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  1. You don't have to be the artist. You can hire out who ever and claim the license.
  2. Whoa! Boy have I been out of the loop. That was a quickie!
  3. Whoo hoo! Hey Jason! Just got my internet hooked up today and still unpacking, so sorry for the late response! Also dealing with a right middle finger that got smashed between 2 concrete slabs before the trip so my typing is also off kilter. Won't go into the 22 foot moving truck I had parked at the hotel, and getting that back down to florida. It was wonderful meeting you Jason, and I highly encourage everyone to go to one of these events - even if you don't sit through all the seminars. There is great opportunity to network and realize how real everyone is. I sat with Mike Carroway as he made a deal that looks like over a 100k weekend for him sometime in the future. Brad is loads of fun, and I did sit in on his chat. it made so much sense on what he went into with how to keep making money on stuff if you set the right rules in place from the get go.
  4. Change the term midgets to something less offensive and I'm in! I can get excited and blow my own mind when I start to ponder how someone else might try to blow my mind. That right there might kick me to the buy button if they hit the right fantasy at the right time in my head. There are times when the dream is better than what you're dealing with in real life. You're paying for a temporary escape - like a ride. Some rides are more fun than others of course. Some rides I've been on before. But pitch it right and I might be into a new ride.
  5. I've backed away. It's just a bit uncanny how many paths we've crossed in the past. I did give her I believe my best advice based on what she needs to do. Financially she is really hurting at this point. I told her to go sell off the waterford crystal in the cupboard, lol. She has some really unique art and lots of it too. She could scrape together what she needs for the site to get some fixes done so it's up to her at this point. If I had to guess I'd put her in her late 60's. It's funny how you hear all the time how you can pay everyone to take care of the technical stuff on your sites - but I learned how to get my own up and I'd not hand that back for anything now after seeing what is happening to her. She blamed Obama for some of her troubles, and then the Panda update - and explained her lifestyle change so she could spend more time with the grand kids. She did pay back one friends loan. One of the two main categories should be on it's own site all together IMO. It "kinda" fits in on the main site but it really would suit a completely different audience. I think I helped her clarify why the competition is able to charge so much less for many of their items and isn't even feeling the pinch. The competition is out ranking her now (both of them are on front page) and they do run ads now as well. But it's that second item which the competition does not sell that I think needs it's own site. It's a category that can appeal to kids and the parents. Everything else on the main site is mostly for grownups and corporate. Anyway, I believe my time has been well spent as I learned some things and I think she did too. I hate to see what is happening to her but it's a good lesson to keep in mind. She started selling offline, and fell into a kid who approached her and offered to put up her first website for her years back. She said she did 9k the first year without even trying. But if you think to back 20 years online, there was NO competition. And I can tell you I had no idea how to get my own site up until 2007. Of course, it wasn't the only thing on my plate at the time and I didn't have funds to go pay someone to do it for me back then.
  6. Yes, did that before. It's only been recently that the pages have re indexed. BIG Mike, had another conversation with her last night. Loans are out of the picture but she does have some very well off friends she could ask for help from. She is hesitant on that as she's had to do that in the past. Personally I see the cash infusion as the best solution so there are funds to get the clean up done. She has worked on wall street and has a marketing degree. She's owned the online business for 20 years. She told me last night she's been selling online since before the shopping carts were around - and orders had to be faxed into her. I see what needs to be done as a challenge, but I also see that time restraint as a bigger issue. Her medical issues have escalated as well. I think the best thing for me to do for now is be supportive and should a miracle cross through my brain then share it with her. I believe we've crossed paths for a reason - just haven't determined what that reason is just yet.
  7. I met a new neighbor this last week who is having some sales issues. She's got a mixed kind of gift store that sells personalized items - and she confessed to me she had a couple of years where she was bringing in a mill a year, but now is lucky to get a sale in a day. A sale might make her between 10 and 50 profit, depending on the item. I was offered a chance to go in and discuss with her (as a neighbor who just wanted to poke under the hood), and at first she had a specific date when the sales dropped - but that got narrowed down I believe by realizing her web crew at the time did something on the site which caused a lot of the site to become uncrawlable. Anyway, what I did notice was well over 200k spent on google ads in the past. She currently does not have the budget for ads - or much of anything else at this time. I spent some time hashing through her site and to be honest the site itself needs some massive work. Not sure how she got as many sales as she did in the past. It's built on some outdated magento which she doesn't have the funds for the direct support now - and even if she did she admits she's had so many tweeks done that they'd likely not be able to help her. The letters in the slider are over riding each other, the menu bar is not well organized - and I was having issues navigating on it due to placement of second line down (om my computer). The theme looks outdated and horrendous color scheme. She admitted Panda was the first big hit she took - but that web file thing her developers did really does look like a nail in the coffin. She shows a whopping 15 backlinks with www and another whopping 15 backlinks w/o the www. I can only figure the majority of sales/traffic was coming from the paid ads. She had about 15 domains of her own pointing to the money site - a few of them with sites on them but she has ripped all those down as she thought she was competing with herself? Not sure where this reasoning came from. She has the old domains up for auction because of their ages in an effort to get some cash right now. There is a blog on the money site, but it's not really a blog in my definition. A post will have 2 sentences on it with a pic of one of her products. Her social media is comprised of a facebook page, but appears there is no interaction or other social accounts like pinterest - which I told her could be huge for her. Years ago she used to have her own warehouses, but due to life choices she got rid of a lot and now orders from a source that sends to her artist directly and the artist ships out for her. This would be all fine and dandy, but her cost is through the roof - and when we went to look at a competitor she was miffed at how they were able to sell an item that costs her 45 bucks - they are selling for 50 bucks with free shipping. She was in belief that they were ordering from the same place she was. I was quick to point out Alibaba and find the same item for $3 (if you order 500). She'd never heard of Alibaba before. She has hundreds of items and wanting to add more. I'm thinking this might not be the best move at the moment - but to focus on the 2 best categories she has. She's only got about a 2 week window right now to really turn all this around and get some sales generating. I want to help her, but not even sure what kind of offer to make to make it worth my time. Part of me doesn't even want to send any traffic to the site until it's cleaned up - which does not look like it's going to happen right away. It's like looking at a vintage car that could be worth a lot of money but it has so many issues that it needs a lot of refurbishing. I didn't bring up to her the thought of maybe taking out a business loan, nor do I have a clue how long that would take or if she's even in a position to do so. She's facing some medical issues too right now which really adds some spice to the pot. Thoughts?
  8. Sam England is someone you should follow. There's an event next month in NC that he is partly hosting if you are anywhere near there.
  9. This is good. I just had to figure out the video thing on my new phone. Shot with it and loaded up to youtube. I don't know if I'm just "special" but I've never had to use a function key with the delete button. Watch the video. I just put the cursor in front of the word and start hitting delete. Or I can hold it down and it just keeps deleting. I am holding the camera/phone in my right hand.
  10. The only time I really use shortcuts on mac is if I'm editing video or doing a simple cut and paste. Maybe a few with photoshop as well. Otherwise I use my search or the very top menus. There is a text edit on mac that you can cut and paste into, or you can use the "notes" app. My delete key deletes. Not sure what you are doing there Mike. You can also highlight and delete.
  11. I'm still in the middle of a crap pile that I'm cleaning up, but as soon as I get settled into a new place (before the end of August) I'll be in a bit more stable environment to reassess and resume projects. That silly "life" stuff has had me topsy turvy for the past few months if you've not all figured that out already lol. I do feel it finally settling back down again and looking forward to some consistency and getting back to business!
  12. I like the word "Budget" myself. Like Budget friendly Voice Overs.
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