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  1. I don't know why you guys bother arguing with Sal or even reading her posts. I'll save you the trouble in the future and just summarize them all for you. What I believe, irregardless of how short-sighted, bigoted, ignorant, or just flat out wrong it may be is "science". What all of you believe is "wrong". My sources are always correct and never at all biased, and even though you can easily point out evidence that they are biased, I will ignore it. Your sources, no matter how legit, are all biased because they don't agree with my "science". Did I miss anything?
  2. I'm late to the party, but yeah, I see no reason to spread things out. Not for search engines anyhow. Don't listen to that bullshit people like to repeat on forums about Google loving regularly updated content. Google doesn't care.
  3. Mike deserves credit for this idea. He put it in my head and it has worked well. What about reaching out to local CPA's? There is really nobody better at qualifying your prospects than them. They know the financial situation of any business owner and whether or not they can afford you. They know almost everything about a business. They are the perfect lead generator if you build the right relationship. Right now obviously is tax season and probably the absolute worst time to try to get in front of an accountant to pitch them, but something to keep in mind for down the road maybe.
  4. JohnHemmer

    Avatar 2

    Avatar was one of the worst movies I have ever watched. It was terrible. The story, the acting, the dialogue... total trash. And this is not a trailer for Avatar 2. How do you get fooled so easily all of the time? Those Nigerian princes must love you.
  5. Definitely calling BS on your friend. He says his keywords are ranking higher, but that could mean they moved up from #123 to #97. Big deal.
  6. I was reading about this yesterday. It's a big, big change. I'm surprised the response has been very muffled so far. They are also ignoring word order. So if you add in the function word changes combined with ignoring word order... bag of shit is now an exact match if you are bidding on shit bag. As we all know they are two distinctly different things. Silly example of course, but there will be real life consequences for advertisers with this change. I'm putting together a big list of negative keywords to add to my campaigns. Going to drip feed them in though to make sure I don't accidentally lampoon myself of course.
  7. Shit. Wish someone had posted this 5 hours sooner.
  8. Meh, they cancelled the second season of his show, which I don't think was doing much of anything anyhow. They gave him a slap on the wrist to make it look like they were taking a stand doing what was morally right. In reality, they probably saved themselves some money cancelling a show that was going nowhere without having to deal with any backlash from his fans for cancelling the show. Win-win. And F that guy for doing something so stupid.
  9. That game is fun. A bit complicated for my kids and unfortunately nobody in my area really plays. Actually, the rules are not that complicated. What makes the game complicated is the huge card pool they have out right now. To me, it has a similar feel to poker. Much, much more advanced, but there is a lot of bluffing, resource management (money), reading your opponent, etc. involved.
  10. JohnHemmer

    Minor Vent

    Fixed that for you.
  11. Isn't Snapchat just used for sexting? I mean you send pictures that are automatically deleted, can't be downloaded, and only last a few seconds. If the makers of Snapchat say that is not what they intended it for, they are lying.
  12. Mike contacted me last year to test this service. You could say I have been one of the guinea pigs for this project. I've ordered a few times over the past 6 months. First, the whole process is quite smooth. You know what is going on with your order pretty much at all times. You'll see the task list for each site being worked on. It's all pretty cool. Second, the sites are pretty awesome. These are not your typical running blog type network sites. They look like niche sites or the start of authority sites if you wanted to keep building them out. Basically, they look like what most people refer to as money sites. Even if they were not buying aged domains with a solid link profile, the service would be worth ordering just for the sites you get. And they vary it up. Some will look a lot more basic. Still solid, but simple. Others will have graphics and slideshows all over the place. It's pretty awesome. The domains I have received have all been great, and, most importantly, I have been seeing steady ranking improvements. I just keep reordering after each order is finished. It's worth it. Hell, I would order if you are just interested in seeing how a professional network is built. Mike's course is awesome, but seeing it in practice like this is quite a learning experience.
  13. Actually, having sex in the shower is more dangerous than aliens on your ship. Always seems like a fun idea until you are doing it. You just feel like you are constantly trying to avoid an embarrassing (or epic) death.
  14. Look, what I think you are missing is that if you need to use an indexing service like one of those, the links are so damn weak they are not going to help you anyhow. Those services are a giant waste of money. If the links hold any decent value, you don't need to use those types of services. Google will find and index the links just fine on their own. You're just throwing away money. The only reason I can think of to use one of those dumb services is if your intention is to try a churn and burn on your money site. In that case, you might want to try to speed up indexing because you are trying to rank fast and make as much money as you can before the site gets penalized.
  15. Pretty sure that if Google had implemented this, there would have been a lot of people running around screaming like their head was on fire.
  16. I wonder what one of those "women can do any job a man can do" feminists will have to say about this one...
  17. And that right there is the crux of the problem. He constantly pokes at people either directly or through thinly veiled jabs. Then when they respond in kind, he acts like he is being attacked and bullied. He has played the victim so many times now, nobody cares anymore and nobody takes anything he says seriously.
  18. I have used Stable Host a lot too. I think I have 5 or 6 accounts with them right now and the only issue I can recall ever having with them was a problem with the WP-cache plugin on a site. I forget the details now, but for some reason it was not playing well with Stable Host. If I made an edit to the site, it would take 30 minutes or more for it to show up that I could see it. Made designing the site a pain in the butt. Other than that one incident, I love their service.
  19. This shit is so old. Here is the cycle: 1) Shane posts something as "proof" of paranormal activity, aliens, psychics, etc., but in reality it is in absolutely no way evidence that would hold up to any kind of scrutiny. When he posts it, he declares all non-believers "idiots" or some other form of lesser beings. 2) He gets called out on his bullshit. 3) He turtles and changes over to the role of "innocent victim".
  20. That's fine if you do most of your best writing at night. I have never met someone who has built a really great organization and been a real success by sleeping in late and working at night. There are exceptions like what BigMike mentioned where out of necessity people have had to change their hours for a period of time. The big successes out there almost always have one thing in common. They get up early and get to work. Generally when someone says they work best at night it is just an excuse to justify their behavior. I've done it.
  21. I know Mike told me when he was still a mod over there he was working with Paul to create some rules and cleanup that sort of junk from being sold over there. Most of it is in the reciprocal link section, which is a total trash heap. Then the mods got unceremoniously shit-canned. Mike was still trying to work with them to help set some guidelines and get that stuff cleaned up. Then, unsurprisingly, they lost interest. I only know because he had asked me for some input it.
  22. Damnit. Sorry I have been away for a few days. We could have had some interesting conversations without the #1 thread killer here. Oh well. Happy Holidays to all of you.
  23. I have already done this exercise with Mike 1-on-1. Most people don't know this (because he is dumb not to advertise it), but Mike does business coaching. I keep telling him he needs to advertise it because he is really freaking good at it. The stuff he has done for my business... holy shit! So there is my ad for him. In fact, Mike that should be your #1. You should start advertising your business coaching. Anyhow, what I like about this exercise is it is different than just putting down your goals for the year. It makes you think about your actual activities and actions instead of just numbers. It also makes you consider what Mike always refers to me as "time vampires". Things that you spend time doing and probably don't need to. With that... 1 - I'm going to move much of my business from outsourcers to employees. I outsource a lot of work (often overseas). It has worked. Business is flourishing. However, it also wastes a lot of my time having to constantly correct things, ask for rewrites and redesigns, shift projects to new workers when one flakes out, etc. Any of you that have outsourced a lot of work probably know what I am talking about. I realize that employees will not remove all headaches, and can bring about headaches of their own. However, business is at a place where I need to start developing talent and surrounding myself with more people that are tied into my goals and vision. And I need to find my "Ashley" that I can turn over large parts of the business to so that I can focus on things that will make it continue to grow. It is time to take this internet marketing thing from a hobby to a business. I'm totally stealing this one from Mike. Something I know he does at home that I am going to start doing is we are going to have a "Game Night" in our house. Might be a "Movie Night" instead. I have two kids under 12 and the wife. We are going to pick one night that is just set aside to do something together. Work is not allowed to interfere with that time, ever. I'm putting away 15% of my profit each month for retirement. I have some retirement savings, but talking with Mike has made me realize I'm not doing nearly enough, and I have the means to do much more. A few less toys and spending on things we really don't need, and 15% will not be that hard. 2 - Facebook and Skype. I am not cutting them out completely, but there are going to be set times that I can use them during business hours. Facebook especially can just lead to rabbit holes that suck up 20 minutes here, 10 minutes there, etc. Damn you Ric Flair and all your awesome posts! And don't even get me started on the political fights in comments over the past year that have taken up way too much of my time. I'm going to stop letting money fly out the window. I'm not awful with money, but I could be better with business expenses. Sometimes I get an email with an invoice and just pay it without thinking if I really need that service anymore. There is $20-24k coming in a month in sales and with that those little $20 hosting invoices or $50 a month for this or that look like nothing. There is savings there to be made though. I need to take inventory of business and trim the fat. I'm going to stop making excuses to not get to the gym 3-4 times per week. I go in spurts, but there is no reason I cannot make it a consistent part of my life. I may add to this yet, but this is what I have come up with so far.
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