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  1. I use this widget too. It seems to 'function' well/correctly but for what its worth... I track my buy button conversions at the top, bottom (its a discount offer), and the floating SB. The SB gets the most 2x the clicks but the actual conversion of a completed CB sales is much lower.
  2. I'm looking to improve my tracking and was thinking about prosper but after an hour (or 2) of researching, my head hurts as so much of it is dated, etc! Thought I'd see if anyone uses it here and could give a few simple tips. Thanks!
  3. Agreed. I'm only using it for reviewing expired domains but there's a lot of additional functionality and it seems like the developers are happy to take suggestions.
  4. I haven't heard much conversation if people are using this but I can report it's working well for me. There's always a bit of a learning curve but it's definitely superior to the old SG. A couple points: 1) Customer service has been solid. I asked for a new registration code as I got a new computer and they just gave me a second one for free. 2) They personally emailed me and asked for user feedback. It seems like they truly want to maintain and improve this thing 3) I finally bucked up and bought real proxies through TorGuard. It was on sale... They are plenty fast and keep me from getting blocked on PR pulling. 4) I pull my backlinks from ahrefs as they have a bit better coverage vs. Moz I think and xray let's you run pull the Moz PA/DA pretty quickly using a free MOZ license. 5) i also like ahrefs as I realized or they changed so you can export just what they judge to be the best single backinking URL vs. getting 1000's because it's a sidewide link. This lets you run xray super fast as you aren't wasting time checking the crap backlinks. Negatives: 1) The moz data is throttled but not that slow as I'm typically only checking a couple hundred links. I asked about multiple licenses and they are avoiding this to avoid the ire of Moz which I get. 2) The report columns return to the default each time you open the program. (they are working on this)
  5. Yep. It's back up. I'll be checking this out as I've checked a few more on Pingdom and very few have the original settings. I noticed a couple were screwed up 2 weeks ago but assumed it was me doing something wrong while on autopilot... But I fixed those and checked them a few days later and saw the notification was turned off.
  6. Mike Is this service still working for you? I was using free Pingdom accounts but I've noticed about 75% of my accounts have had the notification turned off which makes it pretty worthless. I tried the link and just going to their site and I get a bad gateway error. Thanks
  7. Yukon You have a great memory.... PS - I thought I'd read the rest of the thread but stopped at #2 for obvious reasons....
  8. No notes or negative changes in rankings for me. If anything this might explain some positive movement on a newer project where 50% of the top 20 results were very spammy. At the end of last week I was around 14 for the product name.... I'm now 5th and 6th. I also have network sites ranking: 15th and 24th. The KY gets about 2k search per day.
  9. Nice conversion rate! I originally skipped the meta refresh option as it was caveated that it didn't work for Firefox or Safari users (however I use Firefox and it worked) but since doing 1x1 iframe let the audio and exit pop-up to screw up my page and user experience, I gave this a try and it appears to work based on a quick test as my affiliate ID is at the bottom of the order form. I figured out the people running adwords directly to the order form were using this technique so I just used their code and swapped my affiliate code and tracking codes. It's nice as it even has a little 'processing discount' graphic:) Since it's Mother's Day I'm planning on rolling this this out tomorrow as I've already pushed my luck doing this today. Don't know if I'll get 12% conversion but it will beat their ~1% conversion sales video!
  10. Thanks. I'm wanting to use the iframe to set MY cookie so I'll keep looking for a solution as this particular sales video is awful.. It seems like the new way for CB products is to force people to endure a long annoying video at the start. Some products it's actually a challenge to even find the BUY button. Have a great weekend.
  11. Yukon I managed to work this out however I'm trying to do this where the only CB vendor sales page available is a video page. So when I load the page in a 1x1 pixel frame you here the audio which gives a very weird user experience. My page also inherites the 'are you sure you want to leave this page'. Which is also bad as it does this even if they click my 'buy' button. Does this mean this techniques is limited to static sales pages or am I missing something? Thanks
  12. I'm not a lawyer either but have worked and lived across Europe and to make a very broad sweeping statement... Europeans and their governments think very differently than most Americans. Socialist ideals, big government, and safety nets/entitlements are more main stream.
  13. I only use the free version so I'm not a power user but one thing to note is that I do find is that it does miss many keywords so always triangulate. This is especially true for any clickbank related keyword.
  14. Thanks again. I was just reading through a 2013 WF thread that you discussed this on too. I think I'll probably read a bit more on direct linking & cookie setting and the risk involved as I think I'm currently getting a pretty good response by linking to their sales page. They actually have a couple so I'll probably test those soon. I'm already getting a couple sales a day and I think I'm only getting about 5 to 10% of the traffic that I should be able to pull if I can move most of my target keywords from page 2 to page 1. While this was very helpful Yukon. I'm actually realizing that we are off my original topic. (Did I hijack my own thread?) Anyone have comments about asking people to confirm that they wish to leave your webpage? I figure I can give them a message that they can opt to a $7 trial vs. paying full price. Seems like a no-brainer as I'm losing them from my website but I don't want to piss Google off. Danke!
  15. Thanks Yukon. I think I remember you mentioning driving traffic straight to the purchase page over at WF a while back. That was on my list of ideas to test too as I agree that it seems like if someone is clicking my links on my site they are ready to buy and not looking for more information. Most of my traffic is from people already searching with the product name so it seems a pretty easy/high conversion I think. I too am just providing the facts and some details. I'll have to research how you do that over the weekend but of course if you have a link or two which drops the knowledge on me I won't complain:). I screen out CB products that attempt to collect emails without my traffic buying as those are lost sales for me and commission free sales from them. BOO!
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