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  1. It's still soaring - $5347 Speculation that lots are buying in or moving money out of alts before the hard fork.
  2. Major market slump right now. What are y'all doing? Holding? Buying up more? Any other altcoins of interest? Be interested to know if @yukon ever got into anything other than BTC? I was just planning to go into crypto - probably late to the party, this year, I know, but a good time to buy when the current dip hits the bottom? I expect long hodl is still the way forward.
  3. Hi Mike, Sometimes if I like something somebody has said, I'll try to find more posts by that member via the "more posts" link in their profile. However, it doesn't seem that I can see more than one page worth of posts. No biggie, but wondered if this could be fixed? Could be that I'm missing something simple, of course. Thanks.
  4. Darren

    Happy 4/20

    Aisle - writers 4/20 code out done.
  5. "It seems that it is virtually impossible to get rid of, and brings up a search window when l click on IE or FF, but you cannot go to Google, and it has some annoying box saying by my s***, (well, it gets close)." Hopefully, you've solved this now, but just wanted to pipe in that you don't have to use a search engine (and certainly not that one) when trying to get out of a fix. Most of the nasties out there will anticipate such a move and try to thwart you.
  6. I used to use all the recommended work around anti-malware, anti spyware, super anti spybot, search and destroy etc blah blah blah ( I did try and test them all - I know I sound sarcy). Basically all the freebies that were recommended. My system has been clean and easy since using Norton for at least 4 years. No problems , whatsoever. I know it runs against the grain, but I cannot fault them. Will have a look at webroot, since you guys have mentioned it.
  7. Confusing messages out of Google recently: Smartphone UA, i.e be mobile-ready (check) goto HTTPS (if you fancy it) (check) and "I'll try to be around when it's launching. I also want to get it out in the wild, very, very much" about Penguin. The guy seems frustrated. also: Health Panel versus Knowledge graph worries. Wouldn't be surprised to see Matt Cutts brought back out of the bunker any day soon.
  8. Indeed, shame to see it creeping in around here alongside the "stock" sigs. The Rise of the Robots is coming and is already here to a massive extent. Just look at the amount of ooohmph computer algorithms have in our everyday lives from searching for the latest kitchen appliance to guarding our homes with cameras and security alarms. Upscale that a little and you can find open networks on a site like Shodan which would put any of us at risk in a hospital bed when connected to a dialysis machine. The scary thing about computers and their anthropological (or not) avatars, is that they can just be 1s and 0s. Edit:spell checked my ass
  9. Some "chatter" and "upticks" in the conversation over at SE RoundTable Seems Gary Illyes (Google) is hinting that the Penguin will go all algorithmic. I think we've seen incarnations of this over the last few month as they bed it in. The comments over at SERT are such a farce, as is the whole Twitter nonsense between all these so-called, self-proclaimed SEOs. Honestly, it's all a bit of a joke. Keep Calm and Carry On..
  10. @ Bluehorseshoe, I like this thought experiment. Totally understand Mike's advice about not further investing in this, as it's doomed to fail, but I like the idea of a salvage thread. Plenty of other scenarios around for SEOs in this similar position (perhaps without the legal implications). You can literally put your sales piece right up there in position three with a nicely titled article. What would grab the attention?
  11. Good old Dawkins First time I heard the phrase was in one of his books. I love invoking The Spaggy Monster when surrounded by the believers. Also, as a nod to the thread title, I grew up near Brum and have a ridiculous fondness for Musical Youth!!
  12. You need to be very careful when using Google's advanced image search for re-usable images. As they admit, themselves: https://support.google.com/websearch/answer/29508?hl=en
  13. Been doing the same for years and I'm sure I saw it elsewhere here also but I get great success using H2 tags as "section previews" above paragraphs after the main H1 tag per article. (which I basically see as the article title). The next game usually becomes about using html/css to make the other tags' fonts a little less big. I always use Wordpress but the H1 H2 tags almost always need tightening down for them to become readable and aesthetic headers. e.g Title (H1) How To Buy xxxxxxxxx(/H1) (H2) The Benefits of xxxxx(H2/)) Lots of words..., an image, possibly a related or original video (H2) The Best Places to buy xxxxxxx(H2/) Lots of words..., an image, a video (maybe) (H2) Ways that xxxxx Will Benefit you(H2/) Lots of words..., an image, a video (maybe) Articles of 1-2 thousand words in length (not obligatory, just for depth of subject) with a http link in each paragraph (I see as H2) literally a blued out hypertext link to some affiliate offer. I use basic prettylink to track and it works for me and I get sales. The nub is in the writing. Your page should offer value outside of the offer. Keywords in the article title (aka H1) yes absolutely, but also subsets or longtails in the H2 paragraph headings but manage those titles/paras not to be spammy.
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