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  1. Mike it has definitely gotten better with time here on my end. Fact is, I've fallen in love with the new Adwords layout. Time changes everything.
  2. I hate all change. This happens with age. My brain is 57 years old and doesn't like learning new stuff as much as it used to. But above all other things? I hate the new Adwords interface. I used to glide all around the old one seamlessly. I knew where everything was and how to affect it. I do a lot of screen leaping with clients while I work on their stuff so that they can see what's going on inside their campaigns. As of Friday last week, when the option for reverting to the classic adwords button was removed I started practicing with the new interface and hate it more now than before. And what they did with the keyword research tool is no less than criminal. I know Google says it's to make things better. But any time Google changes anything, they change it with one focus. And that's to increase their bottom line. And HELLO EVERYBODY! I've been away quite awhile and decided to pop in and see what's up these days. Some time back I decided I had to quit reading forums so much and do more work instead. It's good to see this place is still going, and going well.
  3. Thanks for the input guys! Now I'm going to just change them back and forget it. Thanks for that link to the "Understanding nofollow" write up Mike. I sure don't need google thinking I'm link sculpting
  4. I know we all like to manage our onsite link juice properly and often I've heard Mike and Yukon both advise that it's a good practice to keep our eyes on. There's the "about" "contact" "find us" and other standard pages linked from our main navigation menus that really have no need for link juice. It's not often that we're trying to rank a "contact" or "about" page. That juice is most often better pushed to our other pages. Some of you are probably aware of this but I wasn't. There is a function built right in wordpress that let's you nofollow these main nav menu links. Here's a quick and easy tutorial I found online that shows how easy it is to do. I did to my site and then checked the source code. It seems to work just fine. Check it out and let me know what you think. I just did decide today to tackle this old problem of mine and kind of hope this works out for me. https://woorkup.com/add-nofollow-links-wordpress-menu/
  5. I bought access to his stuff yesterday. Now I just need to put the terms and privacy policy on some of my sites.
  6. Before I use a plugin on one of my WordPress sites for the first time, I always vet them. Nothing extensive or exotic. I like to check the amount of active installs, the ratings, and the last time it was updated. Generally If a plugin hasn't been updated in a while, or has very few active installs I just won't use it. I'm this way when I buy themes too. In the back of my mind I don't want the suspicion that I have a potential time bomb ticking in the form of something that's not well supported, or soon to just be up and gone. I have a client that I'm building a site for that's going to be a SuperPac site. It's a pretty big venture. He did some searching around and landed himself on "donate.ly" as his solution for taking online donations. So I vetted it and discovered that it only has 400 active installs world wide, and hasn't been updated in over a year. After reviewing other similar plugins I've found that the top rated plugin "Give" has over 10,000 active installs and was updated again less than 48 hours ago. It has some great reviews too. This "donate.ly" plugin has very little about it online. They have a website though. I'm just suspicious that the word press plugin directory has such low numbers for it. Anybody know how WordPress plugin directory compiles it's statistical data about the individual plugins it has? Is it on autopilot? Does the plugin owner come in and update it themselves? I gotta make up my mind one way or the other. Told the client I had reservations about their choice and explained why. Still am curious about the plugin directory's numbers though and if they're really accurate. Anybody here a plugin developer? Do you know if the directories info is accurate?
  7. You and me both brother !! Last time I was able to get a business listed in DMOZ was a year or two ago..
  8. I will take my business towards managing paid ads and social instead of providing SEO. I'm done with Google moving my cheese around.
  9. I do a one time fee (industry scan). And a monthly if possible. They have to pay the one time fee (industry scan) to start, and I have to receive the money before I do anything for them. Basically it goes like this. I charge them one fee to do what I call an industry assessment scan and I hit them with this 5 minutes into the first conversation so that they're not wasting my time. This scan shows them their positioning for their top 50 keywords, along with a back link scan, and citation report that lists their current citations and shows them where they are and if their NAP is consistent or not. I also do this for their top two competitors so that they can see who's beating them and how. This is a total of 3 assessments. I charge a one time fee of $1000.00 for doing this. I don't start any work till their money clears my account. This industry assessment takes about a day and is not done for free. If they're a referral from a current client I reduce the one time fee to $500.00. The reason I hit non referred clients with a $1000.00 fee up front is to weed out the tire kickers and Chodes. If you're going to be successful (make money) at SEO you have to charge for assessing where they stand in their industry against their competitors before anything else. If they want to take my reports and try to do their own SEO or hire their nephews friend, that's fine with me cause I've been paid for showing them why they're not ranking and why their competitors are. If they want to move forward with me then the fun starts. Normally for a small business operating in a city the size of Louisville I charge a minimum (ranking fee) of $500 per month. Depending on the degree of competition of their industry I may charge as high as $1500 per month. Standard time to get them into the top 3 spots and in the local pack is 6 months. This includes redoing their onsite SEO, placing new citations, paid directory listings, and back links from my network. Once they're ranked it's $250.00 per month to keep them there. If they stop paying I pull their back links from my network (5-15 links) and stop paying the annual fees for their directory listings. I make clear to them that this will tank their rankings and that for me to reinstate them would cost them a reinstatement fee of $1000.00 and then a monthly fee of $500.00 until I get their rankings back. Followed by the old monthly maintenance fee of $250.00 per month to maintain it. I've never lost a client in the 4 years I've been doing it this way. And if it's not broke I aint fixing it. Anyway. This is how I do it. One last thing. I don't do contracts. It's all done on a hand shake. All my customers are set on auto pay. The real key to being successful is getting them ranked for their industries top key phrases and keeping them there. If you do that they will pay their bill on time every month and brag to their business owner friends about your abilities. This is turn will get you all the clients you need to be successful and have a decent income with a little money left over to invest in new ventures. Hope this helps you !!
  10. I got a email with an "about us" video in the footer. I thought it was pretty cool that they did that and I did watch the video. If nothing else it's a great way to get views on a video. I've read that view count is part of the YouTube ranking algo.
  11. Trackball mouse? I feel as though I'm missing something. Seriously thinking about buying one to try them out. Recommendations?
  12. I've always been a big believer in hardware to make myself more productive. And have never understood how people can accomplish anything of much consequence on a laptop. This year I retired my 3 Asus 24 hmdi monitors. They were top of the line back in 2010 when I bought them and had served me well. But I'm 55 now and my old eyes were having a little trouble seeing them. That and even though I stay in great shape sitting upright at my desk all day was beginning to affect my back a little. So! After much research, and trips to 6 furniture stores with a full size Lavenger Lapdesk and my tape measure in hand I found the perfect recliner. It's terrible comfy to the point where I can sleep in it LOL. When it's all the way extended and the foot rest is all the way up my feet still have 5 or six inches till they hit the bottom of my monitor table. Then I ordered an 8 gig Radeon 480 video card with HDMI 2.0 and 4 display ports. I hooked the HDMI 2.0 Radeon to a New Hisense 4k 50 inch tv with 4:4:4: chroma and hdmi 2.0 input. Then I got me a 40 in 1080P LG tv and hooked it into a display port. One remote operates both tv's just fine. The Hisense 50" TV is now my primary monitor and get this... You cannot distinguish it from a regular computer monitor. It's the clearest thing you've ever seen. It's clarity with text or anything else I put on it is far superior to any high end PC monitor. I can open two browsers or programs on it and work in both of them at the same time with a youtube video tutorial playing on the 40 inch right next to it. All while I'm layed back in my recliner with my keyboard and mouse on my lapdesk. My eyes are easily 4 feet away from them but I can see them crystal clear. It's heavenly I can lay all the way back in my recliner now and go all day and my eyes never strain to see anything. I've never been more productive than I am now. When folks visit my office they just stare at it. The only reason I didn't do this sooner was the price of 4:4:4: chroma abled 4k tv's was just a bit to high. An added benefit is watching 4k videos on it. Singly the biggest thing to affect my productivity since I built my monster machine I'm using.
  13. I didn't get whacked exactly this way but... I bought one of those little FLiP video cameras back in the day. I loved that little thing. It was so easy to make YouTube videos with. They had a little library of simple tunes that you could use on the videos that came with the camera package. I had one that really fit my videos nicely so I used it. 5 years later every video on YouTube that had that tune, accompanied with the narration I provided about the videos had the sound removed due to copyright infringement. Now I have great silent videos LOL. Sadly with FLiP being gone, I couldn't prove that I had gotten the music with rights included. If I use music in the future I will have my nephew (he makes beats) create them for me and pay him. I don't even want to talk about the 1500.00 I had to pay because I didn't verify that a client didn't have rights to an images he wanted included on a site I was leasing him. Lost the $1500.00 and a client both. I was actually going to fight it till my attorney sent me a link to an article about the attorney that had filed the suit. It was all he did for a living. That and nothing more. Guy was famous for hosing web designers through infringement claims.
  14. Sitemaps aren't old and outdated. And there is a certain amount of effort that I put into them once and once only. Case in point. Client came to me day before yesterday with a new site they'd built a month ago. Surprisingly they did a pretty good job on everything including their onsite seo. Page names, titles, descriptions, H tags, Alt tags and all were surprisingly in place. Problem. The site was nowhere to be found in the rankings. It took them a week or two to build it and then they unticked the box in wordpress so that the search engines could index it. Two weeks later and they couldn't find anything but the homepage. They could search text directly off the pages and nada. Got them a Google Search Console setup. Had them submit a sitemap.xml file via a plugin. Went into Search Console and did a desktop fetch on every page of the site. Told google to index the pages..... Two hours later every page was indexed in google and findable for the keyprhases they were targeting. Do I pay attention to them? Not really Do I optimize them? Not really I do install them via a plugin https://wordpress.org/plugins/google-sitemap-generator/, submit them in Google Search Console. Then force feed each page using the google fetch. Then submit what was fetched for indexing. After that I forget about them.
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