a little bigger than book And as of today, my book is available on Walmart (dot) com in their online bookstore! I'm so excited!! Thank all of you for your support!! 💕 Terra
  11. Exactly Dan! That is the conclusion that I came to. Only 2 of the twelve chapters are Christmas. I don't want to mislead or tick off any readers/parents or disappoint any children.. So that is out. Theresa, I'm not concerned about a winter or any other season for the cover, it was a specific holiday and a major one at that. I've decided against it. altogether. My graphics guy said, "Do whatever you want Mom, just don't make it too generic, LOL! He's busy getting settled into the new place and preparing for the birth of his son. They're inducing on Monday, a whole month early. Complications, Yikes! Thank you so much for you thoughts Shay! Mike, Dang it! I thought I was completely settled on what I wanted for the front and back covers, but I love your idea and so now I have to go and think some more, LOL! I really like your idea as a full spread across the front and back covers. But which should have 2 holidays and which should have one? Front or back?...Yep! Back to the thinking board, LOL! Terra
  12. It's near the time I need to give my publishers what I want for the front and back cover design for the second book in my series. It takes place from the beginning of Fall until the end of Winter. Some of the chapters include Halloween, Christmas and Valentine's Day. The book will be released mid-fall. What I was wondering is if you think having a Christmas scene on the front cover would hinder Spring and Summer sales. I know it would certainly help for Christmas gifts/sales but I'm not sure if it would be a hindrance to sales for the rest of the year. It is a series and the second book so I'm befuddled at the moment. I do have another design chosen for the front and back covers that have to do with just fall and winter just incase the Christmas scene is a bad marketing idea. Thoughts? Thanks in advance! Terra
  13. 😱 You Big Drunken Greek, you! Well, what else was I going to say? LOL! Terra
  14. You flatterer! I like it, haha! I'll bet your lovely wife is just putty in your hands. 😉 Terra

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