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  1. Hi All, Can anyone suggest a method to brainstorm potential niches? I'm looking to start with a blank page and try and find myself a number of potential niches that I could target. Any help or pointers would be gratefully accepted.
  2. Hi, Noob question is it possible to track clicks from forum signature links? I know there are ways to do this when buying solo ads? If it is what tools would people recommend? Watman
  3. Hi All, Noob question here, I've already used the search function and can't find any relevant posts. Which domain register would people recommend? I know that there is multiple options go daddy, etc. I've signed up for hosting with Edgeserv but would like to keep my registrations separate from my hosting. I'm UK based but unlikely to want to own a UK domain for marketing purposes. Thanks in advance. Watman
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