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  1. Google seems to do this every year. They release a couple of big updates right before Black Friday. Then usually over the next couple of weeks, they roll 90% of the updates back.
  2. So let me get this straight... If I see a house on fire down the street and tell a couple of my neighbors who then call the fire department, it doesn't matter that the house is actually on fire. What matters is that the fire department gets to talk to me and ask me about the house being on fire. That's what's important?
  3. Anyone get hit by the Cloudflare outage this week? I had one site get in a bit of a mess. When Cloudflare went down it reverted to the actual host. That would be fine except I did not have an SSL certificate installed there, so most browsers were throwing up warnings and chasing visitors away.
  4. The last two games I felt like the team was inviting disaster and just barely avoiding it. They are doing just enough to win despite some really sloppy play.
  5. I'm going to go ahead and call bullshit on that one. None of the other mods spend any time here. Most of the mods their don't give two shits about the off-topic area, and for good reason.
  6. Can we please bet back on topic of bashing the other place and their pathetic mod team? Thanks
  7. It is a great tool if you are interested in optimizing for speed and usability. Right from the horse's mouth so to speak. Like you, I'm surprised more people are not actively using it.
  8. I'm glad to see someone else is feeling this way too. I don't understand why anyone would think keyword cannibalization is a thing. Sites regularly have multiple pages ranking for the same keywords. What keyword cannibalization is basically saying is that sites are awarded X amount of ranking power for a keyword by Google and if you have multiple pages targeting that keyword, then X gets divided up among them. However, if you only have one page targeting the keyword, that page gets the full power of X. If you have been studying and working with SEO for more than 2 weeks, you would know that is not how Google works at all. The only place this could have some merit is if you have Y number of internal and external links pointing to these pages and you consolidate them to one page. That would certainly show a boost. That's not what the cannibals (my new nickname for them) are saying though. They are advocating "de-optimizing" the other competing pages by taking the keyword out of title tags, headings, content, etc.
  9. Is this officially a DC movie or something borrowing heavily from Superman lore? If it is the latter, it would seem to be screaming for a lawsuit wouldn't it?
  10. Nice job Burger King. This is Wendy's troll level. I'm impressed.
  11. Yoast: I bet we can fuck over Wordpress users worse than anyone else. Wordpress: Hold my beer.
  12. It's about freaking time. I can't believe they let this bug go on this long. It has always been one of my favorite tools to use. The text-only version was especially useful in explaining to web designers why their code sucked.
  13. Lol. They must feel like idiots now. Hopefully, they were smart enough to get those people over to other platforms.
  14. I posted a thread that has disappe.... Oh wait. Wrong forum. Nevermind. Carry on.
  15. Was that shit still open? Lol at all the people who just instantly lost their Circles.
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