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  1. Have been unusual busy in the SERP's last days, but I'm also transforming some network again so hard to judge. However one really crappy site (though looks nice but from an SEO point of view) tanked completely today, eg out of the top 500. Site description: - 3 homepages indexed, eg site.com www.site.com and site.com/index.cfm (what the hell, no redirects in place) - 1 page with 200 words of content - 1 page with 3 short sentences - 1 page with only a map and a contact form - 1 page links to his other site, so not a page but link in main navigation Things I checked: - backlink profile, clean only links from me - domains of mine deindexed perhaps? None - site been offline? No - site had a redesign? No exact same as 6 months ago - over optimized anchors? No - new links build very recently? No The site ranked at #3 for a quite profitable keyword for him as he's been with me for 1.5 years now, it comes from a reseller client so he's responsible for onpage SEO, I ain't gonna repeat myself a million times when he's the hired SEO that should know these things. So Panda, what you think?
  2. I never read a single marketing book in my whole life. Just copying what other succesful Amazon resellers are doing, think of BestReview, TheSweetHome, TopTenReviews. There's only one thing that makes or breaks marketing and that's money. Copy what the top selling afiliates are doing, that's my only marketing guidance, if it works for them....
  3. Here: http://patft.uspto.gov/netacgi/nph-Parser?Sect1=PTO2&Sect2=HITOFF&p=1&u=%2Fnetahtml%2FPTO%2Fsearch-adv.htm&r=1&f=G&l=50&d=PALL&S1=08244722&OS=PN/08244722&RS=PN/08244722 Not 60 days, 70 days, my mistake. In other words, it might take approximately 70 days for a change in a document's link-based information to change the rank of the document to its steady state (target) value
  4. I only use SerpFox, not 100% reliable but more reliable than a handful of others I've tested, for example SerpBook is terrible, still an awful lot of people use that.
  5. I rank many dozens of sites so it's pretty clear that's whats going on. Figured this was common knowledge by now. Anyone got anyting to comment on what's written in the original post instead of casting doubts?
  6. No idea where I read it, someone did post a link on BHW I think it was to the source of the patent, but don't know how to find it, just trust me it's there.
  7. Not sure what type of health you're involved with
  8. So there's this patent that talks about a transition period for links to kick in in case Google algorithm senses anything suspicious. Well I seem to trigger that filter non stop as it on average takes about4 months on average for clients to see significant results. I also have to add that we build most of the links in the first 2.5-3 months, and after that we pause for a while as most links are rental based. So what I was wondering about, as it differs from case to case, will this transition period work in phases or freeze the rankings non stop. Example to clarify: - 15 links build on 1st of June - transition period becomes active so links should take effect max 2 months from now so that would be 1st of September However now we also build links at the 1st of July (that's before we reached September) - 15 links build on 1st of July - transition period becomes active again as same suspicious links, max 2 months so 1st of October. So what about these links that are build the 1st of June? Should they theoretically kick in on the 1st of September or will that also be delayed to the 1st of October? In many cases I suspect the latter, eg all links will kick in the 1st of October, but there might be progress in between caused by links that didn't trigger anything, right? Anyhow, as said we see most progress for clients with existing sites after the 4th month or so, eg many small jumps over a period of 2-3 weeks which result in a huge jump overall. Eg from #26 to #5. I see the same with clients that for example cancel after 2 months,BAM after 4 months huge ranking gains, but by then they are gone already. Normally I remove the rental based links but sometimes I'm a bit slow with that and than they stay alive for several more months. If you build links that don't trigger anything none of this would apply obvious. For example the links I build in the first month don't seem to trigger much, a common heard complain is that the links in the first month brought great results and after nothing, that's always from people who are in their 3rd month or just entered their 4th, always tell them to wait a little longer and most do and are then satisfied. Type of links that trigger this thing: Mostly caused by the 5 OBL network, small sites with just 5 posts linking out to 5 sites, more often than not commercial anchor text's being used which makes it all a bit unnatural of course. The links from the 1st month end up on my WP diverse network, those sites are much larger, much more varied in set up and there we only use brand + generic anchors, those hardly ever trigger anything but the downside of that network are OBL footprints if you have a fixed set of clients, eg you need to maintain certain ratios, in my case I only link from 1 out of 4 domains to clients or my own sites so that the overlap doesn't get too large. With my new niche network I link out to a handful of other relevant sites from the same posts to dillute it as I can't be bothered to setup 160 sites and only able to link from 40 to a certain client/affiliate site. That also allows me to grow the sites a bit larger.
  9. Such a basic likely very effective approach that I always forget about
  10. Scrapebox allows for code searching, once you know all the URL's you can use their function that you normally use to check whether a comment is live on a site. so instead of filling in your URL to your site you replace it with the code and it will return YES if it found it on the page.
  11. So last night i dived a bit into linkbuilding done by the professionals / large review sites. The process is quite simple and is limited to a number of options: 1) Make private deals with journalists that have connections, for example one of TheSweetHome / WireCutter's fulltime writers so happens to be an ex-writer for LifeHacker and guess what, they have a strong link from LifeHacker. In the end it's all about connections. I also see they have some real strong links from BuzzFeed / Inc and a number of other large sites. Those sites won't link out of themselves, it's all connections and private deals being made. I've started to gather contact details of editors involved in the placement of those links, think of Twitter handles, Facebook pages, LinkedIn accounts and so on. In fact you see a lot of overlap with these type of larger sites, he worked there, she used to work there and so on. It seems to be a pretty small world of professional freelance writers / editors. Once you know a few the connections can take you a long way. Money obvious rules here. 2) Make donations, I see sites linking to certain review sites where it really makes no sense to do that on their own, then all of a sudden I see they have an option to make a donation. I'm pretty sure that when the donation is large enough, and your money site is presentable that you can easily work out a donation for a link deal, and not just on the 'donators' page. 3) Massive link outreach, diving further into the list of links pointed at certain sites I start to see all kind of completely different bloggers, those seem to be people that blog as a hobby, no monetization on the sites, though quite popular bloggers in their smallish sub niche, but with somewhat impressive domanis, TF35+ range. For example the blogger had his bike stolen and followed up with a post about how he got his bike back and where he tanked thesweethome for helping finding him a new lock. Uhu yeah right, I never see him mentioning companies in any of his other posts, or maybe he does but not with a well placed SEO optimized hyperlink included. There are no bloggers that will post a link to your site for a few bucks though. I bet there are fairly large amounts involved to persuade such blogger. How to use this to your advantage: 1) You can build relationships with those editors 2) You can compile a huge list of bloggers that have already accepted a link for money in the past, instead of having to email thousands of bloggers of which a large percentage will never bother to reply back. Just reverse engineer all those large sites to increase your chances BIG time'. The downside, be ready to pay an awful lot of money for those links.
  12. I guess the ads and remarketing are restricted to the US only as I never see them show up anywhere, I only looked at the strongest links, no time to check 1400 links manually, the ones I checked were all contextual links created by himself as he's an author on many sites.
  13. He has 1400 referring domains so it seems he puts some work into it. Nowadays you don't even have to use keywords as anchor text to rank, page relevancy is enough so even if he doesn't put focus with links on his keywords it wouldn't even matter.
  14. If anyone has a WF account for sale let me know, can't be bothered posting that much anymore
  15. Just claim you sell SEO lol, if he can provide 20% discount he can provide it to anyone imo.. The discount applies to all levels.
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