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  1. JohnHemmer

    An explaination of Authority.

    Speaking of Moz, have you (or anyone else reading this thread) tried out their new database? They launched something new, or it is in beta I guess, for paying customers only. Some idiot from there was bragging that it was bigger than Ahrefs' database, but someone else said they were skewing the numbers a little bit to make it appear in their favor. Like they were using a total database versus a live database or something. Anyhow, it is 10 times bigger than what they had before and they are supposed to be pushing out more frequent updates of their metrics. They eventually want the metrics calculated in real-time. Not sure I believe that will happen. I have heard mixed things so far from 3 different people, so not sure what to think of it.
  2. If the niche is IM, I'd probably go with the 3rd plan. Start building a name/reputation. Start getting people on your list. Most of the IM'ers I follow, and there are very few these days, I originally found on a forum or from a video. A couple from Facebook ads, which is probably a decent place to stand out these days because it is getting overrun with morons. Mike shared a perfect example with me a couple of weeks ago of one he found on Facebook. I forget her full name. Her big "idea" she was selling was that adding "Hi, I'm Jess" at the top of her pages and emails improved her conversions by like 400% or something ridiculous. She showed examples of the before and after pages. It was hilarious. She did not just add the stupid "Hi, I'm Jess". She also took basically blank boring pages and added images and call to actions. All kinds of stuff. But yep. It was the "Hi, I'm Jess" that made the difference. Can't even make this shit up. Point being, if you actually know what you are doing, Facebook ads might be an easy place to start to get followers and traffic because it won't be hard to differentiate yourself as someone that has a clue.
  3. If they send you a hoodie, how will they pay their hosting bill next month? #priorities
  4. JohnHemmer

    An explaination of Authority.

    This drives me nuts. Moz's metrics are all over the place in terms of accuracy, but if you are going to use them, at least use the right one. Unless there is a link directly from the home page to the page you are trying to beat, the DA is all but meaningless.
  5. Sometimes I think that if I worked at Google, I would make changes like this every now and then just to watch the search community go nuts. I think I stole this idea from somewhere else, but I don't care. It's funny.
  6. JohnHemmer

    What if Google+ launched today

    Google+ would still fall flat. It's death might have dragged out a little longer. People are too tied into Facebook to just jump to another platform. Some people have a decade plus of memories stored there. They are not just going to walk away from that for something that offers basically the same thing.
  7. JohnHemmer

    New Google Behaviour On Search

    I wish Google still provided keyword data in Analytics. I would love to run some tests on my own sites. I'm wondering if the keywords being shown are based on overall search volume in Google that the page is relevant to or if it is based on search volume for that particular page. In other words, are those the highest traffic keywords for that specific page? There might be other keywords that have a higher search volume, but the page is ranking at like #50, so it doesn't see any of that traffic. Is Google saying, here are the most valuable keywords for this page right now? Hope I'm making sense. It is still too early in the morning to think this hard.
  8. JohnHemmer

    people steal content?

    Too late. I already took it, ran it through The Best Spinner, made sure Copyscape said it was all unique, and blasted it to 8,463 article directories and Web 2.0 sites. I'm winning.
  9. JohnHemmer

    30 Day Challenges

    How about a content creation challenge? Creating one piece of content per day might be a bit much for most people, but maybe some sort of variation on that.
  10. JohnHemmer

    1 on 1 SEO Coaching

    Maybe we could get some volunteers and make it a group a project. We could make a train.
  11. JohnHemmer

    1 on 1 SEO Coaching

    Is this guy coming back for our coaching or not? What a tease.
  12. Yep. Pretty obvious that he is lying. It's a shame. I thought Warrior Plus was a little less shady that the WSO marketplace at Warrior Forum. Guess not. Neither seem to care about allowing scammers to sell to their visitors.
  13. JohnHemmer

    1 on 1 SEO Coaching

    It is Sex Education Online. Duh. Getting back to the OP, will these 1 on 1 coaching sessions be in person or will we be having Skype sex? I'm in either way.
  14. JohnHemmer

    2018 - What Will You Do Differently?

    For me, 2017 was largely about taking back my personal life and not letting everything be dominated by my business. I'm making some moves in 2018 that will take me even further in that direction. I like the way @100DegreesC copied and pasted the questions with answers above, so I'm going to do the same. 1) What will you start doing in 2018 that you are not doing in 2017? I'm turning over most of the daily running of my business to an employee. I have not settled on a title yet for him, but basically, I'm stepping back and acting more like CEO going forward. I found a great guy that has worked with me the past 2 years. He's moving to my location and will be taking over a lot of the daily tasks. More or less I will be setting the vision and overall scope of what needs to be done, he'll be responsible for making it happen. I know the worry with this kind of thing is "What if they just want to go off and start their own business?" I understand that, and this is a bit hard to explain. Some people have all the knowledge and understanding of how to run a successful business, but they just are better suited to be working for someone. They need that structure and for someone to handle the top-level things that go with running a company. Another thing I'm going to start doing is networking. I really have never put a big emphasis on this, and any networking I have done was mostly by accident. I'm looking at joining a few local organization like Rotary Club and the Chamber of Commerce (I already belong, but never attend anything they put on). I have looked into a few boards of local charities and organizations that may have openings coming up this year. I will probably hop on something like that. The local United Way was suggested by someone. And speaking of charities, not only am I going to be more involved myself, but I'm going to require my employees to be as well. I would like to do an event or two this year that we can all participate in as an office. (Oh yeah, I'm going to have an office, but that is in the second part of this post.) For example, I've seen days where a lot of businesses throw in and help Habitat for Humanity. Something like that is an option. I'm also looking at possibly giving them each 2-3 paid hours per month (with no carryover) that they can use volunteering for a local charity in our community, that way they can pick something they are excited about. I still need to talk to my accountant about how that will work. At home, we are looking to get the kids started with some volunteer work. Might be something like volunteering at a soup kitchen. We have not decided yet. 2) What will you stop doing in 2018 that you are currently doing in 2017? By the middle of January, working from home is going to be a thing of the past for me. Well, mostly. That's right, I'm getting an office. Yep, I will be "going to work" again. I have some other employees that are scattered around the country. I'm keeping 2 of them (they are close enough to commute), and the other 2 are going to be replaced with local people. One of them is going to be an in-house web designer, and I mean web designer, not just someone that can play with Wordpress. I will still be able to work from home when I want. It is an option, but I'll be "going into work" most days. I did a pretty good job re-working how I manage my business expenses last year. This year, I'm going to stop letting money fly out the window on the personal side. Last year I said, and I quote Well, I did pretty good for about two-thirds of the year. The last 3-4 months though... not so great. So I am recommitting to this. Those are my plans so far for 2018.

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