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  1. Didn't consider using this is in of place articles. I would use them for actual newsworthy events...
  2. So I'm gonna be getting some press releases written and distributed, but the services I've found are either really expensive per PR, or have useless (to me) distro lists to news outlets I've never heard of nor are anywhere near my clients. Do any of you use press releases? If so, what's a good service to go with?
  3. Aside from focusing on that one element, which I explained my reasoning, I get that a public list would be worthless.
  4. Seems as if you're saying that social shares > traffic > rankings boost. I was under the impression that social, even indirectly, was an almost fruitless effort. However, two things: 1. This example went semi-viral. 2. Perhaps doing something that no one else is doing is the key.
  5. I guess we'll agree to disagree on the business owners reaching out. I'm sure we both have anecdotal evidence to support our arguments. As for the dofollow vs nofollow, I simply meant I wouldn't create the illusion I was shying from great sites who happen to be nofollow. I personally don't put much stock in Google rumors of penalties and whatnot. Scrapebox, in and of itself, seems Senuke-level shady. And if memory serves, you can automate Scrapebox to do comments for you. While I'd use these services for Tier 2 links, I was looking for effective and efficient links for my main sites. Maybe there aren't that many that can help (or are needed to help) and that's the answer.
  6. I was gonna ask this on WF, but I figured you guys would have a better answer. I have always come at SEO from the standpoint of an SEO, but this has struck me as counterintuitive since a business owner wouldn't do this. A business owner would likely think they should flock to others like them. Talk to other people in their niche. Rub elbows with their peers. Blog and forum comments. I know, I know... those are old hat and Google hates them and they don't work. What if that's misinfo? Would Google really penalize someone who was legitimately trying to market online and not pull an "SEO?" I don't think so. This leads me to ask if anyone knows of a current list of blogs where the comments are a mix of dofollow and no-follow, because natural. Also same for forums. I'd also love a guest post list, but I am rapidly discovering that most blogs/sites that allow guest posts are shitty PBN blogs with high OBL and low quality. As always, thanks for your help.
  7. I wouldn't necessarily use this for my FB page, but possibly. This is what my friend currently does. I figured that site must have so many OBL that the juice it sends is super watered down by now. The only benefit I see would be potential traffic and light brand awareness. I thought guest posting was bad news now. If not, point me in the right direction.
  8. Thanks. I'm just trying to fatten up some websites with that quality content, but find myself pressed for time. If I can crank out 4 articles in a day, that's the day I'm doing articles for the month.
  9. It appears to be the same as EzineArticles, but even easier to join and less strict on the article quality.
  10. Gonna see if my friend who said you should send backlinks to rank your Facebook pages is 2 for 2. He also says Articles Factory, the site where you can put your article up for grabs - complete with hyperlinks - works really well. He says his keywords are ranking higher and this is one of the only things his does for SEO/digital marketing. Is he right?
  11. So just add them all at the same time then, right? Thinking one feature per week, but I can just add the four at once instead.
  12. No subscribers to speak of. Really just adding solid content to the website and interlinking the pages for a good user flow. Elsewhere people suggesting using the scheduling feature on WP to autopost my articles once a week.
  13. If I'm on a roll with writing, does it matter if I post 4 articles in one day and that's it for the month OR should I spread them throughout the month? I know they won't get indexed at the same time, so does it even matter?
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