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  1. Ingie

    WordPress Plugin Idea

    Somewhat. They do show the earnings & what affiliate product link was clicked if someone purchases an item that you are actually linking to. Where it would get tricky is if people purchase other items that you didn’t link to while still under your 24 hour cookie. It still shows the commission & the item purchased but not what actual link they clicked that lead to those purchases. This is just off the affiliate dashboard so maybe they have a more in depth system for developers I’m not seeing.
  2. Ingie

    WordPress Plugin Idea

    It would be cool idea for a plugin, where it would show on the backend of WordPress how much each article has earned you through Amazon affiliates. Other affiliates could of course be added but would like to see one for Amazon for sure.
  3. Ingie

    Bitcoin is Booming

    A hard drive that has 7,500 bitcoins on it that was thrown away years ago is now sitting somewhere in a landfill in Wales at almost 50 million dollars. https://www.theguardian.com/technology/2013/nov/27/hard-drive-bitcoin-landfill-site
  4. I have a very niche domain which limits to what I can write about on my site which is currently ranking and bringing in some money. I want to buy an expired domain and 301 my current domain to it. Would this kill the rankings? I get doing a domain 301 to your current domain but doing it in reverse worries me.
  5. Thanks for the heads up. After I went back and looked at the source code I did find where the links show up. It just showed up at the bottom of the page instead of towards the top where the shortcode is actually applied. Either way is fine, just glad to see it.
  6. I'm using a comparison table plugin for the products which all have heir links inside them. The plugin places a [short code] in the article I'm using it for. When I inspect element of the page I don't see any of the links from that shortcode. Eveything is working fine I'm just curious does google see those links?
  7. Ingie

    Weird Serp Movement

    Yeah I've been familiar with the google dance for awhile but this is really the first time I'm noticing it for a kw on the first page to this extreme. Im use to seeing it for kws on the 2page and below.
  8. Ingie

    Weird Serp Movement

    Started a few weeks ago and does it about every 4th day.
  9. I've got a low search volume keyword that is going from the #2 spot then bounces to #15 or #16 then a few days later shoots back to #2. This has been the strangest movement I've seen for any kw I've tracked. Im use to seeing major movement from 2nd page and down but once a kw hits the first page it's usually more normal movement of up one or down a few spots. I don't see anything internal or external link wise that would have caused this weird jump.
  10. Ingie

    No Following Menu Links

    Glad I clicked on this topic, I had all of my footer link pages as nofollow. Will change them when I get home.
  11. If you did find a site that was a decent site, not many other comments and had do follow links. Blog comments that is. Would you try to comment on 2-3 different pages of that site to get a few more back links from it?
  12. Ingie

    Amazon Affiliate Program Changes

    Same here, with their recent purchase of jet they could make that into a powerhouse for affiliates and steal a lot of amazons.
  13. What's your thoughts on doing this to hopefully make you stand out from others and maybe help in the trust aspect mainly for email guest posting outreach?
  14. Ingie

    A Thought On Negative SEO

    Found a article that talks about just this, http://www.topranksolutions.com/copyright-infringement-affects-rank-positions/ From 2012 but still answers a lot of what I was thinking.

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