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  1. Dont you think that a simple Google keyword tool report showing them the search volume for their keywords will suffice? anfter that attach an explanation of what it means, how you get it and how this people can profit from them (contacting you obviously) Cheers So pretty much what I have been doing already, haha. Looks like my mind was already pointed in the right direction- thanks for your assistance!
  2. A response to my post, a big idea I have for the area, my small town, is to prove to businesses that they can be doing so much more to gain more visitors to their websites. My area is about 5 years behind on any technology, so if I can find some good services to offer, I will have the market 100%.
  3. This information actually helps, and thank you for telling me that Alexa is not worth it before I signed up an account. Thank you both for your quick answers, I will be sure to review your comments and check out what you have suggested. Really I am looking for a way to find traffic reports of competition websites and see what they are doing and what I could be doing to compete.
  4. Alright, I need some advice; I am trying to find a program that I can place a website link in, and it will provide some accurate data about website traffic, page rankings and what not. Taking straight to a Google search, I found Alexa, what advice would you put out there with Alexa, and which is a good monthly plan to start with? Also, is there any more programs like this out there? I am looking for affordable, I don't want to break the bank right yet.
  5. It does have a lot of features, and its very "clean cut" I like that when I am looking for a new template to build with.
  6. Personally, I am looking into these type of SILO methods and would be interested in seeing this Wordpress theme when it is finished. Best of luck with the website idea, I am not too strongly experienced in this area of Google Adsense, so I will just keep my input out for now!
  7. Here is the aspect I am looking at right now to market to businesses. In my city I live, I am close with many small business owners, that if I tell them they need to do something online, they do it. I have about a Dozen clients I could push this too, and they would think it is the coolest thing in the world. My goal is to not provide "just a list" I want to provide more. So, we do more- I have a few interns that attend marketing classes, and business administration majors. They need "real life experience" so I have a good boat of helpful employees to get the name out there. As for search engine results, that will come with the places being listed, and with our contantly flowing blog that will write topics based on the industry and targeting them in the area we are searching. Each week, we want to promote 1 shop from a Regional area (Split the state into about 10 Regions). And we write a promotional blog post about them and share it on their social media, thier website, our website and our social media. This is placing their business, not only in 1 location, but multiple. For $20 a month to receive good content, and attention like this- I see it as a positive. If I were a business owner, and someone came into my shop promoting something like this, I would give it a shot and see what happens. $20 is nothing for many businesses. In my area there is a little competition with a website that does something similar, but they focus in only one city, when mine will eventually hit the whole state. So we are looking to talk with the website directory and see if we can offer them a deal to list the businesses on their site, on ours as well. So we are helping both directories (this company will 98% take that offer). I really feel I have a good idea how I am going to market it- I just wanted some feedback, so I appriciate all of the responses. I am going to be offering businesses to try it for free, just to get listed and to make other businesses I present to see that there is an interest. Hints my objective; "If your friend thinks its cool, perhaps it is cool". I think if businesses see their compeition on this directory, they are going to want to be on there too, no matter if they get 1 sale from being listed on there, or 50 sales. DarthSCULPT thank you for the support, and Mike, thank you for keeping my mind thinking
  8. I have been working on a project, an online website directory focused in the area of the wedding industry. The goal of the directory is to list businesses that cater to the wedding industry in anyway, which users to the website can find contact information, reviews and other features to match what they are looking for to plan their wedding. I am starting this project in my home state, targeting my area businesses and planning to get them listed on the site (most likely to start free of charge until traffic is built). What I have done is figured out Categories (Photography, Dress Shops, Tux Shops, Catering, Transportation, & more). I have then placed Location based sections that focus on towns and cities within my state. The directory main page will have a search bar to select your category and location and find businesses within a ratius that the user will enter (fromm 10-200 miles from the selected location). The website will also have the ability to promote certain businesses (that pay for more attention) to be listed first, and have special features. I have 3 packages set up for businesses; Free Listing, Premium, Ultra package listings. The free would consist of only the business contact information, no pictures or reviews. The premium and ultra allow for pictures, descriptions of services, social media feeds, and more. I am really trying to find individuals that have experience starting directory website and can give me some tips on how to market this project. I am intending to contact businesses, by phone, mail, or stop in their shop to present my services. I have also allotted a budget to advertise local listings on Google, Facebook and such to get viewers to the website. I know that the website will take time to gain traffic, but how can I enhance the traffic, and encourage businesses to pay ($20 a month or so) to be listed on this website? This is a project that I have been working day in and out for the past couple months to prepare for the launch. Any tips or advice would be a plus!
  9. Honestly, a website start-up is what you make of it. There are plenty of industries that we said we back in the day (that will never be successful) and look at them now. Time, effort, research, awesome content, and amazing marketing will help. This is what this forum is all about, helping each other get their dreams fullfilled.
  10. When will this be availible for us
  11. Honestly, I would go with your idea and just see where it takes you. Your business and website is only as good as the content and effort you place into it. You can find writers that would enjoy placing their works on your website, perhaps offer a Column of the week where you feature someone's post. As a recent graduate from college, myself and other classmates would write part time for websites and blogs for some small amounts of income- you can find writers, quality writers, but you need to have incentives for their work to enhance your website idea. I do like your idea though, I would check the compeition in your area, your state/provience, and go from there.
  12. Words of inspiration by Mike, very accurate though- shouldn't be afraid to take some risks.
  13. Fiverr.com is a good source for our-sourcing graphic work. That is typically where I find Freelancers for my projects.
  14. Only argument towards the Vape shop compared to Alcohol would be; Both are harmful in different ways, so how can we ban one but not the other? That is Facebooks worry and not mine- no further argument on this However, glad everything got promoted as you wished when you changed the age to 21. Must also remember that Facebook's policy is that you must be 16 I believe to sign up for an account, so they do need to limit some things I suppose since minors can be viewing ads.
  15. Honestly, I am new to the whole SEO industry for website optimization and I can even notice that the argument the "dude" has made is a little fishy. I can agree with his factors he mentioned to be benefitial in 2015. And let me just ask.... how could you possible remove the need for keyword utilization and analysis... Uh... um... okay. This honestly makes me want to be done with the internet for the day- however at a good end, maybe he will screw up all of his SEO tactics on his websites and ours will take the lead ahead of his Think positive.
  16. I always found robotic arms to be very impressive. Arms are tricky as compared to legs, and technology has allowed for us to develop great prototype mechanical prostetic arms that are incredibly functional.
  17. I noticed this same kind of issue when I tried to promote one of my web client's website on Facebook. My client is a Vape Shop (electronic cigarettes and such) and Facebook will not allow them to advertise thier Page, or promote any posts because Facebook considers their business to be (Tobacco related). Facebook seems to hold a rather conservative stance on what they allow to be promoted throughout the website.
  18. Would you recommend this product to individuals looking to start SEO for small businesses? Seems a little pricey but I am not sure what all the features of the program have. Also, do you use this program?
  19. This article was exremely helpful and very imformative. Anyone that is looking to increase their online performance or get into SEO work should read these 12 Myths. Honestly, reading this article saved me time, headache, and money down the road. Thank you for providing this information for all of us to enjoy.
  20. From my personal experience working with landing pages for businesses, I tend to promote the necessidy to have; Content, Contact Information, Filable Forms, Pictures, and sometimes a short promotional video. Also mentioning the importance of having some references listed for the services you are entering into. Also, if your landing page is for temporary services like a "Coming Soon" page, you may want to have a countdown timer of when the new website will launch. Content: It will be important to have some information posted about what you are doing; but do not get too crazy as to writing a blog. Just simple content that will keep the visistor thinking ("Wow, I really could use more information on this"). Contact Information: You will want to provide contact information for your services, and studies have shown that if you have a contact number (much like a 1800#) people are more likely to provide information on your website. You can register a 1800 or toll-free number really cheap (less than $100 a year in most cases). This number can be a re-direct to your personal cell-phone. Filable Forms: A basic form on EVERY page of the landing page website. Name, Phone, Email, and perhaps a few buttons to select different options to provide categories for your "lead" or contacts. Pictures (or video): Simple pictures that you can optain for a stock image supplier, perhaps on a rotional banner. Nothing too grabby, and nothing that is too simple. You need something that is eye catching but not overly consumptious. A nice 20-30 second video that is on auto play can work great too that has words motioning around (perhaps not a video with people talking in case someone does not have sound enabled while viewing your landing page). I hope some of this information is useful, if you respond with some specifics on your project, such as the industry and targeted method, I can provide more details. Happy developing! -znswa
  21. zswa

    Greetings! From zswa

    Thank you for the advice- I am honestly looking into the membership here for the near future.
  22. zswa

    Greetings! From zswa

    I am very proud to be a member here, and feel that I may contribute very well to this forum. I want to warm up to the forums a little, and then I will look into the Inner Circle Membership opportunity. And I am right around Harrisburg, so yes- we are in fact neighbors! Thank you for the friendly welcome!
  23. Greetings to everyone on the Spartan Marketing Academy forums, I just wanted to say that I found this forum after researching for Search Engine Optimization tips on the web. I am a freelance website developer currently, officially opening my business (once documents are officially filed). I have been developing websites for about 4 years now; and have grown from having 1 small business client, to now having about 12 managed websites for small businesses in my area. I am now directing my business to be more than just website development, and spreading over to Search Engine Optimization for small businesses and organizations in my area-- hopefully taking off across the State once my work gets better and my client list increases. I am still structuring my business model to shape around full Marketing Development tactics for business, including; Search Engine Optimization (Analysis of website tools and traffic) Content Writing eCommerce Conversion (More online sales) Directory Services & overall Business Development Consultation I am currently a 1 man operation, but plan to expand as the market allows. I am seeking to utilize this forum to gain knowedlge and training from those with experience in the field of Marketing online as well as offline. I hope to develop great relations with many of you and would love to share any of my knowledge that may also be helpful for others starting out. -zswa
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