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  1. I'm getting published, Baby!

    UPDATE: I'm still waiting for my press release to be released, but my video trailer has been finished. I must say, I am having the time of my life. It's such fun watching the process of the whole thing. What kind of sucks is that I only get book sales reports quarterly so I won't know how many have sold until March 31st. BUT, I will wait patiently, lol! Terra
  2. I'm getting published, Baby!

    That settles it then! I never ever argue with chocolate! Terra
  3. I'm getting published, Baby!

    Swedish?... Terra
  4. I'm getting published, Baby!

    Or is it Alpine? LOL! Terra
  5. I'm getting published, Baby!

    UPDATE: My book is now available at a ton of different online bookstores and is also available as ebooks on many of them, but the most exciting thing to me right now is seeing it listed in the search engines in different languages! I have seen it in Japanese and in whatever language the Swiss speak, LOL! Terra
  6. I'm getting published, Baby!

    Actually I have, Don. Amazon sold out their initial stock already. Hooray!! Barnes and Noble still have some available online though. Terra
  7. I'm getting published, Baby!

    Aww! How sweet of you, Mike! Thank you so much for posting the link! Terra
  8. I'm getting published, Baby!

    Well, it's happened. Here Comes Little Jenna Jafferty appeared on both the Amazon and Barnes and Noble sites today. Hooray! The listings are so new though, they don't include the cover of the book, just the description, Haha! But, they are there and I couldn't be happier!! Terra
  9. The new "green" boom

    What I just discovered is that Sessions just legalized synthetic marijuana for drug companies just a couple of months ago. Before, just the THC was harvested from the plant and made into pill form. But now they can use synthetic marijuana and that kind of scares me. Wasn't it just a few years back where gas stations and party stores were selling synthetic pot and kids were going psycho and even dying from it? Terra
  10. Why? Because you were feeling guilty? Terra
  11. I'm getting published, Baby!

    It's only a matter of time now! I just got word from Cindy this is what is happening now... Needless to say, excited doesn't begin to describe how I am feeling right now!! Terra
  12. The new "green" boom

    I bet you just nailed it!! Terra
  13. The new "green" boom

    I'm with you, Mike. Even the president said this should be left up to the states. Not all Republicans are on board to my understanding. See why I'm neither a Republican nor a Democrat nor any other party loyal? LOL! Terra
  14. I'm getting published, Baby!

    Hooray! I just got word from my publishing assistant that the production team is in the process of setting up the links for digital version sale, as well as preparing my Video Trailer, and Press Release! Call me happy! I love progress. Terra
  15. The new "green" boom

    And I'm glad that I'm not the only one to feel this way... Republicans Vow to Throw Down Against Jeff Sessions After Feds Threaten All Marijuana Users Terra