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  1. I know in a couple of Facebook groups I am in, people were saying last month that tons of their GMB's got taken down. The spam complaint form seems to be working as intended. That local lead generation model is going to get a lot harder.
  2. I have seen the rating button before, but they made it much more prominent in that image you shared. There was no blue background like that.
  3. Who was that guy on WF always crying because nobody bought his music? Sounded like he had stacks of stuff ready to unload. I know a lot of people seem to like Shutterstock also. https://www.shutterstock.com/music/
  4. I heard the White House is going to add tariffs to foreign cab drivers...
  5. Personally, I love that people think keyword cannibalization is something they should be worried about. Let them run around de-optimizing pages I would otherwise have to compete with. Lol.
  6. Nope. That is not proof. That is a search phrase that nobody is trying to rank for. Your example just proves that it is easy to rank for a keyword that NOBODY is trying to rank for. I want to see an example of a page ranking in a competitive SERP based on its content. Try again.
  7. Interesting. I have never seen an affiliate program that restricts participants by state.
  8. Picking keywords that are easy to rank for really has nothing to do with content. It's still all about links.
  9. I enjoy whenever the topic of Moz comes up on /r/seo. Everyone bashes them and they have one lone employee on there that attempts to defend it. He usually gets called out for his lies. I think one time I remember Tim from Ahrefs even jumped in to call him out on his BS.
  10. But here's the thing with that. When the competition is really low, it doesn't even have to be all that decent of a piece of content to rank. Here's what I have never seen any of the "content is king" gurus do. Run a test like this. Find relatively easy to rank keywords. Put up a piece of content that is just okay and rank it. Then a few weeks later do the same thing but write a piece of content that is much higher quality and see if that piece of content outranks the first one. Do this 25-30 times to eliminate some of the variables. Why has nobody done this yet to try to prove that Google really is a good judge of the quality of the content? Or maybe some people have and didn't get the results they were looking for.
  11. What's the advantage of Google Suite over just using Gmail and all the other Google apps on their own?
  12. Wait. So let me get this shit straight. If you are a local business, a competitor can hit the suggest an edit button and get your open date changed to a date in the future. Then when that happens your business vanishes off the local rankings? It does not make any sense why Google would allow such a thing. What in the world are they thinking?
  13. +1 to all of this. I do not understand the fascination of Yelp. It provides nothing that a Google search doesn't provide.
  14. I constantly see people blindly stating that in terms of SEO, "content is king". Not that content is important mind you. No, these people are saying that content is the most important thing in rankings. I saw a few arguments in Facebook groups and one on Reddit about this over the weekend (I think that one involved @Mike Friedman). They all turn out the same way. When asked to provide solid evidence, i.e. an example of a page ranking for a difficult keyword with little links behind it, they always just resort to name calling or saying that everyone is a noob. If content is so obviously the most important ranking factor, why cannot they not provide one single example? (That's a rhetorical question, by the way.) I can show examples all day long of the importance of links.
  15. The Gmail one I don't mind so much, but I agree about AdWords. That new interface is a nightmare and it is so much slower than the old one, which is hilarious considering how Google preaches to everyone else that their sites need to go faster. Hypocrites.
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