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  1. Is All The Buzz About Facebook Ads Just BS?

    I took this idea and implemented it on a site recently. It has actually become a pretty nice source of traffic and sales. It was a bit of an upfront investment with basically no sales. Since then though there have been some decent sales coming through from my activity on the Facebook page. I'm almost at a break-even point from what I spent initially on the ads. I'm still running some ads, but dropped the budget down a lot after the first month. Now the page is mostly growing organically and it is bringing visitors and buyers to the site. Posting on the page about 8-12 times per week.
  2. Oh my, my, little Caleb

    I hope somebody comes back here in 10-12 years to report on where he is now. Reality is going to hit this kid like a ton of bricks.
  3. The same way it does now. Google is pulling the location based on the IP.
  4. Webhosts offering free SSL?

    None of them I have seen have said they are doing that. It's an added part of their packages.
  5. The best thing about these floating cities is that they all run on Windows 10.
  6. Dynamic Keyword Insertion

    It does seem a little scary to use them. Might be effective with certain broad match terms, but it still just seems like their could be too many errors that show up in the ads.
  7. Bitcoin is Booming

    Topping $9400 now.
  8. 2017 - What Will You Do Different?

    I am never adverse to hijacking a thread. Lol. There were a couple of things that made me realize it was time. The first was reliability. With freelancers, I found many times they were great for a few weeks or months, and then they would often just disappear or their work would become very sporadic. I cannot count how many times I have heard the sick child / grandmother died / computer problems excuses. It was just a consistent pattern with freelancers. Very rarely were they reliable for even a solid year. I got tired of constantly finding new ones. It seemed like whenever I was starting a new project I was hiring a whole new staff. The second thing was there was basically nobody I could turn things over to for any length of time. I had no real staff. I had nobody who knew much of anything beyond the scope of the tasks they were being paid for. I have one local person. Honestly, that was entirely a convenient accident. The rest work remotely. What I have been doing for the first 3 months is they connect to an extra computer I have to do all their work. Basically, anytime I want, I can just look over at the monitor and see what they are working on (or not working on). Then if I feel comfortable with what they have been doing, I just let them work from home on their own. I don't tell them that they are on a 3-month trial, by the way. That way if I feel they still need some supervision, I can just continue having them connect to my computer to work from, and they just think it is business as usual. I still do use freelancers for some tasks though. I will never swear them off completely. Hope that helps.
  9. The Sun SMART App.....

    Again you just jump directly to the wrong conclusion. The study says Vitamin D shows a correlation to reduced risk of cancer. It doesn't say go bake yourself in the sun everyday. Nowhere does it say that sun exposure will reduce the risk of cancer.
  10. I also like the all-on-one-site approach. You can do a lot more cross-selling that way. With your current setup, even if someone saw more than one thing they wanted on your main site, they would have to checkout twice on two different sites. That is an extra chance to lose them.
  11. The Sun SMART App.....

    They wear UV protection. I love the stupid conclusions you draw from stuff. Roofers do not have a higher rate of cancer, therefore the sun prevents cancer. WTF? Would love to see the stats about roofers and cancer too. Not sure where you pulled that nonsense from.
  12. Fight Global Warming By Using Coal?

    And there is Trumpism for you in a nutshell.
  13. 2017 - What Will You Do Different?

    If I am being totally honest, it was not all this year. There was a lot of planning in 2016 leading into 2017 to make all that stuff happen. It's been a solid year. Now I'm thinking shit, how do I do this again in 2018?
  14. Into 2018 and Beyond

    I like cutting down the subforums and the new subforums within subforums. Good change.
  15. 2017 - What Will You Do Different?

    Update Time: 1 - The move to employees has been great. Still using some outsource solutions and probably always will. For certain things, there is there is just not enough consistent work to hire someone full or part-time, such as logo designs. I did have to get rid of one employee recently. It just wasn't a good fit. Other than that, the 2 employees I have right now are so much more tied in to what we are doing. Love it. The Game Night idea has been great. We have missed a few weeks here and there, and I imagine as the kids get older and start having more school activities and doing things with friends, more will be missed from time to time. That's okay though. We have done board games, movies, smores night, miniature golf, and indoor rock climbing. Nailed the 15% put away. 2 - Skype was not too hard to cut out. Facebook was a little harder early in the year with the political climate. I have a disease that makes me try really hard to get Trump supporters to see how stupid they are. By May, I had pretty much had enough of it and have hardly been on Facebook since. Business has grown compared to the previous year, but I think what I am most happy about is I cut down my expenses by about 8-9% just by being more mindful of what I was spending money on. Gym trips have been more frequent, but I still had a few breaks this year that were much longer than they should have been.