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  1. I usually buy all of my photos from a big photo company, the license I mean. I do know about Creative Commons and things of that nature but still get confused on one area. If something is listed under the public domain or Creative Commons under let's say Wikimedia and someone uses that photo thinking it's safe but you get a letter from a lawyer saying that photo was actuall copyrighted and should never have been placed on wiki media. Are you liable for being sued?
  2. Exactly what I needed to know thx to both.
  3. Anyone used it, if so is it worth it? Would the plagiarism checker be on par or better with copyscape?
  4. I'm wanting to create a similar sidebar menu as to the one he has on realmenrealstyle.com the one where it says start here down to podcast. Is this a plugin that does this or that can create something similar?
  5. Terra is saying that someone doesn't have control over who likes them. Which makes sense. If Frank liked me for the stuff I wrote on here then great but I have no way of MAKING him do that. If we're talking about paying someone for their endorsement or promising them a position if she becomes president then that's another matter all together.
  6. Better not use the term "wall" Frank. You'll be labeled a racist by the left.
  7. Ingie

    Donald Trump

    Can't speak from personal experience as I wasn't alive then but from the pictures, movies it seemed like a decent era to live in minus all of the racism crap. I like a lot of the music, how everyone dressed, heck even the criminals were sharp dressers.
  8. I wish there was a countdown timer for the release of the next batch of emails. We could do a New Year's Eve type party countdown! Of course you'd be invited Frank.
  9. lol who gives a crap WHO leaked the emails. It could have been isis who released the documents and it wouldn't change anything. It's not like they forged the documents. Facts are getting leaked out and Hillary and the DNC are trying to do damage control but have zero idea wtf to say because well there isn't anything they can. Hell even throwing their hands up and saying well you caught me would be a better solution than this but but Russia! tactic. This is just cringeworthy to watch anyone from the DNC try to deflect this. I'm going through popcorn like crazy though haha The RNC biggest issue = but she copied her speech DNC = holy hell to much to name and only the first day. Dang it I'm gonna need to buy some more popcorn for this comedy marathon.
  10. Ingie

    Donald Trump

    I never watch these things but I wanted to tune in for specific people's speeches. Marcus Luttrel Mayor guliani Ivanka Trump These 3 absolutely nailed their speeches. Trumps speech was ok but It was a lot of the same ole from his others. A special mention for Sheriff Clarke idk if it was his speech or he is just a good speaker but one of the two or both sounded good.
  11. Only the ones with felonies but that's neither here nor there.
  12. I agree that it should be insanely easy to do this as long as you're a citizen. I'm not saying each one needs a drivers license. I would want something as simple as a site where you type in your SS # then you print off your id voter paper and that is all the site does. A very simple setup. This would be so simple that there should be no reason for anyone having an issue with it.
  13. Reread what you just wrote then let it sink in.I'll even throw in a bone to help you. The ID law was meant to prevent citizens of OTHER countries not be allowed to vote here. If you're a citizen of Canada but decided to come down here to vote then go back after casting your vote that does nothing for us Americans. This is why democrats don't care about closing the border. They are pouring in more votes from citizens NOT with USA. Brb renting boats and bringing in 200k Israel citizens to New York to vote to for Trump. But But they arn't American citizens. Democrats are only for it if it fits their agenda. I'll go easy on you for one because I still think you're just trolling here but also because you just linked to huffington post which possibly indicates a possibly head injury.
  14. Ingie

    Donald Trump

    Only thing I have taken from these posts is that I think Claude wants to become a pilot.
  15. Ingie

    Donald Trump

    I've said plenty of things against liberals and left wings with nothing getting deleted or a ban on here.I think it's seriously the tone like Ashley said. If anything this is by far the most neutral mods I've seen in a forum. I may have Hillary coming to drop a barbell on me but haven't heard a peep from the mods
  16. Interesting, maybe it has poped up before and I just never noticed it. I'm much more keen on noticing search engine changes after starting IM.
  17. First time I've seen this pop up but today I got a question pop up from Google asking how happy I was with the top ten results they showed. Had 5 faces ranging from unhappy to happy, like you would see at a doctors office for kids. Was searching on my phone if that makes a difference.
  18. Ingie

    Donald Trump

    I was pretty disappointed that he didn't throw racist in that list. I know you wouldn't have forgotten that term right Frank?
  19. Ingie

    Donald Trump

    Tried polish. Yikes I shifted over to learning something abit easier like internet marketing
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