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  1. Yer that's what I thought, Google has the biggest crawl ability. Shame, the Moz tool is ok but they want £120 to use it each month!!
  2. I found it missed a lot of mentions, it wasn't that accurate or comprehensive.
  3. Hi Everyone, Just wanted to see if anyone knew of a good brand mention tool that scans the web for mentions. We in the past have used - Moz, Google alerts and Awario but we're not overly keen on them. Was hoping someone knew of an amazing tool that works well. Thanks
  4. Hi Everyone I'm doing a migration later today and I need to check that I am correct on wildcard code I will be using in the Htaccess file. The website is changing domain name and in this example is called companya. Both installations are Wordpress. So changing domain of > This is the code I will be using (found loads of examples online and this is the one I think is right) ---- RewriteEngine on RewriteCond %{HTTPS_HOST} ^ RewriteRule ^(.*)$1 [R=301, L] --- Does anyone know if this is 100% correct? Wasnt sure if it should be HTTP_HOST or HTTPS_HOST, both sites are https.
  5. Ranking software - any ideas?

    Mike great bit of software. I have signed up for a year and saved on my Sheer subscription. Mentioned your email but I don't think they have any referral system. You never know you might find a bunch of flowers on your door step from them : )
  6. Ranking software - any ideas?

    I'll let you know how it goes, I think they do give something for affiliate. Browsing through it does look good.
  7. Ranking software - any ideas?

    Mike, I've scheduled a demo, do you have a username I can use as a referral if I go with them?
  8. Ranking software - any ideas?

    Cheers Mike, will look them up.
  9. Hi Everyone Currently using ShearSEO and do really like the platform to monitor rankings and links. However, I find it quite costly for simply managing rankings, plus its only weekly and daily is double the price. Does anyone have any suggestions of alternative software that monitors rankings for an affordable amount. Thanks
  10. Google Testing Mega SERP

    I wonder how many people skip past it? I know I do, so many times i completely scroll past and down to normal organic listings.
  11. Pages keep deindexing

    So are you saying the shift in rankings was due to the content change? After 2 weeks Google figured out it was new and allowed your site to hold rankings?
  12. Hi All I currently use MOZ keywords research tool but it seems quite expensive as i pay $149 a month to use it. Does anyone have any suggestions of a cheaper tool that is equally as good as moz keyword tool? Thanks
  13. For corporate i have always liked Enfold, can be found on ThemeForest.