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  1. JohnHemmer

    Google fixed mobile index caching issue

    It's about freaking time. I can't believe they let this bug go on this long. It has always been one of my favorite tools to use. The text-only version was especially useful in explaining to web designers why their code sucked.
  2. JohnHemmer

    Google+ Shutting Down

    Lol. They must feel like idiots now. Hopefully, they were smart enough to get those people over to other platforms.
  3. JohnHemmer

    Google+ Shutting Down

    Was that shit still open? Lol at all the people who just instantly lost their Circles.
  4. By the way, for any of you GTM virgins, Mike pointed out a great YouTube channel to me with some awesome GTM tutorials, along with a ton of other great content about analytics and tracking stats. It's called MeasureSchool.
  5. JohnHemmer

    It's time to dump Yoast

    I have to be honest, even if it were not for the F ups of Yoast, I like SEOPress so much better. It just feels less intrusive, simpler, and less bloated. I probably never would have gone looking for it or considered it if Yoast had not fouled up a few of my sites, so there is that.
  6. This drives me nuts. Please someone explain this to me. I see all these gurus out there telling people how vital it is that their website is mobile friendly. I am totally on board with that. A few years ago, mobile traffic surpassed desktop traffic. This is no secret. They also claim that time on a page and how your users interact with your pages are rankings signals Google is looking at. I do not totally agree with that sentiment. I really do not believe Google cares how long someone is on a page. Google cares if they found what they were looking for, however long that takes. Let's say you buy that whole argument though. You want people staying on your page. You want people visiting other pages and interacting with the site. Okay. Now tell me how that connects with writing a 3,000 word article that these same gurus swear you should be using. Do you really believe that most of your visitors are going to read a 3,000 word article? The average reading speed of an adult is about 200 words per minute with good comprehension. If it is something really technical, it is going to take a little longer. So people are going to stare at your page on their little cell phone for 15 minutes and read the whole thing? Really? In this age of I want it now, now, now and impatience, this is what we are supposed to believe? Do you see my point? These things really don't connect. Or am I the only one seeing this and I am totally wrong?
  7. JohnHemmer

    Google does not care about fresh content

    You can't learn anything about SEO by listening to what Google actually says, can you? 🤪
  8. JohnHemmer

    Stupid Buzzwords

    Lol Google Stacking. I keep seeing that one too in a Facebook group. People jump into threads, post it, and then refuse to give any details. They act like it is some big secret or it only works if you use their special method that you will find in their course for $500. It's no wonder people are so confused by SEO.
  9. I had one site that seemed impacted by it. No it was not a medical site like everyone was screaming about. I honestly didn't really do anything with it and two weeks later all the rankings were back to normal.
  10. JohnHemmer

    I think I broke GTMetrix

    Holy shit. I would have thought GTMetrix would have timed out before it hit that long. About 30 seconds is the longest I have seen. And scores of 'A'? Wtf?
  11. JohnHemmer

    It's time to dump Yoast

    After our chat on Skype the other day, I went ahead and made the switch on my sites. It was pretty seamless. Cool thing about SEO Press that you forgot to mention is that it has a feature that lets you import all your setting directly from Yoast with the click of a button. You don't have to go in and set everything up on every page or change all the settings in the menu to what you want. You just hit a button and in 10 seconds it is all done for you.
  12. JohnHemmer

    WF promoting Dan Lok

    I know I'm late to the party here, but the truth about Gab? What, the fact that he is a hot-headed douche that takes the slightest little bit of criticism personal and then blows up about it and throws a tantrum? The fact that he does a terrible job as the face of the company he represents? The fact that he has never followed through with anything? The fact that despite its "1.3 million members" nobody bought his agency course no matter how many places he plastered it all over the forum? What exactly is the "truth" that you think would be getting exposed that everyone doesn't already know about him?
  13. JohnHemmer

    SEMrush SEO Writing Assistant

    I had never heard of this, but checked it out based on your recommendation. It's not a bad little tool. I imagine it will only get better over time.
  14. JohnHemmer

    WF promoting Dan Lok

    Wait. What? How do the mods have anything to do with it not selling?
  15. JohnHemmer

    WF promoting Dan Lok

    It's not a pile of shit. It's a flaming pile of shit. Dan Lok is the poor man's Rich Jerk. The Rich Jerk did it way better and was way more charismatic. Don't get me wrong. Tons of people hated him. I wouldn't expect anything worthwhile to come out of WF anymore. Their management cannot tell their asshole from their elbow. The fact that they promoted this offer from Dan shows that they know nothing about their own membership and don't even spend time on their own site. Nobody there was buying a high ticket item like that. I think entry level for Dan's stuff is like $1,500. Nobody is even going to buy that silly agency bootcamp thing they are promoting now. If it was $49, it might have a chance. I think it's around $400.

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